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All of our playlists are with Amazon Music. Not a member? You can sign up right here for free to start listening and then decide later on if you want to keep and pay for the service!

Why we use Amazon Music and not Spotify or a similar service.

To be honest we use Amazon Music because a limited version comes complimentary – that is free when you are an Amazon Prime member.

I love my Amazon prime membership because it seriously pays itself with all the free and expedited shipping it gives me as a member. So if you would rather get the limited version of Amazon Music through an Amazon Prime membership click here instead!

What is the Difference between Amazon Music and Amazon Prime?

Amazon Music is a stand alone music streaming service with access to 50 million songs that you can listen to through their app on most devices including your home computer.

Amazon Prime is Amazon.coms flagship membership. Being a member not only gives you free 2day shipping, but it also gives you access to over 2 million songs on Amazon Music, as well as access to Prime Video, some free Kindle E-books, free games with Amazon Twitch and you get access first to their best deals – They recently had boxes of Huggies and Pampers nappies on sale half price but only for members! As a prime member you also get discounts if on the unlimited versions of kindle unlimited and Amazon Music


OK OK OK so yes, does get a kickback if you purchase an Amazon Prime Membership or buy Prime Music Unlimited when you use our links at no extra cost to you and it means the world to us when you do so we can keep writing awesome content for you.


I honestly use it! I used it before I created this recommended resource page and I continue to use Amazon Prime music nearly every day. I love that the amazon music app also appears on the touch screen in my car when I plug my phone into the car USB, it makes it so easy to find a playlist and put on music rather than listen to the radio because I swear every time I do there is always something inappropriate on there that my kids really do not need to hear!

It is the only streamer I use and even though I don’t have access to all the songs, I am planning on upgrading my prime membership to the unlimited Amazon Music soon, I can usually find a version of the song I want to listen to.

Here is a photo of my car console and a playlist I created for my daughters 9th birthday which kind of has evolved into the songs my kids choose to listen to in the car.