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How to Search For & Find a Dance or Ballet School?

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Are you a mom or parent looking for a dance school or studio for your child? There are so many options out there, how do you know which one is the right fit? Today we’re going to share some tips on how to search for and find the perfect dance school or studio for your child. Happy dancing! 🙂

1. Use a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

You might find the number of results a little overwhelming so take your time combing through them and bookmark any that at first glance seem appealing.

2. Look in the phone book or the yellow or white pages.

Yes some people still use these things and yes dance schools still do advertise in them. These publications are generally also available online for you to search.

3. Look at Community Pin Boards

Check out local community pin boards. Many shopping centres, malls, libraries and community centres have boards up that allow people to pin flyers to promote local groups and activities.

Local businesses such as Cafes may also offer a similar community notice board.

4. Look in your local newspaper or free parenting magazine.

Sometimes these publications have special features especially at the beginning of the school year advertising new classes.

5. Ask people you know and don’t know.

At a dinner party, playground, mother’s group, schoolyard, girl’s night out?

As well as being a great conversation opener to engage and meet more people in your community, you will usually get an honest opinion about the quality of the dance classes being given.

6. Call your local council or community center.

Many dance schools use council or community spaces to run their classes from.

Many councils and community centers also develop their own movement programs as part of their health or community engagement programs.

7. Buy a dance magazine or borrow one from a library.

Most of the schools advertised in these publications are the cream of the crop, offering lessons as preparation for careers in dance and are a great start for anyone seriously considering a career in the dance industry.

8. Call or check out the website of your local higher education institute.

Your local community college or similar educational institution that offers various vocational and recreation courses might just be offering those lessons in African or Aboriginal dance that your were after.

9. Keep an eye out on the street.

Remember that Kids dance studio you always pass as you get take away on a Thursday night. Next time drop in and ask for a business card, pamphlet or brochure. If they don’t offer any of these or aren’t open when you walk by take photos of the information on their door so you can call or look them up when at home.

10. Ask at your school, kindergarten, preschool or daycare.

Check out their parent newsletters as well as these are great places for local dance studios to advertise to their target audiences.

11. Call the local high school

Get in contact with the head of the dance, PE or arts department at your local high school. Many high schools offer dance programs. Some may offer public classes or the dance teacher of the program may teach at a private studio you could enrol your child into.

Time to choose a school!

Once you have found a selection of schools it can be tricky to select which one is right for your child and family – there are sometimes so many options!

Check out our article How to Choose the Best Dance School For Your Child: Guide For New Dance Parents for tips and advice on choosing the best school for you and your family!

Good luck – I know you’ll find the perfect dance school for your child!

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