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Peril En Pointe by Helen Lipscombe: Dance Parent 101 Book Review

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Sydney Reading Peril En Pointe in her bed with blankets over her

Peril en Pointe

Review by: Sydney Bellerose
Genre: Dance/Spy Fiction
Similar Books: Trouble in a Tutu
Sydney Says: I really enjoyed the spy aspect of this book as it was different to other books about dance and ballet that I have read. I will definitely be reading more books in this series!

Author: Helen Lipscombe

What is Peril en Pointe by Helen Lipscombe About?

Milly is in trouble. Seconds after messing up in the most important dance competition of the year, the Scarlett Slipper, her mother, a famous prima ballerina vanishes.

Eight months later, out of nowhere, Milly is asked to join a secret ballet school. But she learns that Swan House isn’t just a school for ballet dancers, it’s also a school for spies.

When Milly learns that she and her mother are in absolute danger, she soon realizes that this is more serious than she had ever thought that it would be. But, the question is, has she got the courage that it will take, to face peril, en pointe?


Who are the Main Characters in Peril en pointe?

Millicent Kydd
Millicent, more commonly known as Millie, is an amazing dancer who struggles with bullies and haters who are jealous of her parentage and talent.

Charlotte Li
Charlot, called Lottie by students, friends, and family, is Millie’s best friend also known to Spencer as Shorty.

Benedict Spencer
Benedict, known as Spencer to his friends.

Merv Crump
A 12-year old who was recruited by MIV at 8.

Willow Perkins
Milly’s former friend and a big liar and bully.

Ms. Celia Sitwell
Ms. Celia is a spy who had some dance taught to her at a younger age.

Emmeline Topping
Emmeline Topping, known as Topsy to all because of her childish manner.

Captain Thurgood
Captain Thurgood is one of the student’s most important teachers, he teaches most of the spy parts of Swan house.

Madame is the head dance instructor and is the headmistress of Swan house.

Ivan Korolev
Is the evilest man who was an aspiring dancer and had evil ambitions when he was younger and still has those wicked dreams.

Heart maker
Heart maker is the pointe shoe fitter for all of the young dancers.

Pip is Heart makers apprentice.

Phillip Popov
Phillip is Millie’s hologram teacher and is Dame Anna Popov’s son.

Bab is Millie’s Russian Babushka/ Grandmother.

Amy bee
Amy is Willow’s best friend.

Eva Kydd
Is Millie’s famous prima ballerina mother.

Dame Anna Popov
Dame Anna Popov is one of the judges of the Scarlett slipper competition.

Madge Little
Is the maker of the spy objects and keeper of dance and pointe shoes.

Dick Van Twinkle
Mr. Van Twinkle is the head dance instructor of the Shining stars

Where is the story mainly set?

Most of the action occurs at Millie’s house, Swan house, and the woods around the campus of Swan house. Swan House is the school for ballet dancers that Millie attends but where she also learns to become a spy.

What I liked most about Peril en Pointe?

What I liked most about Peril en Pointe was that the author included a lot of details about what it was like to be both a dancer and a spy. This gave this book an interesting angle that you do not see in many other books about dance or ballet. It gave me the opportunity to be in two worlds whilst reading the book and that kept me turning the pages.

What I liked least about Peril en pointe ?

I wish Millie encountered more day-to-day issues to build out her character more. Because the story had the major problems of solving her mother’s disappearance and discovering spy school, it really did not dwell on the other problems and issues that Millie faced daily. We didn’t really learn about what struggles Millie as a young teen had to deal with. We only learned about her on the surface. It would have been nice because then I could have related to her character more.

What I think could make this book even better

Personally, I just wish that on the cover it showed Millie’s face, although it was great to be able to imagine how she looks according to the description in Helen’s book. I guess this means I she could look like whoever I wanted her to be, but it still would have been nice.

What Age Group is Peril en Pointe best for?

I think that these books would be the best for kids that are interested in dance and spy stuff around the ages of 8-13. The pages were full of text with no pictures, so you have to be able to read at a chapter book level.

My Rating of this book out of five stars!

I rate this book 4.5 stars because she had a lot of writing experience when she was younger, and I think that really helped this book to be really good.

How can you buy this book?

I borrowed my copy from my school library and so if you can get a copy from the library I highly recommend you do that. But if not here is our affiliate link to to get a copy. I think it would make a great gift for any young dancer who loves to read to add to their dance book collection. (Actually, mom if you are reading this can you get me a copy too!)

Questions people also ask about this book!!!

How many books has Helen Lipscombe written?

Helen Lipscombe has only so far written two books, Peril en pointe, and Trouble in a Tutu.

What genre is the book Peril en pointe The Callback?

The genre of the book Peril en pointe by Helen Lipscombe is dance, spy, ballet, or spy fiction. All the characters and scenarios have been made up.

What reading level is Peril en pointe by Helen Lipscombe?

The reading level for peril en pointe by Helen Lipscombe is about 3rd-7th grade level both for ease of the text to read as well as the topic and content in the book.

How many pages does Peril en pointe have?

My copy from my school’s library has 288 pages.

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Peril En Pointe by Helen Lipscombe Dance Parent 101 Book Review

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