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The Best Dance & Ballet Fiction Book List for Kids by Age with Links!

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One of my favorite past times, like so many others, is sitting down with a good book. What is even better is if that book is about another of my favorite things to do – dance and so I have compiled a few lists with some info about the best fiction books about dance for not only kids but also for tweens, teens and adults!

The best fiction books about dance not only tell a wonderful tale that includes dance in some form but may also take you on a journey into a made-up worlds or teach a moral or make us more aware of issues that are of importance in the real world through storytelling.

I have included in this list picture books, young reader novels as well as novels for teens and adults which I have either read or read to my children, that have been recommended to me or are highly reviewed or that my tween daughter has read and reviewed for me.

This list is by no means definitive and I am sorry if I have left some of your favourites off but please check some of my other resources as you might find them there instead especially if they are borderline biography for example.

But if you can’t see it anywhere and truly believe your fav should be here please email me at [email protected] with book recommendation in your subject title so that I can review your book and might even be able to include your review of it on this list!

The Best Picture Books About Dance for Kids

The following is only a small selection of picture books bout dance! If you want to check out more you should look at our article The Ultimate List of Dance and Ballet Picture Books for Children by Age.


Firebird written by Principal dancer Misty Copeland with the American Ballet Theatre is told in a lyrical, poetic style. It is not meant to be a memoir or biography and you can check the Misty Copeland young reader biographies out by clicking here to go to my dance biography resource page. This story has beautiful illustrations by Christopher Myers accompanying the inspirational poetry about a girl on her journey through hard work and dedication becoming the Firebird. Check it out here on

BOOK BLURB: In her debut picture book, Misty Copeland tells the story of a young girl–an every girl–whose confidence is fragile and who is questioning her own ability to reach the heights that Misty has reached. Misty encourages this young girl’s faith in herself and shows her exactly how, through hard work and dedication, she too can become Firebird.

Lyrical and affecting text paired with bold, striking illustrations that are some of Caldecott Honoree Christopher Myers’s best work, makes Firebird perfect for aspiring ballerinas everywhere.

Josephine Wants to Dance

We received this as a board book (our book has a white and not pink cover!) when my kids were younger and it really is a lovely story with a great happy ending. Written by Jackie French and Illustrated by Bruce Whatley who have collaborated on many other books, it is about perseverance and how being different shouldn’t stop you from doing what you love and how your differences can actually make you even better. I particularly like some of the alliteration in this book – twirling like the and bowing like the Brolgas (which are Australian birds). Check it out on here

Book Blurb: Josephine loves to dance. She dreams of wearing a pink tutu and silk ballet shoes. But everyone reminds her that kangaroos don’t dance! they hop! Kangaroos don’t wear tutus, and they never wear ballet shoes! So Josephine sneaks into town, where the ballet rehearses and watches for hours as the dancers spin and swirl and pirouette and curtsy.

But on the day of the ballet performance, the prima ballerina twists her ankle and a new dancer is needed for the lead role, a dancer who can jump higher than all the rest. Will Josephine be able to make her dream of becoming a ballerina come true?

Dance books by Rachel Isadora

One of my favourite ballet books as a child and still today is a book called ‘Opening Night’ written and illustrated by Rachel Isadora. The other day I responded to a social media photo that asked to list some words to describe what it is like before a performance and I wrote the words Anticipation and Ritual, and Opening Night is a beautiful reminder or the anticipation and ritual of getting ready for a performance. The problem is many of Rachel Isadora’s ballet books seem to be out of print which is such a shame because being a dancer her stories and illustrations just always felt just right. You see, when non dancers draw dancers, they don’t always get little details like the ribbons right, or the arms and even fingers correct, but Rachel is a former professional ballerina as well as a Caldecott honor recipient, so if you can find any of her books new or used, they are a lovely addition to a dancers overall book collection – I still have mine from when I was a little girl! To take a look at what does have to offer click here. and even do a search of the author yourself to see some of her other titles.

