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Dance Parent 101 is an internet-based resource for parents of dancers.

We provide researched information, tips and guides for parents of both the recreational dancer and future pros.

We are the preferred online resource for many dance schools who link and refer to our site as we provide simple explanations about everything they want their dance parents to know. 

“Whether you are in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland or any other country that teaches people to dance,  the information provided will be useful to you as a parent trying to navigate the crazy world of dance!”


The website Dance Parent 101 was first created in November 2018 after a pivotal phone call between its creator Samantha and her sister.

Samantha’s youngest daughter had started preschool dance classes and her niece had been attending lessons and both sisters realised there wasn’t any information out there for parents of dancers apart from what their studios provided them with.

It wasn’t until May 2019, when Samantha decided to work seriously on the site and joined Income Schools flagship program Project 24 (affiliate link), that the website started to become more than just a hobby.

Although Our Content is Aimed at Parents, Dance Teachers and Dancers themselves Find Our Content relevant and useful too!

The content of Dance Parent 101 is mostly driven by questions our contributors hear dance parents asking, or that they find asked in forums or on the web in general.

The site is here to be helpful and hopefully provide families with relevant information so that dance parents don’t have to spend hours on the web trying to find answers to their questions.