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The Best Dance & Ballet Themed Bedroom Decor, Accessories & Ideas

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Whether you are wanting to design and create the ultimate dreamy and whimsical ballet themed bedroom or create a bright and fun bedroom for jazz or tap dancer, this article is what you have been looking for. A curated list of tips and ideas as well as links to decor and accessories to plan and create the dream bedroom your dancer has always wanted!

The ultimate dance or ballet themed bedroom is full of cosy dance-themed bedding and cushions and functional furniture that doubles as shelving and display areas for all those dance medals, trophies or costumes and other dance and ballet-themed trinkets.

As a bonus your dance themed bedroom can also be full of more practical solutions that function as areas to practice, dance and rehearse in and for more ideas on how to do that in a bedroom, check out my article ‘The Best Home Dance Studio and Work Out Space Ideas for Bedrooms’ which has loads of inspirational photos of the many different spaces people have created in their own homes.

Please note this article contains images of products with affiliate links to Amazon and Etsy where I receive a small commission on any sales made at no extra cost to you. But the point of this article is to inspire you with ideas and so I hope that even if you don’t see exactly what you are after here, you have a better idea of what is available and perhaps even what you don’t want – which makes it easier to sort out what you actually do want!


One of the first things you should decide on when creating a dream dance bedroom is the color theme. I know from experience as a mom of four, most kids first think about the color they want to paint their bedroom walls. So this can be a good guide as to what the main color you are going to base the bedroom on will be. Whether you decide to paint the room in the full shade of that color, a pastel or diluted shade, or in white and just buy decor in the color is up to you, but having some sort of base to work with is always helpful, especially when friends and family ask what to buy as a gift you can use this as a guide!


When it comes to choosing your bedding such as quilts and sheets for a dance themed room it is wise to think about the ‘less is more’ philosophy to design.

By this I mean, if you plan on filling your dance themed bedroom with posters or framed dance images or even decals on the walls and fill the shelves with dance-themed decor. Then to create a less cluttered and overwhelming feeling to the room simple bedding covers and sheets in solid colors with one or two feature pillows or even some dance-themed toys on the bed can produce a classic look to a bedroom.

But you might on the other hand want to make your bed and bedding the main feature of your dance themed room, as it can create the effect you want without having to spend a lot of money on kitting out the whole room.

The following are some of my favorite bedding options which can all currently be found either on Amazon .


Having a few feature pillows to throw on a bed or a chair can help add a dance theme within a room, without changing all the decor in the room. They can also be the starting point to creating the ultimate dance or ballet dream bedroom. The following are some of the best options I have seen:


Curtains and blinds have an important function in anyroom, but why not make sure they fit into your dance or ballet room theme! A ruffled set of curtains or some with little dancers on them can really add that extra touch to a dance or ballet themed dancer bedroom.


Whether is is a basket that can be used as a laundry hamper or some cute boxes for storing toys, storage and organization in a bedroom can all be dance and ballet themed as well!


Whether is is a basket that can be used as a laundry hamper or some cute boxes for storing toys, storage and organization in a bedroom can all be dance and ballet themed as well!


Every bedroom needs a lamp for late-night reading or stretching! And if you are after a dance or ballet themed light for your dancer bedroom then you have plenty to choose from including 3d nightlights that change color! But I have also included a few without all the dance and ballet paraphernalia just in case your room needs a more simple touch of classic elegance!


A beautiful rug or mat can not only add that dance theme to a bedroom but it can be used to help designate spaces within a room such as a play area or maybe used next to a bed to keep feet warm when stepping out onto wooden floors.


What would a dancer’s bedroom be without a few plush ballerina toys to hug and hold at night? The following are a selection of the cutest and cuddliest I could find!


Having inspirational images on the wall is a must for any dancers bedroom and the following is a variety of different quality posters, canvas’ and prints to add to your dancers walls.


Decals are removable vinyl stickers you can place on walls and many times you can get these with cutouts of ballet-themed images and quotes. You could also just type up, print, and frame your own favorite quote or do it with a free editor such as I have a paid plan with Canva and use it to create a lot of the artwork and images on this site and if you aren’t going to be selling your design, they have so many different photos and images to choose from that you could write your favorite text over, download and print out. Use my affiliate link to try Canva Pro for free for 30 days here or use this link to sign up to the totally free version of Canva which is limited but still great to use!

The following are all from


A clock made just for dancers is a bit of a novelty, but it might just add that bit of fun or create a talking point about your room, take a look at the images below to see what I mean!


I loved my little porcelain ballet dancer when I was younger that sat on one of the shelves of my desk. I would gently pick it up and wipe off the dust and sit and admire how beautiful and perfect she looked. Hopefully you find the perfect little ornament for your dancers bedroom here in my curated selections from Amazon and Etsy.


A full-length mirror is always best for dancers so they can see the movement of their whole bodies and easily self-correct their alignment. There are mirror options available online as I will show you in the following images and links, but if you are able to source a mirror locally I would always go for this option especially if the cost includes installation as mirrors break easily and need to be hung securely to ensure they are safe.

For bedrooms, a great option is having mirrored wardrobe doors. The full length sliding door ones are the best and my eldest has some in her current bedroom which she uses with her DIY galvanized steel double metal barre when doing online ballet lessons. As you can see in the photo, only one of the wardrobe doors is mirrored and that has been perfect for her needs.


For an in depth look at the best type of ballet barre for your dancers bedroom check out the following articles on this site which I have linked to below!