Angelina Ballerina

The Angelina Ballerina series is written by Katharine Holabird and illustrated by Helen Craig. Now you may have already heard of this book and series and either have read them or not wanted to because they have become more of a franchise book with a cartoon on television based on the books. But my girls love the Angelina Ballerina series of a little mouseling who dreams of becoming a world famous ballerina and trains with Miss Lilly at the little dance school in the village. I have to say that one of the reasons we are so fond of them is because my sister-in-law seems to buy the girls a couple every birthday or Christmas so we have quite a few in our collection and so if you are able to get a box set, do so as the books are really delightful! You take a look at Angelina Ballerina on here.

The Brothers of the Knight

The Brothers of the Knight is written by dance legend Debbie Allen and illustrated by Nadir Nelson. It is a contemporary remake of the classic dance story the 12 Dancing Princesses. The story is told by a narrator who happens to be the family dog and it is a colorful, cheeky, hip and fun book that although is word heavy engages children till the end.

BOOK BLURB: Reverend Knight can’t understand why his twelve sons’ sneakers are torn to threads each and every morning, and the boys aren’t talking. They know their all-night dancing wouldn’t fit with their father’s image in the community. Maybe Sunday, a pretty new nanny with a knack for getting to the bottom of household mysteries, can crack the case. This modern, hip retelling of the classic tale The Twelve Dancing princesses bursts with vibrant artwork and text that’s as energetic as the twelve toe-tapping Knight brothers themselves. 

Boys Dance! (American Ballet Theatre)

Ok so this book was not out at the time of publishing this article (available september 2020) but I am so looking forward to reading it! Author John Robert Allman has written several other great books about dance for kids and I know this one will live up to his reputation. The lively illustrations were created by Luciano Lozano and you can take a look at the book here on

BOOK BLURB: Boys who love to dance are center stage in this encouraging, positive, rhyming picture book about guys who love to pirouette, jeté, and plié. Created in partnership with the American Ballet Theatre and with the input of their company’s male dancers, here is a book that shows ballet is for everyone.

Feel the Beat

Marilyn Singer is the author of several dance themed books in particular the Tallulah dance series and has created a wonderful book that not only takes us on a journey of dance around the globe, but each poem has been created around the specific ryhthm and beat of each dance style. You can take a look at this book and the accompanying CD on here

BOOK BLURB: Marilyn Singer has crafted a vibrant collection of poems celebrating all forms of social dance from samba and salsa to tango and hip-hop. The rhythm of each poem mimics the beat of the dances’ steps. Together with Kristi Valiant’s dynamic illustrations, the poems create a window to all the ways dance enters our lives and exists throughout many cultures. This ingenious collection will inspire readers to get up and move!


Kenny Loggins the singer and songwriter has written a book with kid friendly lyrics to his famous foottapping song Footloose! And what is great is that you can really bring the dancing to life as he has included a CD with a new recording of the song with the new lyrics as well as a medley. To take a look click here to go to

BOOK BLURB: Jack the zookeeper joins the zoo animals in an all-night dance party! Little ones will love the cast of characters, including the rockin’ chimp Louise (“Geez, Louise!”), Mister DJ Elephant, the lemur Marie (“Oo Wee, Marie”), Milo the wombat, Luke the funkiest cat in the zoo, and so many more rocking, bopping, boogeying, tangoing, shaking, rattling and rolling animals! This new original story is sure to get your feet moving.

Bauhaus Ballet

Bauhaus Ballet written by Lesley Barnes and illustrated by Gabby Dawnay is simply an extraordinary, avant garde book that I believe delights both children and adults with it’s imagery and creative pop ups! It is also a chance to learn a little history as the book is based on an actual ballet that was a little controversial at the time for it’s unique choreography and costuming. Take a look at it here on

Watch the dancers as they leap, spin and kick their way through this beautiful pop–up book. Inspired by the eccentric and innovative Bauhaus Triadic Ballet, this gorgeous book explores colours, shapes, patterns and movements in a visually stunning and enthralling way. With interactive elements let the reader meet the characters, make them move, and bring their performance to life.

The Best Fiction Books About Dance for Young Readers 5 – 8 Years

Pinkalicious Tutu-rrific

Pinkalicious written and illustrated by Victoria Kann is an I Can Read version from the Pinkalicious series as you can buy other picture books and readers about pinkalicious. This particular book being level one is a good book for early readers especially as there is a solid storyline. You can check it out here on

Pinkalicious can’t wait to go to ballet class with her best friend, Alison, but things take a turn when there’s a mix-up and Pinkalicious ends up in the big kids’ class. Will Pinkalicious get lost among the dancers, or will she be able to jump to new heights?

