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The Best Home Dance Studio and Work Out Space Ideas for Basements!

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If you have a basement in your house then you are going to be spoilt for choice on what you are able to do and achieve in creating a dance studio in your home!

Turning your basement into a dance studio or workout space for you or your kids is a fantastic idea, but where do you start with a project like that and what are some of the best features you should add to your project?

Basements are generally large spaces under a house and are perfect for a home dance studio, but some have no access to natural light and others are large enough to house not only a dance studio but other activities as well.

The following is a gallery of ideas of basements that have been turned into dance and fitness spaces and I have highlighted underneath some tips and tricks as well as things I think you should avoid to make the best use of your space.

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All images used in this article have been sourced from other websites. If you would like more information about any project either click on the photo or the link under the photo where in some cases more photos of the project are available.

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Home Dance Studio Basements Ideas for Rooms with Windows and Natural Light

This basement space is blessed with a lot of natural light, but adding to the light feel of this room is the pale wood flooring choice, white painted walls, and ceilings, silver fixtures, and mirrors that span almost the entire length of the wall.

Some important features to note in this studio are the ceiling fans and the stereo or music system in the corner. The colorful blocks of material on the walls not only brighten the room but absorb sound and echo which is important in such an empty and long room.

Another light and airy room with large mirrors that fill an entire wall. You can tell the mirrors were professionally installed as well because electrical outlets have been customized in the mirrors. The bar has been placed along one side of the wall which does mean you can only really ever see your placement when doing exercises on one side and so perhaps the barre would have been better on the back wall.

Pretty in Pink! A light that doubles as a fan is a great choice in a dance studio to help circulate the air and a double barre is great especially if you have young children so that they can also reach and practice. Pale color wood flooring helps to keep this room feeling light and airy.

This is a simple but effective use of this basement space. If you look in the mirror you can see what looks like a bar and realize that this is actually in the corner of a multipurpose space.

Having the barre across that mirror with a second mirror is a great idea and although I feel these were specially made for this space, you might be able to find pre-manufactured mirrors to create a similar look in a corner of your basement.

Although in a basement the dark paint and brick wall creates a very warm and inviting atmosphere in this dance studio which works especially with the lighter flooring choice.

I really like the choice of lighting fixtures to go with the theme and feel like this is a really inviting space in which I would love to come down to and do a workout or practice dance. The inclusion of the television is most probably for watching while on the treadmill, but could also be used to take online dance classes and workouts.

Unlike the previous room which looked moody and ambient through the use of dark colors, I feel the choice to paint the ceiling cornices in a dark color to match the skirting makes this room seem less spacious and light than it actually is and could be.

Having the barres across the mirrors is a great idea though and having them on opposing walls gives a dancer a good opportunity to check on their placement and technique.

This basement has had special dance vinyl flooring called Marley or Tarket installed and has tried to keep things looking open and spacious by painting the walls white. Although maybe not to my taste, I love that they have been creative and painted a ballet scene on the wall and I am loving the inbuilt cavity to store the stereo and other electricals.

This room is a simple reminder of the three things a home dance studio needs. Dance flooring, Mirrors, and a ballet barre!

Tick, tick, and tick. White walls might be boring for some, but they do make small spaces look bigger and help to create a sense of more openness in a room.

No at first glance this looks like a guest bedroom in the basement, but if you take a closer look there is a mirror along that back wall and a ballet barre attached to it.

If you take another long hard look you then realize that the inbuilt actually accommodates a Murphy Bed and so all you have to do is push that bed up and ta-da – you have a dance studio!

This photo was taken by the builder before anybody moved in and possibly doesn’t show off all the potential this space has.

At first, the small barre looks a little out of place, as though it should span the entire mirror, but I think it is a great idea for it not to. This way you can use the rest of the mirror to watch yourself as you do center work or choreography and you don’t have a barre in the way of your vision.

Another nice simple room with the essentials – mirrors, barre, and dance flooring. The addition of a clock and bench are extremely useful and I would assume that a stereo and other electronics are all in the cupboard at the back of the room.

Personally, I feel there is a lot of brown going on in this room, that could be broken up with some potted plants or even a painting or photo with some color on the wall.

Ok so this space looks much more like it was intended for yoga use, and although it does look good and dancers do dance on stages, I probably wouldn’t want to raise the dance floor area as it could lead to rolling an ankle or falling off. I do however like the screen used to separate the sitting area from the actual workout area.

The double wall-mounted bar is in a great place here so you could easily see yourself in the ceiling-to-floor mirrors here. And the flooring looks like it was specially laid for exercising and dancing on. It is a great set up but obviously, in this current room, it is not being used as a dance studio.

This photo was obviously taken at night, but I think the lighting in this room could be better in general. Warm lighting has been used which is lovely if you want ambiance, but generally, in a studio, you want to be able to clearly see what you are doing so cool bright lighting is often better. The mirrors that go along the entire wall are great and the double barre is as well. And there is a cupboard for storage of stereo and other equipment so it can be kept out of the way.

Some basements are going to have awkward pillars in them because let’s face it, your house does need to be supported to stand up, but like in this room, they don’t have to be a hindrance, and can be painted to become a feature of the room.

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Home Dance Studio Basements with No Natural Light

This basement dance studio has no access to natural light and so to make it as bright as possible the owner or designer has kept light colors on the walls and ceiling, chosen grey Marley or Tarket dance flooring, and added in extra lighting on top of the existing downlights already in the room.

Dark flooring has been used in this basement fitness center, but it has been matched with lighter walls, bright cool lighting, and mirrors that extend around three walls. It is a lovely large space and you could bring your whole dance team in here to practice easily!

