Lesley Mealor has been professionally involved in all facets of the dance world for the past 15+ years. Originally from Marietta, GA, Lesley grew up dancing under the instruction of her mother, Brenda Mealor, at The Dancers Studio. She then went on to graduate from Oklahoma City University with a degree in Dance Performance. 

Lesley’s performance career has taken her around the world with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, across North America with tours of “Sweet Charity” and “The Music Man”, and everywhere in between with numerous industrials and regional theatre work. She is very good friends with Elmo and Abby Cadaby through her work with Sesame Workshop, and surprises people regularly with Flash Mob America. She is currently based in New York City, where she has transitioned out of performing and is exploring life on the other side of the industry. She has worked for Capezio in the product testing division, and currently judges and directs events for Spirit of Dance Awards.

Lesley is inspired by teaching young performers that what they bring to the table is enough, that good technique is the foundation for all styles, and that telling the story is more important than any trick you can do. She continues to teach locally in the tri-state area, specializing in jazz and theatre dance. She is a sought-after adjudicator for competitions across North America, and is a founding member of Impact Dance Adjudicators, the only company in the US that provides pre-screened judges to competitions. Lesley is also the co-host of Making the Impact – A Dance Competition Podcast. Follow her work at www.lesleymealor.com

Articles by Lesley on Dance Parent 101

How Dance Competitions are Judged & Scored? What Parents Want To Know!

If you’ve ever wondered about how dance competitions are judged, look no further! As a veteran judge of ten years for competitions all over the United States and Canada, I’m here to answer all of your burning questions about how dancers are adjudicated and scored at dance competitions. 

What Types of Shoes Are Best for Hip Hop Dancing?

By Lesley Mealor / Edited by Samantha Bellerose, B.Ed, Dip.Dance(Performing Arts) Hip hop is a style of dance that originated not in a studio, but in the streets of New York City in the 1970s and 80s. Attire for hip hop dancers in its early days required only authentic style, and in fact, there were no dedicated shoes in…

How To Choose The Best Character Shoes for Dance Lessons

In order to choose the best character shoes, you must first know what style of dance they will be used for. Once you know the genre of dance, you can then choose from the variety of styles, colors, materials, and heel heights that character shoes come in.

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Pointe Shoes for Ballet!

To choose the right pointe shoes, you need to first obtain your child’s teacher’s permission to go en pointe. At your local dancewear store, you will be fit for pointe shoes and will look at the fit of the shoe as determined by the length, width, shank strength, vamp length, and box construction. 

Parents Guide to choosing the Best Shoes For Ballet Class

The best shoes for ballet class have a snug fit, and are made of leather or canvas.  Depending on the dancer’s age and level, you will choose between full sole or split-sole flat ballet shoes. Do not buy synthetic or pretty sateen ballet slippers or pointe shoes.

Popular Turn Boards: Worth It & Safe? Dance Teacher Explains!

Some of the hottest new dance and ballet products out there are geared towards pirouettes – spin spots, turn boards, and turn discs all claim to help dancers execute their turns faster, cleaner, and in greater numbers! But, is all the hype worth it? Do turn boards really work? And an even better question -…