The Best Home Ballet Barres for Every Dancer

If you have read our guide to choosing the best ballet barre you will know there are alot of things to consider before purchasing one. With that in mind, the following are our recommendations for our number one favourite portable ballet barre, with four others options to consider as they are either made from a different material or can be wall mounted. As soon as we move into an actual house  (FYI - we are a family of 6 currently in a three bedroom apartment ) with floor space for them to practice, this is what they will be getting for Christmas - I hope they don't read this LOL!

If you haven't read our guide - How to choose a Kids' Ballet Barre: Considering All Options - click on the following link which will open in a new window for easy viewing.

#1 Top Pick

Double Wood Barre

Vita Vibe Traditional portable wood double Ballet Barre 4 or 5ft.
This barre has powder-coated aluminium leg supports that can swing to the side for flat packing against a wall. It has two hardwood ash barres which are both adjustable and the whole thing comes with a handy carry bag. It also has rubber stoppers to ensure the barre doesn’t slip when used. You can Buy from

They also have a single barre option which you can buy from here. As I have two girls of different heights I prefer the double. Both barres come in either 4ft or 5ft lengths and that decision will come down to how much space you have. With two girls I would have them on either side of the barre, so length won't matter too much.


Adjustable heights for your growing child.

Legs when loosened can swing flat for storage

Classic feel of wood under your hand

Runner Up!

Double Metal Barre

Vita Vibe – Prodigy Series Portable Double Aluminum Freestanding Ballet Barre
This ballet barre is a powder-coated double aluminum ballet barre. It is lightweight yet strong and my favorite part is that it comes in 7 different colors! The leg supports can swing to the side for flat storage against the wall. The barres can be adjusted from between 6″ to 46″ from the surface of the floor and have a 10-year warranty. You can buy here from

They also have a single barre option but it only comes in lengths of 4-5ft whereas the double barre caters lengths from 4ft to 8ft. They both come with rubber stoppers to ensure the barre doesn’t move when being used. You can buy the single metal ballet barre here from Amazon


Available in 7 different colors

The double barre can come in lengths 4-8ft.

Lightweight but strong - great portability

Single Fixed Barres

Wooden Wall Mounted Barre

Vita Vibe Traditional Wood Hinged Wall Mount Ballet Barre System.
This barre only comes in lengths of 40″, 56″ and 72″ but this is because the bracket works on a hinge system and the barre can be slightly lowered or made higher and even made to hang flat against the wall to keep it out of the way. You can buy it here on


Adjustable to several heights

Brackets can be placed anywhere along the barre

Beautiful natural ash wood barre

Metal Wall Mounted Barre

Vita Vibe - Single Barre Collared Professional Aluminum Fixed Height Wall Mount Ballet Barre 
This barre kit comes with a powder-coated aluminum 1-1.5″ thick barre. It also comes with brackets and fixings and comes in lengths from 4ft to 40ft. You can buy this metal wall fixed barre here on


Barre is strong enough for both home or commercial use!

Made in the USA

Powder coating has an anti-microbial quality which inhibits the growth and transmission of harmful microbes/germs

Double Fixed Barre

Wooden Wall Mounted Barre

Vita Vibe - Traditional Wood Double Barre Adjustable Height Wall Mount Ballet Barre
What is great about this wall mounted bar is that it is adjustable. It does take some tools and two people to make the adjustments, but for a wall mounted barre you have the peace of mind that you can raise the barres as your child gets older rather than have to take it off the and changed it's placement in the future creating more work with fixing holes and dry walling. You can buy this barre here on


Available from 4 feet to 40 feet in length.

Sanded smooth ash wood.

Commercial use quality