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Best Free Online Dance Classes and Tutorials for School Aged Kids

Finding good quality free online dance lessons for kids that actually allow for learning to occur rather than idle observation is hard, but luckily we’ve done all the hard work for you.

This list includes tonnes of videos, links and our reviews of the best FREE online dance, fitness and movement classes and tutorials for kids!

My kids and I think the best free online dance classes, lessons, tutorials, training, shows and resources for school-aged kids are (in no particular order):

Not sure which one to choose? Are you more interested in knowing which one will actually teach your child to dance or which will hold your child’s attention long enough for you to drink a hot coffee or prep dinner? Read on for our review of each, which age group we think the resource is best for and whether it is a dance along or instructional tutorial.

If you are after links and videos for a preschooler or toddler we have you covered in our article Best Free Online Dance Classes and Tutorials for Preschoolers and Toddlers

1. Move Dance Learn

Click here to go straight to a playlist on Youtube of dance classes by Move Dance Learn. Don’t forget to subscribe to get notifications when new tutorials go up!

When the pandemic hit in 2020, I wanted to help in some way. I knew a lot of people were going to be stuck at home with their kids and would need some quality and educational screen time that also go their children moving. As I wrote, researched, and published this particular article in early 2019, about a year before the demand was actually there for it, I knew that there really wasn’t a lot of quality content for kids out there that fit that purpose.

And so because I love teaching and was a professional dancer, a dance teacher and a primary school teacher before becoming a mom to 4 kids (some of who you get to see in the videos) I decided to create a series of free online dance and movement classes for kids. They were first aimed at toddlers and preschoolers, but when I tested them on my kids, they all loved to join in. The lessons involve a warm-up and cool down and in between, I explore creative dance and movement and even play a game at the end to go over what we have learned.

The lessons were originally part of the Dance Parent 101 Youtube Channel, but I have since rebranded them to Move Dance Learn, and am in the process of moving them all to the new channel, so if you enjoy this lesson and go through all the lessons on Move Dance learn, try the Dance Parent 101 youtube channel where you may find a few more!

These lessons are based on movements and activities you would find in a one on one live, creative movement dance class and are similar to what I would teach in an educational school or classroom setting. Children learn to improvise and create movement with their bodies based on themes that have been selected to ignite the imagination. Learning outcomes are provided as well as an article on with extra educational links and ideas for learning that can be explored from just this one online dance class!

Best for all Kids.
Supervision: Put it on and walk away!
Method of Instruction: Instructional & Follow Along Tutorials

2. The Ballet Coach

The Ballet Coach also known as Sarah Du-Feu is a channel where Sarah has been streaming live classes for ballet students of all ages. Sarah was a professional dancer in the English National ballet but soon decided that teaching was her passion and is a ballet teacher with her own students and school but has recently been providing free lessons on her Youtube channel to ensure everyone is able to keep dancing even if they are unable to get to a dance lesson.

What I really like is that she makes lessons specifically for different ages and ability levels and you can clearly see who the lesson is meant for on the thumbnail and description. Because she is filming them live, during replay you do have to wade through the beginning where she is saying hello, but if you want an authentic lesson experience for free then this is pretty close to getting one. Sarah is a great teacher and I highly recommend these lessons!

Best for all kids – just find the best video for your age.
Supervision: Put it on and walk out
Method of Instruction: Instructional tutorials

3. Kidz Bop

Click here to access a curated list of Kidz Bop Tutorial Dance videos!

Kidz Bop is a great YouTube channel with plenty of dance along videos and a few dance tutorials to popular music – just search ‘dance along’ or ‘tutorial’ within their channel and you will get a good range of lessons. A few videos are tutorials in the sense that each step is broken down and taught before being performed, but others are dance along and easy enough for kids to just follow learn through repetition.

In the about section on their Youtube page, they write ‘in addition to singing on KIDZ BOP releases, these young performers star in national KIDZ BOP TV commercials and music videos, create kid-friendly content for their fans on YouTube and host KIDZ BOP Radio on SiriusXM (Channel 77).’

What is great about these lessons is that they are taught by kids for kids and as a parent, I feel I can confidently allow my children to watch and follow without my constant monitoring to make sure what they are seeing and learning is appropriate for their age. It also motivates my kids to get up and dance and promotes a growth mindset because if those kids can do it, why can’t I and maybe I can’t do it yet, but when I am a bit older like those kids I will be able to do it too!

They have also recently started bringing out daily dance breaks which are about an hour long which are full of dance and live teaching by the kidz bop kidz!