Mia and the Too Big Tutu

Mia and the Too Big Tutu is another sweet story for young and emerging readers about dance. Great for reading to kids as well as introducing them to some words and reading themselves. You can take a look at it on here. – also look out for other books in the series there are 8!

On her first day at dance class, Mia can’t wait to put on her bouncy pink tutu. There’s only one problem: her tutu is too-too big! It falls down and Mia falls over it with every step. But just as Mia starts to get upset, she meets Ruby—and Mia realizes that no setback is too hard to handle with a good friend by your side.

Mia Jazzes It Up

Mia Jazzes it up is another book in the I Can Read series and I personally think it is great that they wrote more books about Mia to showcase the different styles of dance to engage even more young readers. You can check this book out on here – also look out for other books in the series there are 8!

For a new dance number, Mia the ballerina kitten swaps her ballet slippers for jazz shoes. The only thing is, Mia doesn’t think the jazz shoes are as pretty as her pink slippers. The plain shoes don’t seem to match the snazzy jazz routine. As always, Mia uses her quick thinking to come up with the perfect solution to match her plain Jane outfit to her jazzy steps.

Ballet Stars

This book is a great one for young readers who are interested in learning ballet or already take classes. It is a Step 1, Step into Reading book and has a larger font and lots of rhyming words as well as loads of pictures to help emergent readers to work out the story and words. You can take a look at here on

From ballet class to rehearsal for the big show to the final curtsies—budding ballet stars show emergent readers each step and pirouette along the way!

Angelina Ballerina Tries Again

The Angelina Ballerina series is well loved by many being also turned into a television series and this version of the book by Katharine Holabird has been turned into a Ready-to-Read version for level one readers and you can take a look at it here on

Angelina is chosen as the lead dancer in Sleeping Mouseling. It’s her dream come true! But she can’t land all of the steps in her routine…will she keep trying and get it right before the big performance?

Nina, Nina Ballerina (Penguin Young Readers, Level 2)

Nina, Nina Ballerina was written by Jane O’Connor and illustrated by DyAnne DiSalvo and is a Young Readers book for the Penguin publishing house. It has a few sentences on each page that are perfect for emerging readers to tackle. You can take a look at it here on

It’s the big dance show!
Nina is a butterfly.
She has pretty wings
and a bug mask.
But she is not the only one!
There are lots of butterflies.
How will her mom know
which one is Nina?
Read this funny story and find out!

Phonics Comics: Tutu Twins

Tutu Twins is a comic book with three stories that are fun to read but also focus on teaching phonics to kids. To check it out on click here

Meet Tina and nina, two bumbling best friends who love ballet more than anything.

Ballet Sisters: The Newest Dancer 

Ballet Sisters: The Newest Dancer is book number two in the series for young readers by Jan Ormerod. This book is a charming story for both younger and older girls as both will be able to identify with either sister in the story. You can check it out on here

Sylvie and Bonnie are sisters who love to dance, but Sylvie is too young for ballet school. One day, Sylvie follows Bonnie to class and can’t help peeping her head in! Miss Trisha sees her. “Can you point your toes?” she asks.

The Best Fiction Books and Novels About Dance for 6 to 9 Year Olds

Jojo & Bow Bow Candy Kisses

Fans of Jojo Siwa will love this book, as will any other young dancer who is at that age where they are beginning to explore chapter books, because it is most probably a book they really want to read and it will help them to jump that bridge from picture book to novel. There are several other books in the series as well, not all with dance themes though and you can check this book out on

…At least according to JoJo Siwa—candy hearts and frilly tutus are two of her favorite things! This year she’s hosting a Valentine’s-themed sleepover with BowBow and her friends. (Party time!!!) Best of all, JoJo has a new dance workshop to look forward to, with a big performance at the end. When the news breaks that one dancer will get to shine in a solo, the snarky Queen Bs—Bree, Bahi, and Belle—begin to stir up trouble. Enter, JoJo and BowBow! Can the dazzling duo come up with a plan to hold the drama and deliver each dancer the sweetest Valentine’s Day surprise yet? 

