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What every Hip Hop Dancer Needs & Perfect Gifts for Breakdancers!

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By Heidi Williams / Edited by Samantha Bellerose, B.Ed, Dip.Dance(Performing Arts)

Hip Hop dance has massive appeal for both dancers and non-dancers alike. You’ve seen it everywhere from TV shows, movies, commercials, social media platforms, collegiate programs, schools, conventions and now even the Olympics – watch out for France 2022!!

As more and more dancers delve into learning, and more studios offer hip hop classes, you will undoubtedly have a hip hop dancer in your life soon if not already. Inevitably, the question will arise: what kind of gift do you get a hip-hop dancer? What do they even need? Have no fear, that’s why we’re here.

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Before you begin, I just need to tell you that this post includes affiliate links which means that if you purchase a product we have linked to on this page, we receive a small monetary kickback. This money is a source of income that helps the team at Dance Parent 101 produce informative and helpful pages like this one as well as all the others on this site. We appreciate you using the links as you are helping to make Dance Parent 101 the ultimate resource for parents, dancers and their families! You are awesome!

1. The Gift of Knowledge

Respect is paramount in the hip hop community. For those taking part in another culture’s art form, it’s important to understand the origin of how the art form developed, the struggle that gave birth to it. Thankfully, there are some resources available to help your dancer gain knowledge, understanding and appreciation for the style they are taking part in.

Raised on Hip-Hop The Collection Book Pack

Our Editor in Chief Samantha has the book from AB to Jay-Z from the Little Homie and she (ahem….) her kids love it! Actually, her husband is a huge hip-hop fan and loves reading it to the kids. This is a collection of several books by Jessica Chiha and we highly recommend them for any little hip-hopper out there!

Check it out here!

When the Beat Was Born

This book tells the story of DJ Kool Herc, and the birth of Hip Hop in the Bronx in 1973. It is written for 6 – 10 year old readers (grades 1 – 5), and describes how kids chose Breakdance in lieu of fighting.

Check it out here!

Hip Hop History For Kids: Rap For Kids (Hip Hop Kids Book Book 1)

According to the author, “This book is a wholesome way to introduce Hip Hop history and art of not just Rap but all the 5 elements of Hip Hop to children. The story explains the impact and art created by poor kids from the Bronx, New York in the late 1970s and how it became the Hip Hop business of today in a simple beautifully illustrated way that kids can understand.” It is for kids ages 5-12, or great for families to read together.

Check it out it here!

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop (Young Adult Edition): A Hip-Hop History

This is a book option for slightly older readers, grades 7-9 or 10+ years. It delineates the story of hip hop from its beginnings through the present.

Check it out here!


It is hard to find a book that is specifically about Hip Hop Dance and not mainly about Hip Hop music because without the music there would be no dance, but both are so intertwined and generally, it is the music history people are interested in learning about and so the dance part is left out. That is where this book comes in that features a timeline, a glossary, essential facts, references, websites, source notes, and an index all about dance!

Check it out here!

Dance Journal

What better way to keep track of what your hip-hop dancer has learned than in a dance journal? Dance journals are a great way to help retain information learned, stay up on new choreography, new moves, and future goals. There are so many details in hip-hop choreography, and a dance journal is a great tool for staying on track and not forgetting a single thing.

Check it out here!

Daily Planner

This is basically just like a regular daily planner only it is much cooler because of the cover. It includs a page at the start of the month to set goals which can be really helpful for any B-girl serious about upskilling their tricks!

Check it out here!

2. Hip-Hop and Break Dance Wearable Gifts! – Windbreakers, Track Pants & Tees

The gift of new clothes never gets old. People of all ages love to show the love for what they do with the clothes they wear. Here are some ideas for clothing guaranteed to be appreciated by any hip hop or break dancer.


This t-shirt is great because it features silhouettes of different freezes in bboying/bgirling/breakdance. It also comes in pink and gray! How many of those freezes can your dancer hit? #GOALS.

Check it out here!


