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Dance Dot Portable Flooring

Why Every Dancer Should Have A Dance Dot for Home Practice!

I can remember trying to practice dancing at home on carpet. Doing pirouettes was fine for a while in socks but there was always too much friction which would hurt your feet. Pointe work was also hit and miss leading to many near mishaps because my shoes either slipped or stuck on the flooring. And don’t get me started about practicing tap – you just couldn’t incase you scratched and ruined the floors. If I was desperate I would go out onto the pavement, but after too long, that ruins your taps and shoes.

So I was ecstatic when I saw you can now buy a portable piece of Marley (which is the flooring most dance studios lay down on their floors) in several different sizes that allows you to practice your pirouttes, tap routines and much more all in the confines of your lounge or bed room.

Dance Dots are essentially portable dance flooring and are called different names depending on the company making them, but I have found that the most reliable and safe maker/distributer of them is Dot 2 Dance by Dazzle Distributors.

What I really like about the Dot 2 Dance is that unlike makers of similar products, the Dot 2 Dance has a Marley covering on one side and a nonslip gym mat surface on the back to ensure it doesn’t move whilst you are. They have tapered edges and a handle that you can safely fold under the dot when dancing. It is lightweight and easy to store as it is so thin.

Dazzle Distributors make their Dot 2 Dance portable flooring in the shape of a circle and have four sizes you can choose from which increase in price as they get larger. So the hardest thing is deciding which size you want to buy.

The 46-48″ ENORME weighs about 27 lbs. This Dance dot would be perfect for the home studio, especially if the practice area is in a bedroom, study or lounge as it can be packed away easily.

The 32″ GRANDE is about 12lbs. It is extremely popular because it is big enough to do a lot of different moves on but light enough to take with you to warm up before a competition or performance. You can get the Grande Dot 2 Dance in Gray on here and can even get it personalized with your dancer’s name here!

The 24″ PETITE weighs roughly 8lbs. This Dot 2 Dance is also popular for taking to competitions and performances for warming up because of it’s smaller size and weight being extremely portable and easy to pack. Although you can do less on it because of it’s size, it is perfect for preparing and practicing pointe work and pirouettes. The Petite Dot 2 Dance also comes in Gray at here and can even get it personalized with your dancer’s name here!

The smallest Dot 2 Dance is called the POINTE and has a diameter of 16″ and weighs only about 2LBS. This Dot is perfect for practicing your turns. It demands that you keep balanced and in one place as you cannot jump all over the place out of your turn as the space you have is restricted. This dance dot can easily fit in your suitcase or overnight bag so that your dancer can take it anywhere with them and practice where ever they are!