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DANCE PARENT 101 – Writers

Many talented people who are experienced in the world of Dance contribute to the pages of Dance Parent 101 to make sure it is full of helpful information for parents of dancers.

Samantha Bellerose

Samantha Bellerose – Creator, Author, Editor and Owner of Dance Parent 101

Hi! I’m Samantha the creative director of Dance Parent 101. In what honestly feels like a previous lifetime I used to dance and teach dance.

Now as a mother to four kids, I am on the opposite end of the stick – a dance parent.

When my two girls first started dancing I thought I was going to ace the dance mum thing, but I realized that I was out of practice and have a lot to learn still which is why I created Dance Parent 101. 

I thought if I am struggling, then what about those parents who know almost nothing about the world of dance.

After several years of training full time, and pursuing my own dance career I decided to get a teaching degree as a mature age student. And, although I no longer teach in schools (I am a SAHM and blogger) the research skills as a university student and knowledge I gained as a teacher have helped me immensely in being able to provide well-researched and written information on this website!

So join me as I relearn how to tie ballet shoe ribbons, tame unruly hair into ballet buns, work out how to get tiny screws into tiny holes on tap shoes, accidentally put sparkly glittery costumes in the washing machine, and more….


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