Best Free Online Dance Classes for Toddlers & Preschoolers

As a parent of four kids, a one and four year old amongst others having a handy list with links to some of the best online toddler and preschooler dance lessons can be a life saver. I don’t particularly love letting my little ones idly watch screens, so when it also involves them moving it gets a tick of approval from me.

My kids and I think the best free online dance classes, lessons, tutorials, training, shows and resources for Toddlers & Preschoolers are (in no particular order):

Not sure which one to choose? Are you more interested in knowing which one will actually teach your child to dance or which will hold your child’s attention long enough for you to drink a hot coffee or prep dinner? Read on for our review of each and some ratings based on how long each one generally holds our kids attention for!

Being free – not many of the following resources are dance lessons in the traditional sense. There are online dance programs and DVD’s you can order and download, but you have to pay for those and we will have an article on them here soon.

The Wiggles

The Wiggles are an Australian based children’s entertainment group of five performers, each of whom wear a different coloured shirt, sing, dance, tell stories and generally entertain and get little kids moving.

The Wiggles YouTube channel has a large library of free videos and playlists of various lengths which will keep your younger kids entertained and singing and dancing along rather than being as instructional or educational as many of the videos in the Emma series are.

Most of their videos are appropriate for toddlers and preschoolers but the Emma series including ‘Bowtiful Ballet Studio’ are best appreciated by the 3-5 year old bracket.

In the above 46 minute video Emma teaches your young ballet star many ballet basics, with plenty of dancing in between. She does do a bit of talking to transition between various parts of the video and it is at these times that kids get distracted by that itch or that plaster starting to peel off their leg or when they realise they are thirsty or hungry.

Best for toddlers and preschoolers
Attention span rating: 3/5 – enough time to make that important phone call although if you are using the show to teach your child some ballet technique it is a good idea to be present during the show to help them learn.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

So not technically a dance lesson but a form of exercise many dancers do….

Jaime from Cosmic Kids Yoga takes your child through a series of yoga poses and movements as she retells well known stories. There is a vast library of videos and playlists with instructional videos on the correct technique for various poses being around two minutes in length compared to the yoga stories which are a perfect half hour or more each!

I have found that the movements change quite rapidly which can be hard for younger children to follow. Although possibly a bit over the top for the adult eye the colorful backgrounds create engaging viewing for your child. I do find I need to remind my 3/4 year old to follow along because she regularly forgets to copy the movements and just sits, watches and listens to the story being told. That being said she is generally engaged with the yoga lesson until the end letting me get dinner prepped and she has exerted some energy whilst doing so.

Best for Preschoolers 3-5 year olds
Attention span rating: 4/5 – You could prep dinner with one of these on or join in and get your daily exercise in too!

Petite Feet Dance

Liz Vacco is a Yale theatre studies graduate with a Masters of Education as well as credentials in kinesiology. She has taught within the New York Public Education system. She currently teaches ‘Petite Feet’ lessons in LA whilst also holding the position of Manager of Dance Education at Gabriella Charter Schools in LA. She has developed several DVD home dance programs for children with some of the material available for free online. Petite Feet Dance only have four short videos online and two of those are trailers but if you and your kids enjoy what they have available on YouTube you can visit their website and order their DVD.

What I love about these videos available on YouTube is that they recreate an actual ballet lesson taught by an extremely good dance educator. If your child is used to all the bells and whistles animation and bright colors used in other videos to hold children’s attention you might have to be a bit more available to your child whilst watching these. But in saying that if you are unable to provide your child with ballet lessons these videos and the full DVD sets they sell would probably be the next closest thing you will find to an actual class for your child taught by an experienced ballet teacher.

Best for preschoolers 3-5 year olds
Attention span rating: 3/5 – your child will benefit and actually learn real dance and ballet skills more efficiently with your guidance and help through these.

Bounce Patrol Kids

Bounce Patrol Kids have a large library of videos and playlists which include nursery rhymes and educational alphabet and color learning videos. These videos are not made specifically to teach your child to dance, but the energy they exude creates an open invitation for your child to get up and explore movement with their bodies.

The cast seem talented, genuine and enthusiastic, but the bright gawdy colours, use of green screens, constantly changing sets and costumes scream to me that they are doing their darndest to keep your kid glued to the screen. That being said kids seem to like it, especially toddlers who will move and dance to the boppy music and smiling faces.

Best for toddlers and preschoolers.
Attention span rating: 3/5 – You will get to drink your cup of tea or coffee hot with this one.

Daniella Ballerina

Daniella Ballerina attempts to teach young kids some ballet basics through song, story and dance. There are approximately 15 videos of at least 7 mins length each on this YouTube station.

This is a good one for any aspiring little ballerina as real terminology and steps are taught. There is a bit more talking and dance instruction throughout these videos which makes them more preschooler rather than the toddler material depending on your toddler. Any trained dancer will instantly see that Daniella’s own technique is not up to par, but her enthusiasm, the quality animations, sound and editing and the fact that I haven’t found any other channel quite like this on YouTube places her on our list.

