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Dance Lesson Enrollment Fees – Why you need to pay them!

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Do you have a child that takes dance classes or is about to? If so, did you know that there is an enrollment fee to pay at the beginning of each dance year? But why do we have to pay these fees? What do they go towards?

The average cost of enrolling your child into a dance studio is. Dance and ballet schools charge this fee to cover beginning year administration processes. An enrollment fee also holds your space in the class, and shows your commitment to coming or continuing lessons at the dance studio.

Many parents don’t realize that most studios require a fee simply for enrolling in classes. So what’s the reasoning behind this? In this post, we’ll take a look at what happens with that money. Keep reading to find out!

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What is a dance school registration fee?

A dance or ballet studio registration fee is a cost you pay to enroll your child into dance classes.

The enrollment payment is not deducted from lessons, it is paid on top of any lessons your child is undertaking.

The registration fee is a one-off payment, paid per child or family regardless of whether a student is new or returning to the school

Why do I have to pay a registration fee to enroll in dance Classes?

Dance and ballet teachers charge a registration fee to cover the costs of the administration tasks that need to be completed at the beginning of the dance year.

You also need to pay to hold or reserve your child’s place in a lesson. This guarantees their spot. By enrolling early and paying the fee you can usually insure your get the day and time of class that you prefer over others who do so late as well.

What type of administration processes does my dance teacher need to perform for the fee?

Some of the administrative tasks the fee pays for can be and are not limited to:

  • Paying for computer software or programs used in the enrollments process
  • Time used to create/print the enrollment forms
  • Data entry of information
  • marketing and promotion before enrollment
  • timetabling and scheduling of classes
  • emails and correspondence
  • phone calls, answering emails, etc… in regards to enrollment and lesson availability
  • preparing invoices
  • bookkeeping and accounts

There may be other tasks your teacher considers as part of the enrollment process that is not listed above, but as you can see many tasks are required to be completed at the beginning of the school year.

Do all dance schools charge enrollment fees.

No, not all dance studios charge enrollment fees. All but a few of the schools we researched below charged a registration fee upon enrollment.

As an enrollment fee is still a relatively new concept, and there are some teachers who do these tasks for free believing it is just part of their job.

Whereas others realize if they were to outsource the tasks, they would have to pay someone a wage, and therefore charge a fee for the work to be completed.

Why does my school charge a late fee on top of the registration fee?

Have you even made a sandwich for your child and then cleaned up the kitchen and put everything away only for them to ask you for a second one, or for another child to walk in and say – hey I want one of those too!

Well, it is a similar situation for your dance teacher. There may come a point when they are no longer processing enrollments or for them to do so takes longer for one, than when doing many at a time.

Therefore to entice you to enroll on time, they may apply a penalty for those who do so late!

Your teacher may also hire someone to do their enrollments or paperwork for a few weeks at busy times of the year and therefore any late enrollments incur an extra fee which they pass on to you!

Do I have to pay an enrollment fee even if my child is a returning student?

Yes, even if your dancer trained at the dance studio the previous year or season, you will still be required to hand in an enrollment form.

This is for various reasons such as your information might have changed, your child is enrolling in different classes, the school might be changing enrollments systems or policies.

Do I have to pay a registration fee for each dancer I enroll?

Not all dance schools require you to pay a registration fee per dancer when enrolling more than one child. Some dance studios offer family discounts or one-family price to enroll. You can take a look at what this might look like in the table below.

How much should an enrollment or registration fee be for a dance studio?

On average dance studios charge $32 to enroll and register each student at their school.

Some schools give family registration discounts, either by offering a flat family registration fee or by asking for a certain dollar amount more per extra child. On average the flat family fee offered was $43 and the average amount some other schools charged for each additional child was $13

The table below shows you the 2021-2022 published registration fees of the dance schools we randomly researched covering every state in the US. These are the same schools were surveyed for our article How much do dance classes cost? We compare 50+ schools across the US! UPDATED!

