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Awesome Resources for Dance Parents

As a Dance Parent (and primary school teacher) with professional dance and teaching experience I know and understand which are the best resources and products out there and am sharing all my knowledge with you here on these resource pages.

All the stuff I have recommended here are not necessarily the highest-end items.  They have been selected because either my kids use them, I have used them in the past or they are what I would personally buy if I needed to. Therefore I don’t give you too many options, just my opinion based on use of the items or a few hours of research, which will save you a whole heap of time!

Just like many other websites to maintain our site we need an income. To do this Danceparent101 is an affiliate for all the products we recommend. This means we get a kickback at no extra cost to you, and it is how we are able to spend so much time creating helpful and valuable content for you and pay for the kids dance, soccer and whatever other lessons they need.

We become affiliates by approaching companies we want to work with and would never recommend a product we would not use ourselves. In saying this, please use your own judgment to make sure the products meet your own needs and quality standards.

We hope our recommendation guides are helpful to you!