The Nutcracker Ballet (Step-Into-Reading, Step 3)

Another Step into Reading book, and this one is best for 5-8 year olds. It was written by Deborah Hautzig and illustrated by Carolyn Ewing and would be a lovely book to give to any budding ballerina especially around Christmas time when so many dance schools are putting on this ballet. You can check it out here on

From the opening Christmas Eve party scene to the closing scene in which Marie and her Nutcracker prince bid farewell to the Land of the Sweets, young readers will be enchanted while enjoying a successful reading experience.

Sugar Plum Ballerinas (Series)

I was so excited when I found these series of books! They are written by Whoopi Goldberg, and co-authored by Deborah Underwood. The illustrations are by Maryn Roos and the books are aimed at kids 6-10 years old. I was excited because the main characters are African-American and it is really great to be able to provide diversity and something different to my kids! To check the book and series out click here to view on

Alexandrea Petrakova Johnson does not want to be a beautiful ballerina, and she does not want to leave her friends in Apple Creek. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop her ballet-crazy mother from moving them to Harlem, or from enrolling Al at the Nutcracker School of Ballet.

Life is hard when you’re the new ballerina on the block, and it’s even harder when you’re chosen to be the Sugar Plum Fairy in the school recital! Not only is Al a terrible dancer, but she’s also got a rotten case of stage fright! Al’s ballet classmates are going to have to use all the plum power they’ve got to coach thisscary fairy!

Ivy and Bean (Series) Doomed to Dance

Ivy and Bean is a well loved series of books especially catering to the 6-9 year old group of emergent readers. The rest of the books in the series are not dance related, but this one is. Written by Annie Barrows with Illustrations by Sophie Blackall you can take a look at it on here.

Finally! After months of begging their parents for ballet lessons, Ivy and Bean finally get what they want . . . well, not exactly. Much to their surprise, it turns out ballet lessons do not cover karate chops and roundhouse kicks. The girls have no interest in learning how to dance gracefully, but they promised their parents they would finish the entire balletcourse! When it comes time for Ivy and Bean to participate in the ocean-themed class recital, the girls must figure out a way to get out of it without breaking their promises.

Roscoe Riley Rules #5: Don’t Tap-Dance on Your Teacher

Roscoe Riley Rules #5: Don’t Tap-Dance on Your Teacher
was written by Katherine Applegate and is illustrated by Brian Biggs and is recommended for kids 6-10 Years. This book is part of the series Roscoe Riley Rules and you can take a look at it on here

BOOK BLURB: Roscoe loves to make noise and tap shoes make the best noise ever! But tap dancing? The big boys at his school say that’s just for girls. Roscoe promised his friend Emma that he would tap in the school talent show with her. When the teasing starts, will he keep his word?

Isadora Moon Goes to the Ballet

Isadora Moon is another series of books not specifically about dance, but with one book that is themed with a ballet outing. Isadora Moon has become a well loved chacter amongst many little children and introducing her through dance is a wonderful way to encourage reading. To take a look at this book on click here

Isadora Moon is special because she is different. But just like her other classmates, Isadora loves the ballet. That’s why Isadora can’t wait for a field trip with her class to see the performance of Alice in Wonderland. Everything is totally normal. And then the curtain rises and Isadora’s special best friend, Pink Rabbit, is not in his seat. . .

Princess Posey and the First Grade Ballet

Princess Posey First Grader is a series of books well for first graders! In every book she wears a tutu, but this book in the series is specifically about dance and you can check it out on here

Valentine’s Day is coming! Posey is so excited about her special ballet recital and giving cards to everyone at school. Then she learns that one of her classmates doesn’t have any valentines to give out. Can Princess Posey and her tutu find the perfect way to help?

Lola Levine and the Ballet Scheme

Lola Levine is a series of books about a young multiracial girl who is into soccer and science and this particular book finds her having to work out her differences with someone whose passion is to dance. To take a look at it, click here to go to

When new classmate Bella, a ballet dancer, walks into Lola’s class at Northland Elementary, all Lola can see is pink everywhere–pink ribbons, a pink sweatshirt, and pink tennis shoes. Yuck! Pink is Lola’s least favorite color. Plus, Ballet isn’t nearly as hard as soccer, is it?