Best for all school kids 5 – 15
Supervision: Put it on and walk out
Method of Instruction: Follow Along and some instructional tutorials

4. Go Noodle

Go Noodle is a treasure trove of online movement and mindfulness videos aimed at kids. They have a guided dancing playlist on YouTube that currently includes 60 videos, although recently I have seen that some of them have been turned to private. Go Noodle also offers a lot of extra free content on its website and also has a go noodle plus plan for those interested in some educational extras.

Their YouTube About profile actually states that 3 out of 4 schools in the US use Go Noodle for Brain Breaks and to get the wiggles and jiggles out when needed. They are proud to describe their content as turning screen time into active time and as being able to allow the whole family to exercise together.

My older kids come home regularly raving about the fun movement lessons they are doing at school. Go Noodle is a lot of fun and I find myself getting involved in some of the dances which my kids love. You should try out their Moose Tube videos which are silly and a lot of fun to do.

Best for kids aged 3-15
Supervision: Put on and walk out (if you can as they are a lot of fun to do!)
Method of Instruction: Follow Along Tutorials

5. Cosmic Kids Yoga

Click here to access a curated list of Cosmic Kids videos just like this!

So not technically a dance lesson but a form of exercise many dancers do….

Jaime from Cosmic Kids Yoga takes your child through a series of yoga poses and movements as she retells well-known stories. There is a vast library of videos and playlists with instructional videos on the correct technique for various poses being around two minutes in length compared to the yoga stories which are a perfect half hour or more each!

I have found that the movements change quite rapidly which keeps it interesting for older children but can be hard for younger children to follow. Although possibly a bit over the top for the adult eye, the colorful backgrounds create engaging viewing for your child. I do find I need to remind my kids to sometimes keep up and follow along because they get distracted by the story being told. That being said they are generally engaged with the yoga lesson until the end letting me get dinner prepped and they exert some energy whilst doing so.

Best for kids aged 12 and under.
Supervision: Put it on and walk out for the stories (you may have to remind younger children to keep following the movement and not just sit and watch) but if you are watching the instructional tutorials it’s a good idea to stay with your child and help them achieve the right body positions.
Method of Instruction: Follow along and short instructional tutorials.

6. Just Dance

Just Dance is a console game for PlayStation, Wii, etc. It uses a sensor to determine whether your kid is copying the dancers to the beat of the music and moving their body in the general same directions as dancers on your screen. A fun free option is to go to the Just Dance YouTube channel and copy and follow along without the gaming aspect.

For a full review head to our Just Dance Resource Page which will open up in a new window for you. We bought Just Dance 2020 and four move controllers as last year’s Christmas present (we also got the PlayStation VR bundle which comes with the camera) and realized you can also buy more songs online!

Just a word of warning – Just Dance is based on using popular music and dance moves and although I have never felt the moves or music my children are copying and dancing to are too adult, what is available online is not necessarily G rated – so parental discretion is needed. Different families will have different opinions on what is appropriate for their children, so it is up to you whether you allow this free resource to be accessed in your house. In saying this if you bought the game for your console, Just Dance 2020 has a kids login and section with more kid-friendly material. I did find this other Just Dance Kids channel on YouTube but it isn’t official so it could be taken down at any time.

Best for school kids 8 & up
Supervision: Parental Discretion may be needed as the Just Dance material available for free on YouTube is not specifically made for children.
Method of Instruction: Follow Along Tutorials.

7. Saskia’s Dansschool

Saskia’s Dansschool Kids is exactly that – Saskia’s Dance School in which the teacher of the school, Saskia films her students performing simple warm-ups and dance routines and uploads them to YouTube for her students and other kids to follow along. They have put together a kid’s and teens’ easy dance videos playlist comprised of a good amount of three to five minute follow-along dance routines.

I found that as my daughter dances she finds it easy to follow most of what the kids are doing in the videos and with repetition of each one gets better every time. As these videos are from a real dance school it gives children who may not be able to attend classes a view into what they might expect to learn if they did.

Best for school aged kids
Supervision: put it on and walk away
Method of Instruction: Follow Along dance.

8. Haschak Sisters

If you haven’t heard of them, the Haschak Sisters are four singing and dancing sisters ranging in age from 13-18 and their content really appeals to young girls, tweens and teens. Their songs are catchy and they have a YouTube following of over 6 million subscribers!

My 10-year-old daughter loves the Haschak Sisters and their music, so it was fantastic when we found some actual dance tutorials where they break down the steps from their film clips and teach them to you. As their videos were spread over two different channels there own and the company that produces their records, I created this playlist for you on our DanceParent101 YouTube Channel.

