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Unique Home Dance Studio & Workout Area Ideas for Living Spaces

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Creating a dance studio or fitness space in your home might seem unachievable if you don’t feel like you have space for one or if you like the idea of a dance space, but don’t want it to be all about having a permanent mirror and barre set up in your home. The following article is full of photographs of people’s homes and how they have created a dance and fitness space to accommodate the needs of their family in their unique homes.

Having a dance studio at home for some might look like pulling out some portable equipment in the living room or it might even be pushing back the chairs in the living room to create space for one. For others, it might be a section in your kid’s playroom or a specially created stage area in your home theatre room.

Thinking of building your studio in a different space or want more ideas? Check out these other articles about basements, attics, and more spaces in your house!

All images used in this article have been sourced from other websites. If you would like more information about any project either click on the photo or the link under the photo where in some cases more photos of the project are available. If you are the owner of an image and feel I have misused your property in this article please use our contact form in the footer of our website and if ownership is verified photos I am happy to take down within 24-48 hours.


This first beautiful little dance nook seems to have been created in one of the rare spare space in a family city apartment. The design for the entire apartment was done by M+M Interior Design and I think it is great that they were able to give this family a small dance space even if it is in an odd location because it was really the only location available for it!

Kelly from created this outdoor dance space for her daughter. What a great idea especially if where you live the weather is fine all year round. What I would caution is that they only laid lino or vinyl over the concrete. Concrete is one of the worst surfaces for dancing on because it absorbs absolutely nothing and can increase your chances of sustaining an injury such as shin splints which you can read about in our article about the most common dancer injuries. A simple solution is installing shock-absorbing foam tiles underneath or purchasing flooring or tiles specially made for dancing on.

This dance space seems to be set up in a sitting or lounge room area. A rug helps to separate the two spaces and the colors of the room have been chosen to reflect the dual use of the room (it is not pink). The large mirror helps to reflect the natural light in this room and if not needed you could also push a couch in front of the barre fro more seating.

This is a great portable set up as both the barre and dance flooring can easily be packed up and stored flat pack style and easily set up again for use. If you are interested in dance dot flooring check out my article on them as well as my article on how to choose a ballet barre for your home which includes information about portable barres such as this one in the photograph!

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This is a lovely and large room that has been set up for dual purpose as a sitting or reading space as well as a dance studio. You could even have private dance lessons in a space like this as a parent or caregiver could sit in and watch.

This is another example of how a portable barre and portable dance flooring could be set up in a lounge room, although I do feel this barre although extremely sturdy is not as portable as many others and might be better for a more permanent space, but it gives you an idea of what you could do. For some more barre options be sure to check out my favorite portable ballet barre here.

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You may not need to designate an actual space permanently to dance in your house. You can just move the furniture back and have a box or tub filled with items you will need for practice such as a stretching band or foam rollers.

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This dance or yoga space is quite large but you can see off to the far right of the photo a curtain which is used to separate a living space from the workout area which is a great idea instead of partitioning it off with a wall which enables the whole area to still receive light from the single window!

This cute dance studio space seems to be in the middle of several living spaces – a kids play area and lounge. But it is perfectly placed, with the mirror bouncing extra natural light into the room. The wooden floor creates a great dance floor for practicing on and the full-length mirror is great for being able to see your whole body when dancing.

Although not a full-blown dance studio or space, a little corner space like this could be perfect for a little one just starting out on their dance journey. The curtain is great for putting on shows as well as the fact that the floor has been raised like a stage.

Another example of a small dance space set up in a kid’s playroom. The mirror has been hung close to the ground so that the kids can see themselves in it properly and the barre which is nice and low for kids has also been used to help store a few other toys.

The following home and dance space have been set up like a dance floor and if you are a ballroom dancer this might be a great solution for you. You too could create a space like this kitted out with mirror balls and lighting to create a disco or dance party in your own home!

Another disco party house going on here, but in this case they have pushed back the sofas or theatre seating so that there is space for a dance floor. Add a dance movie, some music and lighting and again you have your own home night club where you can dance the night away. Add a portable barre and it can be used to do online dance lessons and tutorials during the day!

Now, this is a really multipurpose entertainment center for any home. Not only is it a movie theatre, but it is also set up for gaming and for home performances of any kind!

This dance studio seamlessly blends in with the rest of the house and if it weren’t for the change in flooring you possibly wouldn’t realize that the space was created as a home dance studio.

This next ballet barre and dance space looks as though it has been set up in a room that is also used as a study area as you see the desk off to the left side which is a great dual-use of space!

Now this is a great use of a landing space area or what many people have in their homes dubbed as extra study nooks or teenage retreat spaces that run between bedrooms.

I can’t tell exactly from the photo below that this is not a spare room off a bedroom, but it gave me the idea that if you had a wide enough hallway you could set up a barre not in an actual room but along a corridor!