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The Audition by Maddie Ziegler: Dance Parent 101 Book Review

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The Audition

Review by: Sydney Bellerose
Genre: Dance Competition Fiction
Similar Books: Dance Your Heart Out – Books 2 & 3 by Maddie Ziegler.


Sydney Says: I highly recommend kids around the ages of 8-13 read this book and the other books in the series because if you love reading about dance, or dream about dancing at competitions with an elite team you won’t want to put them down!

Author: Maddie Ziegler

What is The Audition by Maddie Ziegler About?

Harper McCoy is 12 and she had been working extremely hard to become the top dancer at her dance school in Connecticut. Then her parents make a shattering announcement telling Harper they are moving to Florida. She has to leave her friends, classmates, and dance studio.

When they get to Florida, Harper auditions for the elite competition team at DanceStarz. She makes the team but when she meets the other girls on the team, they aren’t as welcoming as they appear to be, except luckily for one.

There is an important Competition at the end of the season, but a terrible incident causes them to be put off course and they need to work together to be able to place in the competition at all.


Who are the Main Characters in The Audition?

Harper McCoy
Is the main character and is featured on the front of the book. She moved from Connecticut to Florida, having to change dance studios. Harper has two siblings, Jack and Hayley her brother Jack is older, and Hayley is younger.

Megan Snow
Megan is the original member of the DanceStarz studio in Florida. Megan, Riley, and Trina formed the clique known as The Bunheads when they were minis.

Lily Hu
Lily is new as well to Florida and DanceStarz and she joins her first-ever competition team.

Riley Rosen
Riley was the second person to join DanceStarz and is Megan’s best friend.

Trina Uba
Trina has danced with Riley and Megan since they were minis and still does. Tap is her favorite style of dance.

Miss Vanessa
The new dance instructor at Dance Starz for the lyrical class, contemporary class, and Competition teams.

Mrs. McCoy
Is Harper, Hayley, and Jack’s Mother.

Hayley McCoy
Is Harper’s little sister who dances around a lot and is a very good singer.

Mrs. Snow
The mother of Megan Snow. Who is very competitive with the other girl’s moms

Quinn Rosen
The little sister of Riley. She is also Hayley’s best friend.

Mrs. Hu, & Mr. Hu
The proud parents of Lily Hu.

Isabelle James & Bella Martinez
The Belles. Ex-best friends of the bunheads (Megan, Riley, and Trina). They started off as dancers from Dance Starz, but when Vanessa said that they might not be right for being in the squad, they got angry and tried to get revenge by joining Energii.

Where is the story mainly set?

Most of the action occurs in Florida at Dance Starz dance studio for example in the Lobby, Studio C, Studio A Warm-up/Dressing Room. There is also a lot of action at the Fro-Yo and Smoothie shop called Sugar Plums.

What I liked most about The Audition?

I really enjoyed ‘The Audition’ because it followed the life of a dancer around my age that had to move away from her hometown Connecticut to Florida and had to change dance schools. Harper’s story is very similar to mine as I recently moved to a different state and have also started at a new dance school although I opted to not join the competition team as I wanted to get a feel for my new school first!

What I liked least about The Audition?

I felt the characters were a little bit shallow in this book. There wasn’t much depth and backstory to them and I was really interested in learning more about them. Although this didn’t stop me from not being able to put the book down!

What I think could make this book even better

Well, I think that to make this story better some of the characters needed more backstory or development so that we know why they acted in the way they did sometimes. For example, I didn’t feel I knew or related to the characters Trina or Riley very well by the end of the book.

What Age Group is The Audtion book by Maddie Ziegler best for?

I think that these books would be the best book for kids that want to get into dance around the ages of 8-13 because that is about how old the girls are in the book.

Older teenagers might get bored because they like books with a bit more drama and characters their age dealing with teenage problems.

Younger kids might enjoy them, but the reading level is above what most 5-7 year olds can read on their own and so someone would have to read it to them and probably have to explain a lot of things that they didn’t understand.

My Rating for this book out of five stars!

I rated this book with four stars because like I said I couldn’t put it down and have now read it several times, but some characters lacked depth or backstory. I feel Maddie Ziegler did do a really good job with this book and the other book are even better, but overall this story is great and you should definitely read it, especially along with the other two books in the trilogy.

How can you buy this book?

I was lucky enough to find this copy at the second hand store – and then my mum bought the other books in the series from for my Birthday and Christmas! You can get your copy from Amazon here!

Questions people also ask about this book!!!

How many books has Maddie Ziegler written?

Maddie Ziegler has written four books. The Audition, The Callback, and The competition, as well as a recount of her own life in a book called The Maddie Diaries: A Memoir. I own all four of these books and have read each more than three times!!!

What genre is the book The Audtion?

The genre of the book The Audition by Maddie Ziegler is dance or ballet fiction. All the characters and scenarios have been made up, although Maddie uses her experience and journey through dance to help supplement the content of her book.

What reading level is The Audition by Maddie Ziegler?

The reading level for The Audition by Maddie Ziegler is from around 4th to 8th grade level both for ease of the text to read as well as the topic and content in the book.

How many pages does The Audition have?

Our paperback book copy of The Audition by Maddie Ziegler has 245 pages.