Best for school aged kids
Supervision: Your child needs to be able pause, replay etc otherwise you will be needed.
Method of Instruction: Instructional Tutorials

9. Mihran Kiakosian

Click here to access a curated list of Mihran Kiakosian Kids Lesson videos just like this!

Mihran Kiakosian is a choregrapher, performer, director and more. He has toured with Britney Spears, Madonna and Ricky Martin and worked with many other muscians. He has had his Youtube channel since 2008 and has a fairly robust uploading schedule to his channel. Not all his videos are aimed specifically at kids, but he does have a good amount that are. And for those kids who are advanced dancers, there are many tutorials on her to challenge them as well. As he doesn’t have a playlist specifically for children check out the playlist I created through the link above if you enjoy his lesson here.

My 10-year-old daughter have enjoyed working through some of the tutorials together on his channel. I really feel like I am in an actual class or lesson where he takes the time to go over each step and repeat it at different speeds. Then once you have learnt the routine you can visit another video on his site of his kid’s classes doing the routine which is a lot of fun!

Best for school aged kids
Supervision: Your child needs to be able to pause, replay etc if they want to go over anything again.
Method of Instruction: Instructional Tutorials

10. ndiLive!

National Dance Institute (NDI) is a non-profit arts education organization founded in 1976 by ballet star Jacques d’Amboise. Through school partnerships, after-school classes, public performances, and teaching artist trainings, NDI uses dance as a catalyst to engage children and motivate them toward excellence both in school and in life.

All the NDI teachers are so inspirational to watch. You can tell they love teaching dance and as ndiLive! has been filmed during the Carona pandemic you can see how much they really want to motivate and keep dance alive in the homes of all their students. You can click here for a full playlist of their ndiLive! program.

Best for school-aged kids
Supervision: Your child needs to be able to pause, replay, etc otherwise you may be needed.
Method of Instruction: Instructional Tutorials.

11. SPAC Learning Library!

The SPAC Learning Library is a website developed by the Saratoga Performing Arts Center and it contains online video dance and music classes and tutorials for kids. The SPAC Learning Library is best viewed on their website rather than on Youtube where they have beautifully curated and organized their dance lessons.

They have members of the New York City Ballet amongst other professionals giving tutorials and instructions in their videos! This should be enough to tell you that this is a quality resource. Although there are not hundreds of videos, there is a lot of variety which you can most prominently see if you head to their SPAC Breaks Page.

Best for school-aged kids (they do have a 6 and under section)
Supervision: If your child cannot navigate through their website to each lesson you will need to help them do this.
Method of Instruction: Instructional Tutorials.

12. Born to Move – Les Mills

These workouts are Les Mills Born to Move workouts for kids. Some are available for free and if you like them and want to do more for free I would advise you do a search in YouTube for more of them as various sites such as Leisure World Colchester have posted some on their channels to help encourage people to join their gyms or sign up for a Les Mills online subscriptions. So if you enjoy these classes you might also want to think about signing up for their free trial on the Les Mills website. Please note the videos are sometimes taken down so I apologize if they do not appear.

I have done some of these dance workouts with my kids and they are a lot of fun, easy to follow. They are a great cardio workout as you are generally constantly moving throughout the videos so they keep the heart rate up! I love that they create their own music to specifically cater for each workout so not only can you follow along with the instructor and what you see, but there are usually prompts for the next step within the actual music too!

Best for school-aged kids: each video has an age guide
Supervision: Press Play and walk away!
Method of Instruction: Follow along tutorials with a lot of verbal instruction.

Bonus – Les Mills

This video is a short 5 minute workout on the actual Les Mills Yotube channel. The production level is awesome and it would be a great brain break type of workout for kids who are into superheroes and the Avengers franchise.

A Reminder About Ads and Channel Jumping in Free Resources

For some of the following resources, we might tell you we feel it is the type of program you can put on in your lounge room and then walk out to finish your laundry, make dinner or sit down and have a break yourself. We just want to remind you that YouTube and most other free media platforms in order to provide you with a free service employ the use of ads to generate an income. Before most videos even when using the Kids YouTube App, an advertisement will appear. Therefore unless you are a premium subscriber to a service entitling you to an ad-free service I would advise you to always be in viewing and hearing distance of what your child is seeing so you are aware of what they are being exposed to.

Secondly even if using Kids YouTube, if your child is viewing a dance lesson or show on a touch screen it is always a good idea to stay close by as kids tend to accidentally and on purpose tap the screen propelling them into different content that you might not want them seeing. This can happen involuntarily too like YouTube, for example, may present your child with a whole heap of related content to watch next, but sometimes YouTube gets it wrong – something we found out the hard way!