What better way to share the love of hip hop than wear it out loud? This shirt features a classic boombox, and states, “Just a Girl Who Loves Hip-Hop Dance.” How perfect is that?

Check it out here!


The great thing about this design is that it is available in tanks, tees, hoodies and a variety of other tops. So, it’s a great gift option no matter what season you’re in, or what time of year you’re giving your gift. This one is already on my wish list!

Check it out here!

Track Pants

These pants are a great gift for any dancer. They are 100% polyester, so they help wick away sweat and moisture, and they resist wear and fading. Durability is a hip hop dancer’s best friend when it comes to clothing.

Check it out here!

Track Jacket

Track jackets are a great option for the cooler months, or in the warmer months when a thicker layer of protection is needed. Most track jackets are 100% polyester, making them great for sliding on the floor, wicking away moisture, resisting wrinkles and fading. It’s a jacket that will resist wear and last, the gift that keeps on giving.

Check it out here!


Although, it may seem cliché, the classic windbreaker jacket has made a comeback, and the benefits of the design can’t be ignored. Not only is it lightweight and breathable, but it can also be compressed to squish into a dance bag without taking up much space. Better yet, it’s great for eliminating skin friction during floor moves.

Check it out here!

Kids Windbreakers

Hip-hopping and breaking kids also need some cool gear and so why not get them a sleek windbreaker like this one so they can start practicing their floor work like a pro!

Check it out here!

Kids Windbreakers

I just loved the retro feel and color blocking on this windbreaker and just had to include it! I wish it came in adult sizes – I’ll have to check it out when I do my Christmas wish list!

Check it out here!

3. Protective Gear for Hip-Hop and Break Dancing

Injuries do happen from time to time, but in most cases, they are preventable. In any case, we can do our best to ease our minds, and perhaps, cushion our landings.

Knee Pads

Knee pads are a helpful tool for any type of hip hop dancer. Not only do they help prevent injury, but in doing so they increase the dancer’s longevity. These come in 3 different sizes, AND they’re adjustable. Hip Hop dance often involves a lot of floor moves, especially in Breaking. These kneepads are sure to be appreciated by any dancer.

Check it out here!

Elbow Pads

These elbow pads are also a great gift for injury prevention for any dancer that is doing floor work. They’re washable and fit a variety of ages. As we all know, there’s nothing worse than hitting your funny bone! These are another great way to show your dancer you care.

Check it out here!

Headspin Beanie

A head spin beanie is essential for any breaker who is working on head spins, as it protects the head, hair and scalp from friction. Even if your dancer isn’t to the level of head spinning quite yet, it will still help cushion their head on the dance floor when they’re working on headstands and freezes. A lot of beginners struggle with the discomfort of being on their head at first, so this is a great way to help get them past that. This one even comes with a strap to make sure the cap stays in place during rotation, which is extremely helpful.

Check it out here!

Dance Sock

Quite often there are places where you have to learn or practice hip hop on carpeting or very high-friction flooring. The Dancesock is a very inexpensive way to keep your feet and ankles safe from injury, by covereing the sole of your shoe to prevent your shoes from sticking. It’s available in a variety of colors, and a couple of different fit options. This is the perfect gift to show your dancer you care.

Check it out here!

4. Preventive and Injury Care for Hip-Hop and Break Dancers

What better way to show you care than with a gift that helps them care for themselves? Here are some helpful things every hip hop dancer will find at some point that they need.

Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology tape has so many uses for athletes and dancers alike. It’s water resistant, and stays on for days, and aids in a variety of things including injury, recovery and alignment.

Check it out here!

Massage Roller

A massage roller is another great tool to have in your dance bag. Helps alleviate muscle soreness and cramps, and improves circulation. Any dancer would be grateful to have this on hand whenever they needed it.

Check it out here!

Instant Ice Pack

Lets face it, break dancing in particular is not easy, otherwise everyone would be doing it wouldn’t they! This instant ice pack is great to have on hand, just in case of an injury. It never hurts to be prepared to use the R.I.C.E. method if needed.