Mr. Putter & Tabby Dance the Dance 

Mr. Putter & Tabby Dance the Dance was written by Cynthia Rylant who is known for writing leveled reader series for kids and this particular book is recommended for kids ages 6-9 Years. It was Illustrated by  Arthur Howard and you can find it on here

BOOK BLURB: Mr. Putter knows what he likes, and dancing is not on the list. But his neighbor Mrs. Teaberry has been watching ballroom dancing on TV! She talks the reluctant Mr. Putter into coming along for an evening at the Crystal Ballroom, along with fine cat Tabby and good dog Zeke, of course. The ballroom is full of sparkles—and surprises. What a wonder!

The Cinderella Ballet Mystery (Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew #4)

Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew has been created especially for the 6-9 year old reading bracket and although the rest of the series is not about dance this particular book written by Carolyn Keene and Illustrated by Macky Pamintuan is. You can take a look at it on here.

Nancy and her friends are going to be in a ballet! After months of taking dance classes, Nancy, George, and Bess will perform in a ballet version of Cinderella! The Clue Crew is excited to wear fancy costumes and dance on a real stage! Nancy’s friend Andrea is going to play the part of Cinderella. And she’ll wear special glass slippers just like in the fairy tale!

Zombelina School Days

Zombelina School Days was written by Kristyn Crow and illustrated by Molly Idle and is one of a few Zombelina books that you can find. Kids today seem to love anything to do with zombies, so combine this with dance and we seem to have a winner! You can take a look at this book and the others on here

Zombelina loves to dance, and going to school is just as fun! She leaps on the bus and twirls down the aisle. In class she raises her hand high in the air, even if sometimes it falls under her chair.

Stardust School of Dance

Stardust School of Dance was written by Zanni Louise and has art created by Sr Sanchez and is currently a series of four books about the adventures of four diverse dancers at their suburban dance studio. A great series for 6-10 year old readers who love to dance and you can check the series out at the here

Dance with your heart and reach for the stars! Stardust is a small dance studio in a modest suburban hall, which radiates light and hope for the neighbourhood kids. It’s a place to belong, to dream and to dance! Each book follows the daily life of one of the young dancers as they move through the challenges of family, friendship and growing up, all against the backdrop of dance. Readers 6-10 years will fall in love with Bertie, Lulu, Priya and Edmund and their heart warming, funny stories beautifully told by award winning children’s author Zanni Louise.

Magic Ballerina

Ballerina Magic is the first of a fairly large series of books written by former principal ballerina with the Royal Ballet, Former Strictly Come Dancing UK judge and current Royal Academy of Dance President Dame Darcey Bussell. Needless to say, these books being written by a ballerina are written in a way that use her indepth knowledge of the artform as well as her creative writing talents to create a wonderful series of books for children ages seven and up. To take a look at this book on click here

Delphie can’t quite believe it when she is invited to join Madame Zarakova’s ballet school. But there’s more to Madame Za-Za’s than meets the eye—and with the help of some magical red ballet shoes, Delphie finds herself spinning into the kingdom of Enchantia!

Story Bird Dance and The Haunted Studio (Volume 1)

Story Bird Dance and The Haunted Studio (Volume 1) is the first book in the Story Bird Dance series written by Yolanda King who writes because she sees a need for more inclusive stories she can read to her children in her own home. The pictures were created by Pia Reyes and the book can be found on here

Something’s going on in this house… Sky, Jada and Nia love their dance studio and their instructor, Ms. Kenya. But when they learn that their studio is being moved to an empty old house, their excitement turns to dread. While exploring the house’s second floor, they encounter a ghost! They have to get rid of the ghost before the other students find out it exist. Who’d want to dance in a haunted studio?

Clementine Rose and the Ballet Break-In

My daughter received a set of Clementine Rose books including this one when she was 7, and now 10 she still loves rereading the series. This particular book is about ballet, but my daughter informed me the rest have nothing to do with dance. Written by Jaqueline Harvey you can check it out here on

Clementine Rose is over the moon. Her ballet lessons have finally begun, and Clementine’s class has been invited to dance at the reopening of the village hall. There is lots to learn, and Clemmie is eager to get onstage and twirl with her friends!

