Dance Hair Kits

We recommend this hair tool kit by Soft N Style on Amazon not just because it is under $10 and comes with all the fundamentals a dancer could need. Hair ties, U shape hairpins, light and dark hairpins, hairnets and more. Sometimes darker haired people need lighter hairpins to match a hair accessorie and vice versa to light-haired people which is why having a selection of colors is handy.

Bloch Dance Ballet Hair Accessories Kit

This Bloch Hair kit comes with all the essentials for the perfect bun and is available in five different colors Black, Blonde, Brown, Dark Brown and Caramel to suit every hair type.

Hair Accessories

I love this magnetic bobby pin holder! Although cases are great to keep all your hair accessories in one place, having one of these ensures your bobby pins stay put and your not trying to pick them up off the floor because you knocked the container with your elbow or accidentally wiped them off the bathroom bench with your sleeve. You can get one by clicking here on Amazon.