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Samantha Bellerose

Samantha is a wife and mother of four kids aged 3-11. She danced and acted from the age of 5 and performed in film clips, on television, and in musical theatre professionally. She also taught dance, but after leaving the profession to backpack through Europe, Canada and the USA with her husband for three years, she then completed an Education Degree and taught within primary schools in Australia. Today she is a business owner with her husband and the creator and writer for Dance Parent 101 where she hopes her previous experience as a dancer, current experience as a dance parent and the research and writing skills she gained completing her education degree will help enlighten parents on their journey with their child through the world of dance.

Where and How To Buy Your First Pair of Ballet Shoes

Do you need to buy a pair of ballet shoes but you are not sure where to look or find a pair? We have you covered! I was a dancer for many years and am now a dance mom and I have bought, begged and borrowed plenty of ballet shoes during my time and am here to give you the best tips on how to secure yourself a pair!

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