Check it out here!

First Aid Kit

Speaking of being prepared, this miniature first aid kit is an essential ingredient for any dancer’s bag. Does your dancer have one? Band-Aids don’t seem like that big of a deal until you really need one.

Check it out here!

5. Equipment for Hip-Hop and Break Dancers

To dance you really need your body, some space and some music. But there are definately a few items that can help make doing hip-hop and break dancing a little easier!

Wireless Headphones

Knowing your music is key for all dancers, but even more so for freestyle-based dancing like Hip Hop. These earbuds are a life-saver for dancers, whether for practice or for enjoyment. They can dance without worrying about headphone wires or dropping their phone/device, and they can listen without disturbing those around them.

Check it out here!

Bluetooth Speakers

For the times when you actually want the music to be heard, this portable Bluetooth speaker is a best-seller and a party favorite. It has multiple options for connecting devices, and a lot of range. If you’re practicing for yourself or with your crew, this is a handy tool to have in your dance bag.

Check it out here!

Portable Charger

Having the equipment and technology is great when it is working and the most common reason technology stops working is because it isn’t charged! Don’t let your hip-hop dancer get into a jam, get them a portable charger so they are able to charge up their music and devices whereever they are!

Check it out here!

Dance Flooring

Not all surfaces are great to learn tricks on especially things like back or head spins, so why not get your dancer portable flooring specially made for dancing on. For more information about Dot 2 Dance check out our resource page here!

Or Check it out on Amazon here!

Dance Flooring

Here is another option for portable flooring for hip-hop or breakdancing. These are from Greatmats and comprise of a 9 interlocking squares to make a 3 x 3ft dance floor. It is easy to assemble and take apart and is another great option for portable dance flooring

Check it out here!

6. A Music Subscrition Service

Speaking of music, what better thing to gift your hip-hop dancer than the gift of music? Thankfully, technology has made doing this much more easily than the old days of going out and buying a CD, or making a mixed tape.  There are many options for gifting them with monthly subscriptions or gift cards for streaming services like iTunes, amazon music, apple music, sound cloud, Spotify, YouTube music, and more. Check our review of Amazon Music here as this is who Samantha the owner of Dance Parent 101 uses to stream her music at home!

7. Home Decor

Not many people want their home looking kitsch and cluttered but a few items in a bedroom or around the home can really help inspire your dancer and be proud of their hobby or profession. And if anything else they will be perfect conversation starters when they have guests and friends over to their home!

LED Night Light

Whether you know a young one who needs a nightlight (or you’re an adult that needs one –shh I won’t tell), this LED 3D street dance light is probably as awesome as it gets!

Check it out here!

Dance Lighting

If you want to add a little extra to your the next dance or birthday party, here’s another great option. Nothing like a disco light to spice up the cypher, or level-up the freeze dance! Kids and adults alike will appreciate the ambiance of this sound activated party light.

Check it out here!

Hip Hop Dancer Hooks for Girls

These wall hangers are a great place to hang medals, lanyards, face masks, keys and a variety of other accessories. The fact that they feature the silhouettes of street dancers pretty much makes them the coolest key hook holders ever. They would be a great and practical addition to any dancer’s room.

Check it out here!

Hip Hop Dancer Hooks for Guys

And here is another design for the male hip-hop and break dancers in your life!

Check it out here!

Hip-Hop and Break Dancing Vinyl Wall Stickers

Everyone loves great wall art and what better way to add flavor to a dancer’s room than with this removable street dance wall decal? The graffiti-style lettering and the jumping dancer will add energy to any room, making it something your dancer will genuinely appreciate.

Check it out here!

Wall Art

Speaking of energy, there’s no better way to up the vibe in the room than by adding a splash of color. These unique water-color style pieces are a truly unique and beautiful gift for dancers of any age. This is the type of gift that they won’t outgrow.

Check it out here!

