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  • How Do You Make A Homemade Ballet Barre?
    When my girls started taking online dance and ballet lessons in 2020, they used a chair or furniture from around the house as a makeshift ballet barre. Buying one was an option, but I wasn’t prepared to pay for the postage to Australia – especially as my girls wanted one each. So instead I decided …
  • 14 things you can use instead of a ballet barre?
    When doing ballet or dance away from the studio, the dancer is often left with the conundrum of what they are going to use as a substitute barre. And with more and more people opting to take and try dance lessons at home the question is being asked more and so I thought I would …
  • DIY PVC Ballet Barre – Double Length – Instructions and Video Tutorial
    This Do It Yourself Ballet Barre made from PVC pipe is double the length, double the barres, and double the fun to make and use! It is extra-long just about 10.5 feet long (3.2m) meaning that you can have up to four dancers use this barre at the same time, which is great for families …
  • DIY Ballet Barre – Single Wood and PVC Pipe #2 – Instructions & Video
    This single PVC and Wood DIY home ballet barre is simple and easy to build. The heaviness of the wood makes the barre sturdier than a plain PVC barre, and the end design looks worthy of being in an actual studio. There are some different ways you can approach making a PVC and Wood barre. …
  • DIY Ballet Barre – Double Wood and PVC Pipe #2 – Instructions & Video
    A PVC or plumbers pipe DIY home ballet barre is a cheap alternative to buying one. Adding in some wooden dowel or barres in replace of PVC for the handrail can add that extra touch to your barre to not only help weigh the lightweight PVC down making it sturdier but also adding that studio …