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The Best Leg Warmers for Ballet & Dance! Selected by Dancers!

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Legwarmers are a classic dancewear staple in the closet of any dancer. But today there are so many different ones to choose from – especially as people wear them in mainstream fashion! So it can be hard to choose which are best for dance and ballet class.

The best leg warmers for ballet and dance have elasticized openings so they do not fall down at either end. Thin rather than bulky legwarmers are better for dance so they do not inhibit movement.

8 different types of legwarmers showing the variety of what you can buy

The legwarmers in this guide have been chosen by dancers as being the best for wearing during class and rehearsals. So you will feel safe in knowing you will be buying the most appropriate for class rather than making a fashion statement!

For more information about what leg warmers are and why dancers wear them check out our article What Are Leg Warmers? Guide to Best for Dancers!

The links to the legwarmers and products in this article are affiliate links which means we get a small commission at no extra cost to you if you choose to buy a product!


When buying legwarmers for kids, you want them to stay up and in place. You do not want either end or opening to be too wide.

The main thing you are looking for are legwarmers that are not going to constantly fall down and distract your dancer!

It is usually also best to not buy leg warmers with stirrups as if they are not placed correctly in the arch of the foot, they can be lumpy and hurt or annoy young dancers.

These ones from Dancewear Solutions come in adult and kids sizes and can be bought in pink, grey, or black. They can be worn scrunched down like this or stretched up over the knee for a more streamlined look!

We love legwarmers for kids from Huggalugs on Amazon! These legwarmers are made especially for young kids and many from 100% cotton.

They are lightweight and are not too bulky!!! So they are soo perfect to wear in dance or ballet class.

They have a variety of prints but if you are after the basic solids, You can check the black pair here or their ballet pink pair by clicking here!

Huggalugs on Amazon make a variety of legwarmers for kids so check them out if you are after a pair your child can wear outside of the dance classroom as well!


These thigh-high legwarmers from Dancewear Solutions are perfect for dancers and come in both pink and black.

We love that the stirrup for older dancers meaning they can go over your dance shoes.

But what we think is one of the better qualities is that they are not bulky meaning your teacher will not immediately be asking you to take them off!

These particular ones only come in black or pink – but honestly, they are the main two colors you need anyway!

These fun legwarmers are sold by Capezio on Amazon. They are thin so they don’t restrict movement when worn thigh-high.

Apart from the fun colors, what we love about them is that if you want, you can get a scrunched and fuller look by wearing them below the knee which isn’t too bulky!

Body Wrappers is a well-known brand in the dance world and one who seem to continue to produce a line of legwarmers – by that I mean a variety of lengths.

Here we have 36″ thigh high length legwarmers which come in black, white and burgandy.

The extra long 48″ legwarmers come in a variety of colors from pinks to black, white, grey, and midnight blue.

And the knee length comes in pink, burgundy and black.

All these designs come with a stirrup, which when you can get them with it for adults is the best to buy as you can decide to wear them over your shoes or to fold the stirrup under and wear them around your ankle!


Some dancers may want a little extra support from their legwarmers whilst dancing. They might be on a heavy rehearsal schedule or be recovering from an injury.

Many legwarmers if stretched tightly may provide some compression to the legs to help increase circulation and healing.

However, for true compression, it is best to get a product specifically made for the purpose such as the following products we found.

Many are made for soccer and basketball players, but I think dancers would get many benefits from them too!



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