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The Best Home Dance Studio and Work Out Space Ideas for Attics

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Attics are a great space that can be utilized and made into a purpose-built dance studio or workout space. As long as your attics pitched roof offers ample ceiling space for you to stand and move around and you are able to soundproof your floor so constant thumping is not heard in the rooms below, your dusty old attic could become the dance studio and workout space you have always dreamed of!

The following ideas are full of inspiration and each one is different and has something special to offer. There are small and large attic spaces and although they may look nothing like your current attic space now or even future build they offer some insight into what can be acheived in your home.

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All images used in this article have been sourced from other websites. If you would like more information about any project either click on the photo or the link under the photo where in some cases more photos of the project are available. If you are the owner of an image and feel I have misused your property in this article please use our contact form in the footer of our website and if ownership is verified photos I am happy to take down within 24-48 hours.

Home Dance Studio: Attic

Whenever I think of a dance studio in an attic I think of sunlight wafting in through large windows, seeing treetop leaves blowing gently in the wind as I jete into the air trying to reach the heights of the exposed beams in the pitched roof, but this room below I think exceeds anything I could have ever dreamt of! Set up for yoga as well as dance, this space has been beautifully designed!

Now the following attic renovation may not be to everyone’s liking but it is fun, cheery and bright and provides a great space for practicing dance as well as providing an arts and craft area at one end utilising every inch of the long room. As the room is only serviced by one set of windows lots of lighting options have been used including a chandelier.

This large attic dance studio looks as though it was a planned part of the design when the house was built and even has a small balcony that overlooks the tree tops. The inbuilt bookcase is a great spot for showcasing trophies and other awards and the fans ensure air is kept circulating through the space as attics being in the highest part of the house can easily become hot and stuffy.

At first glance this attic looks like it is part of an old french provincial stone walled house, until you realise they have been able to recreate that ambience with wallpaper. A full wall of mirrors that impressively also cover the door create a fantastic attic dance studio all you need is a portable barre!

Ill Admit I am a little confused with this one as I couldn’t find a photo showing the whole room, but If you do have an awkward space I thought the idea for the barre placement was a little outside the box and could spark ideas for someone!

This is a very small loft space and I would think that if you did stand up your head would hit the roof in some places, but a portable barre would fit nicely in the middle of this space allowing you to do all your essential exercises for strengthening and flexibility in a lovely sun drenched room with great views!

I really liked the use of the beams in this room to hold the material which would be extremely handy if you were into aerial dance or wanted to learn the art. I would perhaps think of putting a rail across the entry to the stairs which you can see in the right of the photo because although dancers are generally spatially aware, accidents do happen!

Many attics or loft rooms have windows such as these and it is a great idea to put the mirrors on either side of them to still be able to enjoy the natural light but at the same time get a lot of mirror into the room.

This attic has been set up as a mutli purpose performance and theatre room. A double barre with mirrors is at the back for practice and rehearsals and a stage has been set up with stage lighting for that professional touch!

You can clearly see that this was once an unused space in this house, that with some new drywall, a slick of paint, new flooring, a wall full of mirrors and a ballet barre has been transformed into the perfect attic dance studio. I think placing the barre opposite the mirrors and not opting for a barre on the mirror is always a smarter choice. This way your view in the mirror is not obstructed and by placing the barre directly opposite the mirror you are able to get the best views of your barre work on both sides.

This small workout space slash dance studio is a great example of what you can achieve in a small space, or if you want to use your attic for several purposes.

Home Dance Studio: Loft Style Studios

This loft style room with pitched roof as been transformed into a workout space with the added benefit of a ballet barre. A good amount of space has been left between the gym equipment and barre meaning that the barre is usable for working out on rather than an add on to the space.

This loft space looks as though it was designed and purpose built with the original build. There are plenty of windows offering natural light and even though the wall is not flat, mirrors have been fitted to accommodate all angles to try and create a seamless wall. The colors used create a light and airy atmosphere in the studio.

The addition of skylights to the roof in this loft style room, give what might have been a dark space a more airy and spacious feel. You can see in the reflection of the mirrors along the wall that the space is multi functional including a kitchenette which could be handy in a home dance studio if you intend to spend alot of time in there!

This loft style room does appear to be used for yoga and groups but it is an offering of how a similar space in a home could be set up as a dance studio or workout space.

This home dance studio feels like just another living space in this house with the shelf full of books and clear views into other parts of the home. You can see that dance flooring has been laid in this section and a simple portable barre set to the side is all that is needed in the form of equipment. A wall-length mirror on the far end sets the space and makes the room feel as though it is much longer then it really is!

This loft space has been transformed into a dance and workout space by simply adding a mirror to the wall.