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The Best Home Dance Studio and Work Out Space Ideas for Bedrooms

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Creating a home dance studio or workout space for you or your kids can be tricky if you don’t have a lot of space, but what if you instead used a section of a bedroom? This article contains a tonne of inspiration and ideas for you to do just that!

There are so many different ways to do this from permanently securing a mirror and barre to a wall to having portable flooring and a barre that can be put away when not being used. There is also the choice to decorate the whole bedroom with a dance theme or to ornately frame your mirror or even create a trophy or photo centre around your dance or workout space.

But if you are thinking of building your dance studio in a different space or want more ideas you can check out these other articles about different areas you can turn into a dance studio in your home!

All images used in this article have been sourced from other websites. If you would like more information about any project either click on the photo or the link under the photo where in some cases more photos of the project are available. If you are the owner of an image and feel I have misused your property in this article please use our contact form in the footer of our website and if ownership is verified photos I am happy to take down within 24-48 hours.


The owners of this room have chosen to use what they already had – mirrored wardrobe doors and simply attached a barre to that. It is a great idea, but I would worry about the stability of the door. I know my girls would probably grip the barre or place their leg on there to stretch and it would put pressure on the door making it come out of its rails. If you have mirror wardrobe doors and they are sturdy go for it, but otherwise maybe purchase a portable barre that you can store against the wall when not being used. I have an article all about how to choose the best ballet barre for you child which you can read here.

This ornately framed mirror and barre combo look great in this room and there is just enough space to get a good practice in. I can see that because of electrical outlets they possibly didn’t want a longer mirror, but it would have been good so that their dancer could see all the way down to their feet.

The following bedroom dance studio is from and you can click on the links for more information about this project. The barre and mirror are currently placed perfectly in this room for their little girl at this time, but if she continues to dance as she grows they would be have to be moved to accommodate her height. But if you love decorating like Robert and Lauren do, then it will just be another excuse to design a new space for their daughter!

And that is exactly what they did because this is an update to Olivia’s room in 2018, but in a new house. And I just have to say, that although I wish the mirror was longer from a dancers perspective, that I love the extra mirrors that have been added to the sides of the original, they are a wonderful design feature and would be truly pretty to dance near everyday!

This portable set up uses a dot2dance which I have written about in an article about floor dance dots here. The great thing about this is you can set up a semi-permanent space like this in your bedroom with a portable barre and you are good to go! if you ever need some extra space in your room for example if you have a sleep over, you can pack it all up and put it out of the way easily!

Photo from pinterest –

A simple dance space with portable dance flooring tiles shows that an inbedroom does not have to be anything fancy. I would however have recommended a slightly longer barre and to have placed it further from the wall so that it could be used not just for balance but also to place legs on for stretching.

This lucky person had been able to put a long mirror and barre along the length of one wall which is great! You can see that the barre is a DIY curtain rod.

This bedroom dance space shows that your bedroom doesn’t have to look like a dance studio with rectangular wall length mirros. You can buy pretty framed and shaped mirrors to complement your room design.

The owner of this bedroom has tried to utilize the space in this small bedroom as best as they can. The mirrors on either side of the bed have helped to create not only a dance space on one side, but a bedside/dressing table on the other. The decor is also mature and perfect for a teenager!

The large mirror in this bedroom is fantastic allowing the dancer to see their entire body and is framed in a similar trim to match the cornices and skirting boards in the room. The barre has been specially placed into the mirror, which is okay as this dancer is older and the height won’t need to be changed in the future, but if your dancer is younger, attaching a permanent barre can be tricky to move in the future as you dancer gets taller.

Another great sized mirror and dance space in the corner of this room that has also been personalized with a mirror decal or sticker. This barre in comparison to the previous one looks like it is first attached to a wooden plank that is then attached to the wooden frame of the mirror. In this way, the barre could essentially be moved up or down if needed as no holes were made in the mirror.

The following dancer has only a very small space in her room but they have managed to put a bar and a full-length mirror in the space. I love they are using a portable dance dot that can easily be picked up and stored under a bed or against the wall.

From Pinterest for

Ill Admit I am a little confused with this one as I couldn’t find a photo showing the whole room, but If you do have an awkward space I thought the idea for the barre placement was a little outside the box and could spark ideas for someone!

This is a great example of a portable set up. The flooring can be packed up and moved as needed and the feet of the barre swung to the sides to make the barre flat pack. I do worry a little about the mirror though not being attached to the wall and would not recommend a set up like this for young children who would be unaware of the dangers of it falling on them.

Image from Pinterest

So not a whole lot of space in this room, but they have made the most of what they have with a long mirror attached to the wall and a double portable barre. Just enough space to get some essential practice in!

Image from Pinterest

This is a cute corner for some young dancers. In this case two mirrors have been similar to what you might buy for a bathroom and placed on top of each other with the barre in the middle. This is a great budget friendly solution to get as big a view as you can from the mirrors. Portable wooden flooring finish off the space!

This bedroom studio uses three framed longs mirrors, similar to what you might find sold to put on the back of a door – another great budget friendly idea. A good sturdy barre has also been installed and you can see in the reflection of the mirrors that there is a great space to dance around in as well.

From Pinterest

For a young child, this little ballet set up would be perfect and so easy to install. You could possibly buy all the materials required for this at your local home hardware store and get it set up in a few hours!

From Pinterest

This pretty in pink space doubles as a dress-up area which is a great idea. The shelf across the top also adds some storage that could be used for older children to store items such as foam rollers, stretch bands, and turn boards.

Image from Pinterest

A lot of thought has gone into this small dance space. From the wooden hands that are clasping and holding up the barre, to the ornately decorated frame around the mirror. It is a very pretty set up although I would have liked the mirror to be a bit longer.

Image from Pinterest

Here is another example of a large framed mirror with a barre across. the barre has been painted white to match all the wall detail in the room. An interesting idea here to decorate the room in a ballet theme is to put a dance costume on a mannequin for display!.

From Pinterest

I thought this was interesting as I have seen mirrors similar to this being sold in many furniture stores for entryways and other areas of the house and thought it was a great modern way to use them for a dance space in a bedroom. Painting the barre pink also links the barre to the other decor in the room.

Image from Pinterest