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Best Free Online Exercise & Fitness Workout Videos for Kids

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Finding online exercise and fitness videos is not that hard with the amount available today on platforms such as Youtube. Finding quality fitness videos for kids though is another story! There is so much to choose from but not all of them provide an actual exercise workout for your child, which is what this page is all about!

When I began researching this topic I realized that there were actually several categories of resources available to parents aimed at providing free exercise workouts for kids. This particular article is a list of videos from the multitude of fitness channels made for adults. These channels basically only have one or two videos made especially for kids. If you are after channels with larger playlists or that are specifically aimed at creating fitness videos for children make sure you check out our article The Best Youtube Exercise & Fitness Workouts Channels for School Aged Kids.

But without further ado…..

Move Dance Learn

Move Dance Learn is a great Youtube channel developed by myself that focuses on making fitness, exercise, learning, and dance accessible to all kids at home. The lessons are all about 15mins long and include a warm-up, creative movement, a game, and a cooldown. They are similar to what I would teach in a physical education lesson based on dance in an educational setting as I am both a qualified school teacher and dance teacher and also provide lesson outcomes as well as educational links to the lessons on the Move Dance Learn website, so kids not only exercise and get fit, but are learning at the same time!


Sh1ft trainer Rach takes her two boys through a great and intense HIIT workout that your kids can follow along at home. This one will really get their heart pumping as the kids do burpees, side planks, tuck and turns and more. It is great that when an exercise moves are written in text so that kids also begin to learn the proper names for the exercises they are doing.

Nate Bower Fitness

Nate Bower is a boxing instructor and personal trainer and he has a youtube channel dedicated to providing free boxing workouts, interval training, timed session workouts and more! On his channel I found two workouts created just for kids!

Nuffield Health

Stephen Trussell is a personal trainer for Nuffield Health in Crawly (UK) and he has created an instructional workout for kids where he really tries to make sure that your child is learning the correct way to do each exercise. What I like is how the video cuts from him explaining and demonstrating the activities to kids actually doing them.


Host Anna Renderer at Popsugar Fitness has created a great workout for the whole family to enjoy. The actual workout is 10 minutes and Anna motivates the kids and family to keep going with fun and well thought out exercises that kids can do and will enjoy.

Emi Wong

Emi Wong is a canadian born, certified personal trainer living in Hong Kong. She has close to 2 million subscribers to her youtube channel which contains alot of health and fitness related videos. She currently has one fitness video aimed at kids, that she has done with the cutest tween girl whom many adults have commented can do the exercises better than them!

Born to Move – Les Mills

These two workouts are Les Mills Born to Move workouts for kids that the Colchester CBC has placed on their YouTube channel as a free taster to encourage people to come into Leisure World in Colchester and take classes. They do not appear in full on the Born to Move Youtube channel. If you enjoyed these classes then you can sign up for a free trial with them on their website. Please note the videos are sometimes taken down so I apologize if they do not appear.

Les Mills

This video is a short 5 minute workout on the actual Les Mills Yotube channel. The production level is awesome and it would be a great brain break type of workout for kids who are into superheroes and the Avengers franchise.

Cincinnati Children’s

Cincinnati Children’s Heart Institute does have several workout videos on their channel for kids and youth but not all of them have been added into a playlist like this one below which was actually really hard to find, and why I have added it to this list!

Chicken Fat: The Youth Fitness Video

Now I have inserted this video here as I am sure many people will have fond or not so fond memories of doing exercise videos like these during their childhood and can use it either to torture their kids, have a laugh about the good old days or show their kids what they had to do when they were a kid!

There are many other great resources that I haven’t included in this list because I already have several articles about them which you can check out here: