Teresa Nelson lives in Davenport, Iowa with her husband, Mark, and their 11 yr. old daughter, Sophia. She is also a mom to two older children, currently attending college. Teresa brings a unique perspective with her contribution to DanceParent101. Having served in the United States military and working as a registered nurse, she did not experience the world of dance until she became a parent. Because she did not grow up dancing or studying dance, she experienced firsthand how overwhelming being a parent of a dancer can be.

Sophia is now a competitive dancer who competes both regionally and nationally. The performance year is full of recitals, showcases, conventions, and competitions as well as The Holiday Spectacular and Nutcracker performance. From the moment Sophia was fitted with her first dance shoes to becoming a competitive dancer, Teresa has had to ask all the questions most of our dance parents want answers to as well.

Teresa is excited to share her experience and knowledge by writing from a dance parent’s perspective and by actively researching current and practical information for our readers. By embracing the opportunity to join DanceParent101 as a contributing writer, she hopes to make the journey from choosing a dance studio to becoming a competitive dancer or not, less stressful, and more memorable for all our readers.

Articles by Teresa

What is Pom Dance?

Pom Dance is dancing while using Pom Poms and is a style mainly performed by high school  and college students at halftime during basketball season and other school athletic events, but pom dancers may travel to compete as well. Pom dance is sometimes also known as a school or college dance squad or dance team.

What is Musical Theater?

Dancers that perform musical theater are usually referred to as “triple threats” for their ability to sing, dance, and act because the style of dance blends the performance of choreography and vocals in the form of singing and acting.

What is Modern Dance?

Modern dance emerged as a form of artistic expression and freedom from dancers who were bound by the strict and conforming rules of ballet or dancers that did not have the financial means to attend formal dance training in ballet schools.

What is Line Dance?

Line Dance is a social and fun type of choreographed movement, danced in lines and sometimes positioned patterns. The basic choreography of line dancing includes formations of 1 or more lines of people that perform the same steps in sequence to the music.

What is Cheerleading?

Cheerleading is a sports and acrobatics activity that includes chanting, dancing, stunting, and tumbling. 

11 Helpful Back To Dance Tips from A Seasoned Dance Mom

Sometimes, we just need a break from dance. Parents and dancers alike. Whatever the reason, be it circumstantial, physical, emotional, or even financial a break is almost inevitable at some point in a dancer’s journey.

How to Prepare for Your Dance Studio Competition Team Audition?

Today many dance studios attend dance competitions either locally, by traveling around their state, or even nationally. To become a competitive dancer, dance teachers and studio owners generally invite hardworking students to audition to become a member of their studio competition team….

What Happens at A Dance Competition – A Parents Perspective

With only a few days left before the first big dance competition of the year, I found myself running around like the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonder Land. My daughter, Sophia has her first performance on Friday night with several more performances through the weekend as well as the convention classes. Somehow, we always manage to get through it and still have our sanity. So, What Happens at a dance competition? The best way to share the experience is to describe it as it unfolds. 

What Every Competition Dancer Needs! Plus Recital & Christmas Gift Ideas!

Our first dance competition was a complete disaster. I was completely unprepared, unorganized, and stressed to the gills.  Over the years, after humbly asking opinions from other dance moms and finding out how to make things easier for myself, I have found a lot of products that every competition dancer and every competition parent must have.

The Real Costs Of Competitive Dance – A Parent’s Run Down

Dance competitions are fun, exciting, and yes, expensive. As a seasoned dance mom, the thrill and pure joy of watching my dancer perform on stage, has always brought tears to my eyes. For me, it has been worth every penny. However, in hindsight, I wish I had known more about the costs involved.