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How Much Does It Cost To Study Dance or Ballet At College?

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Dancing is a great extra-curricular activity for kids and teens. For some dancers dance can become more than a hobby and going to college to study dance becomes their goal and dream. College offers a dancer not only a variety of training opportunities but also career options. But if you’re interested in studying dance at college, you will also probably be wondering how much it will cost!

The cost of studying a degree in dance at a University or College in the US can vary from between $25,000 to $60,000 per year. Bachelor degrees run from three to four years and this fee is for tuition only and does not include accommodation, food, transport or dance-related items such as clothing or shoes.

Keep reading to see our table with the college dance tuition costs from around the US. Plus, learn about other expenses you may need to budget for while in school.

Why you should study dance at college?

A college dance program can offer you a well-rounded education in dance as well as allow you to study units in other subjects or get a double degree for example in teaching or science.

You’ll learn the history of dance, various dance styles, how to choreograph dances, and more.

Additionally, a college dance program can help prepare you for a career in dance. You may be able to study with experienced professionals who can help you develop your skills and talent.

And finally, a college dance program can give you access to performance opportunities that may not be available elsewhere.

Where can I study Dance at College?

There are a number of college dance programs that you can study at.

Some of the more popular ones include the Boston Conservatory, Juilliard, and the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.

Each of these colleges has a different focus and approach to dance, so you’ll need to decide which one is right for you. For example, if you’re interested in ballet, then the Boston Conservatory might be a good choice. If you’re interested in modern dance, then Juilliard or Alvin Ailey might be better options.

Of course, there are other important factors to consider when choosing a college dance program, such as cost and location. For a list of college dance programs check out our article Dance Colleges Across All 50 States: The Ultimate List with Links

What can I do with a college degree and major in dance?

There are many things you can do with a college degree and major in dance. You can pursue a career in choreography, performance, dance education, or health and fitness.

You could also work in the business side of the industry, for example, as a talent agent or manager. Some dancers even go on to become arts administrators or marketing professionals.

The options are really limitless. While a college degree isn’t required to pursue a career in dance, it can certainly give you an advantage.

A college dance program will expose you to different styles of dance and train you in the technical aspects of the art form. You’ll also have opportunities to perform and choreograph while in school, which can help you develop your skills.

How much will a degree majoring in dance at a college cost?

On average training in dance at a college will cost you around $42, 421 just for tuition and fees every year which will be $169,684 over the four years that it takes to complete the degree.

These costs are for non-resident students and do not include housing, food, books, and any other extra costs or requirements individual to your child.

CollegeStateYearly Tuition
NYU Tisch School of the ArtsNew York$62,062.00
University of Nevada, Las VegasNevada$25,644.00
Point Park UniversityPennsylvania$44,420.00
Florida State UniversityFlorida$38,036.00
University of North Carolina School of the ArtsNorth Carolina$37,558.00
Butler UniversityIndiana$42,410.00
The Julliard SchoolNew York$51,230.00
The Ohio State UniversityOhio$35,019.00
Barnard CollegeNew York$57,734.00
Chapman UniversityCalifornia$30,145.00
SUNY PurchaseNew York$18,863.00
Boston ConservatoryMasachussets$47,920.00
The University of the ArtsPennsylvania$50,950.00
Pace UniversityNew York$53,152.00
Montclair State UniversityNew Jersey$21,417.00
Oberline College & ConservatoryOhio$59,384.00
Towson UniversityMaryland$26,820.00
Indiana State UniversityIndiana$19,960.00
California Institute of the ArtsCalifornia$54,440.00
University of ArizonaArizona$37,200.00
Southern Methodist UniversityTexas$61,980.00
The Ailey School at Fordham UniversityNew York$56,920.00

The tuition costs for a college student majoring in dance will generally be the same as any other bachelor or art degree the university or college of your choice is offering.

The cost listed is generally for tuition and fees and are estimated for studying one year (two semesters) in an undergraduate course in 2022-2023.

For all costs including housing, books, and other fees you can click on the links provided within the table that will take you to the college fee/tuition page.

All costs are for non-residents. Students who reside in the state of the university (you need to meet strict requirements) may be eligible for a highly reduced fee depending on the college status as private or publically owned.

What are non-tuition costs I need to consider for college?

When you’re considering a college dance program, it’s important to remember that there are other costs associated with attendance other than tuition.

Room and board, for example, can be quite expensive, as can textbooks and other course materials. In addition, you’ll also need to budget for transportation and personal expenses.

What non-tuition costs can Dance majors expect at college?

Some costs that many students don’t consider when participating in a college dance program can be:

  • dancewear and shoes (if doing ballet, replacing pointe shoes can be costly)
  • purchase of a uniform if on a dance team
  • costumes and associated costs
  • traveling for competitions or performances
  • travel for intensives or workshops not held on campus
  • private lessons and extra training if required
  • equipment
  • trips and tickets for performances
  • memberships to school dance organizations

All of these expenses vary between colleges so before committing to any school, be sure to research all of the associated costs so you can budget accordingly. There may be scholarships and financial aid available to help offset some of the expenses. And don’t forget to explore ways to cut costs, such as living with roommates or finding cheaper housing off campus.