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What is Jazz Fusion?

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By Lesley Mealor / Edited by Samantha Bellerose, B.Ed, Dip.Dance (Performing Arts)

Jazz fusion is a unique style of jazz dance that does just what its name implies – fuses together multiple styles of dance for a hybrid class all its own! Drawing inspiration from classic jazz, street jazz, hip hop, lyrical and contemporary, a jazz fusion class could truly be anything the instructor chooses, which is the beauty of this style.

In a jazz fusion class, you should expect a traditional dance class format including a warm up, across the floor progressions, center exercises and a combo. However, because of the nature of the style, the elements of the class may change drastically from week to week, or even within the class itself. 

Clothing for a jazz fusion class can range from loose street clothes, like joggers and t-shirts, to more form fitting clothing like leggings and crop tops. Be prepared for anything in terms of shoes – you may want to bring sneakers and jazz shoes, or you may be asked to dance barefoot.

Often in a jazz fusion class, you will dance to music that seems to juxtapose the style of dance you’re doing – a slow, melodic song for a rhythmic and percussive dance style, or vice versa. This is very typical of a jazz fusion class, as it truly blends multiple worlds together to create a dynamic and interesting movement experience.

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