This is a pretty room and the addition of the desk or makeup area adds to the dramatic dance theme of the room.

But I am a bit confused with their choice to place the television right in the middle of the mirror obstructing the dancer’s view of themselves and kind of the point of having the mirror there in the first place.

It could have been placed higher as in the previous room or even gone on the back wall where you could see the reflection of the screen in the mirror or just face the screen at the back, you do not always have to be watching yourself in a mirror to learn and practice dance.

This is a nice simple but effective room. It feels lovely and big because of the wall of mirrors, and cool color choices. I am concerned though with the choice of barre as it seems very close to the wall which would make it hard to use for certain exercises.

This room is almost the same size as the room above but completely different choices have been made with fitting it out.

Personally, I do not think I would be able to dance in this room because there are too many mirrors that would start to trick my brain and vision with their reflections of each other and make me feel ill.

But for some others, others might like being able to see every side of themselves at once while they dance and not be phased by the reflections within reflections.

To brighten this room, and create ambiance wall lights have been used and the use of curtains does make the room feel more romantic and whimsical and possibly hides the joins or gaps between the mirrors.

This is a good use of a corner space in a basement. Not sure if a barre is needed on all mirrors unless you have a big family who will be practicing all at once. I would also look at investing in cooler lighting to brighten the space rather than the warmer globes or LED’s currently being used.

This is a lovely bright and modern space that has been fitted out to be multi-purpose.

With cushions for yoga or other activities but also a disco ball for some fun when practicing dance.

The inbuilt bench is great for changing dance shoes and relaxing after a hard work out and the closet is a great space for storage and for a stereo and other electricals.

This is a bright and fun room and is different from most of the others on this list with its neon green walls and purple ceilings. The key to making this work is bright lighting throughout the whole space.

Another simple dance studio with an interesting choice of flooring. I really like that wall lights have been added to give this room extra light which is really needed in basements with no natural light.

This is a huge contrast to the dark colors used in some of the other basement dance studios and it just goes to show that you can get a bright and airy look and feel to your room by using the right colors and lighting.

If you enjoy a darker workout and dance space painting your walls in a darker color will do it! The double barre is great in this room but as the mirror is in front dancers will only be able to use the mirror effectively working on one side.

I personally really like this simple bright and white space.

I think I might have put the barre on the back wall to free up the mirror entirely or purchase a portable barre so that you can move it in front of the mirror.

The wooden feature wall adds texture to the room, but it would have been nice if it included shelving for trophies and other dance collectibles!

But overall it feels light and airy and the inclusion of the fan is well thought out.

The shape of this room and the placement of the door may not have allowed them to put a barre along the wall, but a portable barre in the center of this room would work perfectly in this spacious dance studio.

This photo shows that if you can’t afford to get a wall of mirrors a couple of large mirrors can do the job just as well.

Photos and a bookcase for trophies as well as to house the stereo really personalize this room as does the quote painted on the wall above the mirror.

This basement is set up well as a dance studio but also uses some of the extra space as a lounge or hang-out area.

A pretty chandelier can add character and some much-needed light to basement areas and the use of a portable barre means that dancers can use the mirror to their advantage and see themselves work on both sides. The wooden flooring means that tap dance can also be practiced in this room!

This dance studio is set to one side of a gym area. It is not only partitioned off by pillars supporting the house but with a flooring change – wooden floors for the dance space and foam for the gym. If you click on the links to this one you can find more photos of this basement space as the workout area has been partitioned off with glass doors and outside there is a bathroom, seating area, and kids play area.

This is an example of how you could personalize your home dance studio with color and murals!

This is a simple studio design and the flooring choice, in this case, has been in the form of interlocking tiles made for dancing or exercising on.

The inclusion of a disco ball is something we have seen in a few rooms already but they do look like a lot of fun.

This room has been fitted out with two walls of mirrors and you can see in their reflection that there are several cupboards for storage which is important to hold a stereo and other equipment.

It is also important to remember that although you want to be able to see yourself when dancing, you don’t want to be confused by the reflection of each mirror and so sometimes less is more in the mirror department.

A simple setup with a barre installed in the mirror. But what is interesting is the shelving brackets used to hold the stereo and speakers which might be a good idea for those without a storage cupboard in the room.

This looks like a great use of a small storage room! The open space is just large enough to accommodate a small dance and workout space whilst not taking away your ability to store all those bits and pieces from around the house.

This space although it includes a barre looks more like a strengthening and stretching center rather than a home dance studio as there is really no space in which to dance.

But this might be exactly what you are after? The machine on the right is specially made for Pilates exercises which many dancers do to increase their core strength, alignment, flexibility, and more.

These stormy blue walls in this basement workout space might have left the room feeling dark and dreary, but the light flooring and white ceiling coupled with bright white lighting brightens the room.

I would suggest though if you are thinking about placing a ballet barre in a similar location to make sure you still have enough space to swing your legs or do grand battements as this placement doesn’t leave you with much space to do those kinds of exercises easily.

And this is a great idea for not only just having some fun but also adding some light into a basement dance studio that otherwise does not have any!

From Pinterest

Now for those book lovers amongst us what better than a library of books to peruse while you dance and work out!

Now I am hoping that there is some seating in this room for the reading part because lying sprawled on the floor for a few hours on a dance floor isn’t the most comfortable way to read.

Or otherwise, the owners just took advantage of the spare space to house their overflowing library collection, either way, it is a nice backdrop to dance with.

From Pinterest

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The Best Home Dance Studio and Work Out Space Ideas for Basements!

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