The Best Fiction Books and Novels About Dance for 8 to 12 year olds

The Secret of the Ballet Book

My daughter Sydney who is ten read this book on her kindle as it was free at the time with Kindle Unlimited. She stayed up well past her bed time reading this and another dance book, not wanting to put her kindle down and I have been told it was a good book, one that she needs to read again as she was reading so fast as she kept wanting to know find out what was happening. To check it out on click here

Would Sierra live to prove she is a famous-ballerina-to-be? Sierra’s only hope of saving her ballerina dreams is an ordinary ballet book, or so it seems – until a dancer steps out of a page.

Ballet Shoes

Author Noel Streatfeild has written several books similar in style called dancing shoes, theatre shoes and skating shoes. This book Ballet Shoes is a well loved one by many dancers, but I have read some having difficulty reading the story because of the language differences between the UK and US, although I believe as a teacher reading a variety of books from different cultures and authors will make kids better readers and more knowledgeable citizens of our world. You can check it out here on

Pauline, Petrova, and Posy love their quiet life together. They are orphans who have been raised as sisters, and when their new family needs money, the girls want to help. They decide to join the Children’s Academy of Dancing and Stage Training to earn their keep. Each girl works hard following her dream. Pauline is destined for the movies. Posy is a born dancer. And Petrova? She finds she’d rather be a pilot than perform a pirouette.

Boys Don’t Dance!

Boys Don’t Dance is a Rigby PM Plus student edition book for levels 25-26. It was written by Rowena Cory Lindguist and illustrated by Tom Jellett and you can take a look at it on here

Luke worries that his schoolmates might see him taking his sister to her dancing lesson. To his surprise he finds that the class looks interesting and that dancing is fun.

Kaylee’s Choice

This narrative of this story is quite universal, and there is an American movie Hope Dances with a similar storyline, but that is where the similarities end as you are thrown into a world where dancers glue their socks to their legs so they don’t fall down and wear large curly wigs pinned to their heads with millions of hair pins. Rod Vick author of the book has written several more books about Kaylee and her Irish dancing as well and you can check this book out on here.

Ten-year-old Kaylee O’Shay’s father wants her to be a soccer star, just like he was. However, Kaylee joins an Irish dance group and throws the family into disarray. When she finds herself torn between two things she loves, Kaylee realizes that making decisions about activities, friends, and school can be difficult. And no matter what she decides, she will hurt someone she loves.

Diary of a Dancing Drama Queen (The Secret Ramblings of Harriet Hughes Book 1)

iary of a Dancing Drama Queen (The Secret Ramblings of Harriet Hughes Book 1) is a humerous story aimed at 8 to 12 year olds and there is a second book in the series Diary of a Pop Sensation (The Secret Ramblings of Harriet Hughes Book 2). To check out the first book you can go to here

Join Harriet as she makes her way through middle school. In diary of a dancing drama queen Harriet has to face the embarrassment of a dance class after her mother enrols her and her sister at Madam Zangara’s School of Dance. She is not exactly the best dancer in the world and when the most popular girl in school, Melanie joins the dance class, it marks the start of a fun filled adventure that includes a birthday party, a talent show and a school dance. Will she get asked to the dance by her biggest crush, Oliver Russell?

Ellie’s Chance to Dance #1 (Royal Ballet School Diaries)

Ellie’s Chance to Dance is part of a series of books written around 2005 called the Royal Ballet School Diaries. The books follow Ellie’s adventure as an American who has moved from Chicago to Oxford in the UK, to board and live at the prestigious Royal Ballet School. You can check this book out and the series on here

Ten-year-old Ellie Brown is an American girl living in London. For Ellie, ballet isn’t just a dream, it’s become a way of life. She’s danced for almost as long as she can remember and started ballet lessons when she was four. Now Ellie is presented with the opportunity of a lifetime-a chance to audition for a spot to dance with the Royal Ballet. But Ellie knows that even if she won a place, it would mean moving to London and leaving her ill-stricken mother behind with no one to care for her. When the day of the audition finally arrives, Ellie must decide between pursuing her dreams or sacrificing her goals of joining the Royal Ballet to be with her mother. What will Ellie do?

