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  • The Best Jazz Dance Exercises To Do At Home
    Dancers who practice at home have a leg up on dancers who don’t, and luckily, there are ways to make practicing jazz dance fun! From focused exercises to silly games, practicing jazz dance at home does take some effort, but the results will be worth it when your child and their teacher sees their progress.
  • Best Songs for Kids’ Jazz Dance Class with Streaming Link!
    Dance teachers and dancers are always looking for new music to use in jazz class, both at home and at the dance studio! Sometimes we just need to shake things up a bit and find music that will give our dancers some new inspiration, new rhythms, and new ideas! Some of the best songs for kids’ jazz dance classes include old favorites, unexpected artists, and of course, clean lyrics and themes! This list includes just a few of my favorite songs to use for kids’ jazz classes – feel free to go down the rabbit hole of Spotify by following some of these artists and seeking out similar sounds if you like what you hear!
  • The Best Ballet Exercises To Do At Home
    If your dancer is looking to improve in ballet, there is one tried and true solution – practice at home! Most young dancers don’t take enough hours of class per week to get away with not practicing at home and still expect to see results, whether that’s balancing longer in an arabesque or finding that additional rotation in a pirouette.
  • Fulfit Portable Ballet Barre | Dance Parent 101 Review
    I was recently contacted by the guys over at Fulfit to do a review and use their four-foot aluminum portable ballet barre. Apart from one issue, which the company has … Read more
  • Should you Enroll your Child in Online Virtual Dance Lessons?
    Has your dance school closed and is now only offering online dance classes? Or are they open but offering a virtual option for those wanting an alternative to in-person lessons? … Read more