8. The Perfect Accessories for your Hip-Hop or Break Dancer

Small gifts are often the way to go when you don’t want to spend too much, or when you’re not sure what to give. Everyone loves accessories, and these are some great ones for Hip Hop dancers.

Bag for Shoes

I asked some of my students what would be a thoughtful gift that they would appreciate and use, and one thing they all agreed upon was a smaller bag. Many of them have a duffle for competition or for carrying all their shoes, but they wished they had a smaller option on days when they have fewer classes or don’t need everything but the kitchen sink. Not only does the drawstring bag help them show their love of Hip Hop, but it’s a great one to have on hand when you just need to grab a few things and go.

Check it out here!


Inspirational gifts go a long way, and tend to be kept and cherished even years down the road. Sometimes, it’s not just what you give, but the message and intent behind it that lasts in the heart of the receiver. In 1996, one of my dance instructors gave me a little pin. It was just a pink elephant wearing a tutu, but when she gave it to me, she told me it was a gift her dance instructor had passed on to her when she was young, and she was now passing it down to me. Her reason, she said, was that she believed I had a gift for dance, for teaching and for choreography. She was right, as it turns out, I went on to do just that…and I still have the pin. Now, as a teacher, I find one of the most important things you can give a person is to help them believe in themselves. These motivational wrist bands are a great way to give some inspiration to your dancer, and they can wear it as a reminder of the potential you see in them.

Check it out here!

Men and Women’s Earrings

Ok so hip hop although all about the dance and music can also be all about the bling and this earing is all about the sparkle. But what is also great is that it is a screw back so that it won’t easily fall out during dance!

Check it out here!

Sweat Bands

To complete the look a breakdancer really needs a set of wrist sweatbands. Whether used to keep the wrists warm and limber these really are a breakdancing staple! These ones come in a variety of colors too!

Check it out here!

9. Hip-Hop Dance Apps

There are plenty of apps available for download with fun games that have a hip hop theme, most of them are free to download, but then like most apps you need to pay to stop ads or unlock levels or new add ons. So perhaps a google play or apple iTunes card with a list of suggested apps they could buy is a gift that shows you have put a bit of thought into it whilst also allowing your dancer to get something of their choice!

10. Hip Hop and Break Dance Experiences – Workshops & Online Classes

Perhaps no gift lasts longer than the gift of an experience. Check your local studio or contact crews in your local area for information about battles, ciphers, workshops, and lessons. It’s not always feasible to travel in times such as these, and there are many concerns that come along with traveling a long distance to take a class. Luckily, post-pandemic, there are many professionals in the industry who offer online workshops and live video lesson options, as well.

Steezy is a great option for Hip Hop dancers, as it’s affordable and offers many different styles of Hip Hop dance including Popping, Locking, Breaking, House, Krump and more. They also have different levels and offer beginning, intermediate and advanced, making it a great option no matter what level your dancer is at.

Monsters of Hip Hop is a traveling convention that offers workshops with some of the industry’s top choreographers. A weekend pass is pretty pricey, but it’s packed full of instruction from the best of the best.

Mr. Wiggles is one of the most valuable resources when it comes to Hip Hop. He has been around since the beginning in the 1970s in New York. He is a member of Rock Steady Crew, Electric Boogaloos and Zulu Nation. He offers online classes in various styles of Hip Hop dance, in addition to selling many DVDs and how-to videos. He is a wealth of knowledge and information for all things Hip Hop.

11. DIY Gifts for Hip-Hop and Break Dancers

Show your Hip Hop dancer you’ve got their back –literally. Fill a drawstring backpack or a tote bag with items you know they will like and appreciate. Not sure what bag to get? Fill a gift bag instead with the items that you know they will love, and use this printable Dance Survival Kit label from Etsy for the finishing touch.

Need a few extras the throw in there?

Consider adding basics any dancer will appreciate like, a water bottle, face mask, hand towel, sanitizer, body spray, makeup, and hair ties. And lucky for you all of these things are covered in our many other articles about what dancers need which you can view here!