With Father’s Day coming up on the 21st of June in many countries I would love to help you celebrate the special DANCE dad’s, grandfathers, uncles, or any other special men in your life who support you or your child’s passion to dance. 

To participate all you need to do is to reply to any email you receive from Dance Parent 101 after you join the newsletter (before the 21st of June 2020 of Course!) with a photo that I can post to both Instagram and Facebook. It would be great if you could also write in your email a few words detailing some of the many reasons you are grateful for and want to thank the special man in your life.

I have created a simple template for you to fill in which you can copy and paste into your reply.

Special Dance Dads/Males name:
Your message:
Instagram account names for tagging (both yours and his):
Facebook account names for tagging (both yours and his): 

The final message would look something like this: 

Hi @John! Happy Father’s Day!!! @amy, Chole and Joel wrote to me @Danceparent101 to tell me how grateful they were for everything you do. They wanted you to know that they are thankful for all the times you drove them to dance class, and sat and waited in the car and for the ice-cream stops afterward! We at Dance Parent 101 just want to let you know you are an awesome #dancedad and to keep up the fantastic work! Happy Father’s Day! 

In a year when celebrations of the ones we love are looking slightly different than they normally would, I hope providing this small surprise (when he looks at his account and sees the tag and then the photo and your message!!!) adds something special to your day. And please, if the most dancing you do with your special man is in the lounge room that counts too and I would love to send him a father’s day message to thank him for bringing the joy of dance into your lives! 

I hope to hear from you soon,  keep dancing, 

Samantha Bellerose
Creative Director
Dance Parent 101