Peter and the Wolf (Ballet School, Book 1)

Peter and the Wolf is the first book in a new series written by Fiona Macdonald for 8-12 year olds – Join this diverse group of young dancers as they form friendships, consider their futures, and prepare for the end-of-year shows. It was illustrated by Annaliese Stoney and can be found on here

BOOK BLURB: Ballet isn’t easy—especially if you’re a boy, and Peter regularly gets bullied for his dancing. Then he wins the lead in the school’s new production. Will he pursue his talent . . . or conform to convention by joining the soccer team instead?


Nutcracked was written by Susan Adrian and is a nice read especially around Christmas time when the Nutcracker is gernerally performed, but if you are wanting to read it because of the fantasy part of the book, it doesn’t spend alot of time disclosing many facts about the magic nutcracker world or explore many adventures there. Most of the action does happen in the real world and there is discussions about being interested in boys. To take a look at this book on click here

Georgie has waited for this moment her whole life–to dance the part of Clara in The Nutcracker ballet. And when she finally gets the part, it’s like a dream come true. . . .Then the Nutcracker’s magic seeps into the real world, putting Georgie’s friend in danger. Everything is falling apart, and it’s almost Christmas! Can Georgie save her friend, the Nutcracker, and most of all, herself?

Silver Shoes – Series

Silver shoes is a series about four girls who love to dance and follows their journeys and adventures in the studio. The books are not just about ballet, each one covers different styles of dance which makes them really interesting, engaging and changing so once you finish one, you can’t wait to read what the next one is going to be about. Written by Samantha-Ellen Bound you can take a look at this book and search for the rest of the series on here

Eleanor Irvin is 10 years old, and dancing is her everything. Tap, ballet, lyrical, and ballroom—she’s tried it all. But her favorite style, by far, is jazz. When Miss Caroline, the owner of Silver Shoes Dance Studio, announces she will be selecting dancers to perform in the upcoming Jazz Groove Dance Competition, Ellie is over the moon! There’s only one problem: she’s not so good at auditions.

The Dance Your Heart Out Collection

The Dance Your Heart Out Collection is a triology written by Maddie Ziegler famous from the reality tv show Dance Moms and as muse for music pop star Sia. Fans of Maddie love the book, but many others were also surprised by her ability to create a great story and relatable characters that make you impatient to want to read the rest in the set. Many parents of kids who would rather dance than read have said, they were so surprised to see their dancer not being able to put this book down! You can take a look at set of three books on or look out for the three books individually – The Audition, The Callback and The Competition. These books are best for 9-13 year olds.

Follow Harper and her fellow Dance Starz as they navigate new friendships, school drama, and their first season as a dance team from dance personality Maddie Ziegler!

Katarina Ballerina

New York City Ballet Principal Dancer Tiler Peck and Broadway and TV actor Kyle Harris have collaborated to write Katarina Ballerina that came out as the first book in what looks like a wonderful new series about a young girl determined to make her dreams in dance come true. You can check it out here on

Ten-year-old Katarina is a New York City girl through and through, but the buzz of the city drives her to feel that she is meant for more than her ordinary day to day routine. Her big dream? To become a prima ballerina.

Dance Class #1: So, You Think You Can Hip-Hop (Dance Class Graphic Novels)

Dance Class #1: So, You Think You Can Hip-Hop is a series of Graphic or Comic novels for 7-11 years olds. Written by the writing team Berstand Escaich and Caroline Rogue and Illustrated by Crip you can check out this book and the series on here.

BOOK BLURB: Julie, Lucy and Alia are BFF’s who share one passion: dance! Between programs in ballet and modern dance, they also slip in classes on many other styles including hip-hop, a class run by the hunk KT, who’s got all three competing for his attention. As they prepare for the ballet “Sleeping Beauty,” they’d love to see him play Prince Charming. Any girl with a love for dance and taking classes will find this gag-filled series irresistible!

The Adventures of Breakdance Boy

The Adventures of Breakdance Boy
was written by Timothy Shorter about a preteen boy Todd Tyler who becomes a breakdancing superhero. You can check it out here on and if it is unavailble there you may find it here on the

BOOK BLURB: With his electric and oft-times robotic dance moves, his heart thumping and bass line pumping tunes, and his equally cool and all around comfortable Converse All Stars, Break Dance Boy threatens all those who would oppose truth, justice, and grooviness!

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