Becky Dimock with a pile of tutu's

Becky Dimock is an accidental dance mom; falling into the role when her two daughters joined a very small studio.

However, she wanted to do whatever she could to be involved with her daughters and help out the studio, so she volunteered wherever she could; eventually becoming the parent volunteer coordinator, while helping out sewing costumes. 

When the studio closed and they moved to a new studio, she became the costume manager; sewing all the costumes; from tutus to booty shorts.  She continues to help the studio in any way she can.

Articles by Becky on Dance Parent 101

What is Fosse Jazz?

Fosse Jazz was created in the 1940’s and 50’s by Bob Fosse as an offshoot of Broadway jazz. Fosse pulled inspiration from his background in vaudeville, the teachings of Broadway jazz founder Jack Cole, his work with Fred Astaire, and his own insecurities (he did not like his hands or his thinning hair and didn’t have good turnout), he developed a unique choreographic style and terminology. 

What is Broadway Jazz?

Broadway jazz, or theater jazz originated in the 1920’s.  It was the first time dance was an important part of a play’s plot, and viewers fell in love. It is a unique blend of ballet, modern, and jazz and is distinguished by its emphasis on exaggerated movements, high energy, and story-telling. It is almost always performed by a troupe of dancers, with few solos. 

What is Bournonville Method?

The Bournonville method, created in the Romantic era of ballet, was created by the Danish dancer and choreographer, August Bournonville in the mid-1800’s.  This style of ballet is known for small, fast footwork (bravura), emphasized by movements of the torso, arms, and head in the direction of the feet (epaulement).  Additionally, Bournonville ballets require a lot of acting and mime work.

What is Belly Dance?

Belly dance (or Oriental dance) is possibly the most ancient form of dancing.  It started in the Middle East, and, contrary to popular belief, was not performed as a way for women to entertain men.  Instead, belly dance is traditionally performed by men and women of all ages at celebrations such as weddings and festivals. 

What is Afro or African Dance?

rican dance describes a wide range of dance styles that originated in sub-Saharan Africa. These dance styles are known for having a driving rhythm.  The steps frequently involve the entire body, and often dancers must rely on musical signals rather than strict counting.