Best for preschoolers 3-5 year olds
Attention span rating: 3/5 – Again you should get to drink your tea or coffee hot with this one on.

Pink Fong

Not only did Pink Fong produce the most popular version of the widely listened to Baby Shark song, they have a huge library of other cute and boppy songs for your child to shake their tail feather to, all with adorably engaging animations for children to copy dance moves and words from. Pink Fong is the name of the Korean based children’s entertainment companies macot – a cute little fox. The company has a knack for adding catchy beats to old nursery rhymes.

Above is a 45 minute best dance along songs video which your child can follow. Just be wary of copy cats or versions of pink fong material not from pink fong official media sites as some people find it amusing to post potentially harmful versions of their work which include violence and bad language for children and parents to accidentally come across.

I seriously tried to hold out for as long as I could before I got on the Pink Fong baby shark band wagon, I was afraid of having yet another annoying kids song etched into my brain for all of eternity but funnily I have found like most of the human population that this song and most of Pink Fongs material has a rather endearing quality to it, rather than an annoying one. Kids love to watch and copy other kids and this is what Pink Fong do best in their videos.

Best for toddlers and preschoolers
Attention span rating: 4/5 – Go take a nap – No seriously! Go lie down (On the couch in the same room as your kids of course.)

Go Noodle

Go Noodle is a treasure trove of online movement and mindfulness videos aimed at kids.

They have a guided dancing playlist on YouTube that currently includes 60 videos. Go Noodle also offer a lot of extra free content on their website and also have a go noodle plus plan for those interested in some educational extras.

Their YouTube About profile actually states that 3 out of 4 schools in the US use Go Noodle for Brain Breaks and to get the wiggles and jiggles out when needed. The are proud to describe their content as turning screen time into active time and as being able to allow the whole family to exercise together.

If you don’t have school age children then you may not have heard about Go Noodle before. My older kids come home regularly raving abut the fun movement lessons they are doing at school. At first I was surprised to learn that some of the exercise and movement they were getting in class were coming from a screen. Go Noodle is a lot of fun and I find myself getting involved in some of the dances which my kids love. You should try out their Moose Tube videos which are silly and alot of fun to do.

Best for kids of all ages
Attention span rating: 4/5 – you could probably have another nap with this one except for the incessant ‘watch me mom’ pleads from your kids. So probably best you cook dinner or clean or scroll your phone…what ever!

Ready, Set, Dance


Ready, Set, Dance only has a couple of videos online via Nickelodeon Juniors You Tube Channel. Another place you can watch longer episodes is on the Nickelodeon Junior TV channel so look out for it in your TV guide if you have access to it. Ready, Set, Dance focuses on teaching young kids to dance by repetitively repeating movements for viewers to copy.

I wasn’t too impressed with the long toy ads that accompanied the Ready, Set, Dance videos on the Nickelodeon Junior TV website, especially as you cannot skip them. What we do like about Ready, Set, Dance is that children are the focus which always works well as preschoolers generally love copying older kids. They also enjoy watching the bright colors and dancing to the fun music.

Best for preschoolers 3-5 year olds
Attention span rating: 2/5 We have given it a low attention span rating because if you can’t access the actual show on tv, what is available online is quite short and you won’t get anything done in that amount of time.

The Learning Station

Last on our list is The Learning Station whose catch phrase is ‘Healthy Music for a child’s heart, body and mind! It is produced and performed by Don Monopoli, Laurie Monopoli and Jan Hrkach whom combined have degrees in early childhood education. Aside from their YouTube channel they also successfully sell their music which can be found on their website here. As the name of the channel suggests they have a lot of educational content within their songs and dances such as learning about the months of the year, counting and letters as well as songs about stranger danger and emotions. Most videos and songs offer guidance that kids can follow and learn movement from.

You will have their ‘Boom Chicka Boom’ song catch phrase repeating over and over in your head in a good way after watching and listening to The Learning Station. They do a lot of repeat after me kind of songs and use animation and back up dancers and singers comprising of kids and teenagers which helps children stay entertained and motivated to dance along.

Best for preschoolers 3-5 year olds
Attention span rating: 3/5 A good one to put on if you need to make dinner, clean up or do another job you can be interrupted doing.

A Reminder About Ads in Free Resources

If you are familiar with YouTube then as a parent you will be aware that YouTube and most other free media platforms in order to provide you with a free service employ the use of ads to generate an income. Before most videos even when using the Kids You Tube App, an advertisement will appear. Therefore unless you are a premium subscriber to a service entitling you to an ad free service I would advise you to always be in viewing and hearing distance of what your child is seeing so you are aware of what they are being exposed to. Secondly even if using Kids You Tube, if your child is viewing a dance lesson or show on a touch screen it is always a good idea to stay close by as kids tend to accidentally and on purpose tap the screen propelling them into different content to which you originally wanted them to view.

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