Casco Bay MoversMaine$15$25
Village Dance StudioIndianaNo FeeNo Fee
Dance Arts StudioNorth Carolina$45
Concord Dance AcademyNew Hampshire$35
Applause Dance AcademyLouisiana$65
Van Metre School of DanceTennessee$40
Cherrie Anderson School of Music & DanceNebraska$40
Young Dance AcademyWisconsin$20
GottadanceNew Jersey$30
Aspire to DanceVirginia$45
Danza Dance AcademyColorado$32
Festival Dance AcademyIdaho$35
Mann Dance AcademyNew Mexico$45
Merge Dance StudioPennsylvania$15
Noble School of BalletMontana$25
Interpretations Dance AcademyOhio$25
307 Dance AcademyWyoming$45
Dance Academy USACalifornia$60
South Carolina Dance CompanySouth Carolina$40
Modern MovementNew York$30
Shana’s Dance StudioMinnesota$30
Kelley Puckett Dance AcademyKentucky$40
Connecticut Dance AcademyConnecticut$30
Royal Academy of Ballet and DanceNew York$30$25
Pizazz Dance StudioMassachusetts$15$20
Pointe of Grace Dance StudioTexas$40$50
Sterling Silver StudioWisconsin$25$50
Studio One Dance CenterTexas$50$75
The Dance AcademyMichigan$30$50
Advanced Dance AcademyIowa$40$60
La Vida DanceWashington$55$75
Harbor School of Music & DanceAlaska$40$100
Moves Dance StudioIllinois$25$40
Bella Dance CenterDelaware$25$35
The Ridge Academy of DanceUtah$20$40
White River Ballet AcademyVermont$20$30
Patuxent Youth BalletMaryland$25$35
Carolyn Dutra Dance StudioRhode Island$25$5*
The Dance AcademyIdaho$20$10*
Tippi ToesOklahoma$40$20*
JMB Dance AcademyFlorida$25$15*
North Pointe Dance AcademyOhio$40$10*
Indiana Dance Co.Indiana$20$10*
Captivation Dance AffiliatesNevada$35$10*
Dance GallerySouth Dakota$40$20*
Hales tone Virginia$25$5*
Integrity Dance AcademyGeorgia$40$10*
Infinity Dance AcademyKansas$25$15*
Royal Dance AcademyGeorgia$35$25*
Dance WorxNorth Dakota
Valley Dance StudioWest Virginia
Diane’s School of DanceMissouri
Dance With LaurenAlabama
Elite Dance StudiosArkansas$35$20 for 2nd, $10 for the 3rd
Kailua Dance Academy Hawaii $20 one-off fee
Ayana School of Ballet California $100 new, $50 returning
Legacy Ballet Academy Arizona $35 New, $30 Returning

*Each additional student

PLEASE NOTE: If a cell in the table above has been left blank it is because that school either has a flat fee for every student or a flat fee whether you are registering an individual or a family.

If both cells are blank this means that we were unable to find a registration fee on the school’s website and does not necessarily mean there is no registration fee at that school.

We have entered the words ‘No Fee’ where a school has advertised they have no enrollment fees.

Why do different dance studios charge different fees for the same work?

There are many reasons why your child’s registration fee might be cheaper or more expensive for example:

Paper Work or Computer Software:
Some schools might require you to fill in a lot of paperwork that needs to be entered into payment software or into a database.

This might be good business practice or may be required by your state to ensure child protection and safety as you are leaving your child in the teachers care. Creating and processing paperwork even if entered online, takes time and money.

Business Practice & Ethics
Some dance schools take the approach that your class fees adequately finance any work required by teachers and staff out of the teaching classroom. Other dance studios determine that the amount of administrative work needed to be completed outside the classroom is not adequately covered nor should it be within tuition fees.

Computer Software & Programs
some schools use specially created computer software specific to dance schools or similar within their business.

These programs generally have annual fees and can cost hundreds of dollars but ultimately help both you and your teacher, this is not a cost dance schools had to incur in the past as internet banking, direct debits, etc are really relatively new technologies and all have fees that your dance school incurs to use.

Some schools have administration staff or outsource people to process registrations and other bookwork all of who need to be paid.