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Free Printables – Fun Halloween & Dance Themed Color In Pages

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We love Halloween around here! So having several young dancers in the house I love to give them different Halloween-themed activities throughout October to help them really get into the spirit and enjoy the season, which is why I created these dance-themed Halloween coloring in sheets.

At first, these free printables were only available to in the DP101 Member Vault, but they were too good to hide away there!

I wanted everyone to be able to easily use them and so am placing them here free and without obligation for you to download

(however if you do want in on the vault all you need to do is sign up to our weekly newsletter, how easy is that!)

These printables came as an idea one morning in October when my daughter came and asked me to find some Halloween coloring in pages for her to do.

Her only other request was to find a Halloween ballerina or something related to dance.

Now you can imagine, there was not a lot available and actually the sheets that came up I would have had to pay for.

Now don’t get me wrong, I totally believe people should be paid for their hard work, believe me I know all about being an underpaid artist.

However, there are so many free color in pages on the internet today, that paying for them has really become the rarity.

So I decided to make some for her and originally offered them only to newsletter subscribers as a thank you for being on the list.

Come this year and I have decided everyone should have access to some of them so here they are!!!

Free Halloween Color In Printables – But Make Them Dance Themed!

I love this first one is a tap dancing Wizard! I wanted to make sure I included different styles of dance into these coloring in sheets as well as making the characters both female and male. Click on the image for your instant download!

This next one is all pumpkin and spice but not all things nice!

I love how cute this little ballerina looks in her pumpkin costume, and I think it will be a hit with your little dancer as well!

Click on the image for your instant download.

This last free printable is all about hip-hop and break dance!

This ghoulish dancer with his horns is doing tricks and having a great time breaking out some moves with his ghostly friends!

To download this coloring in sheet click on the image!

I actually made 6 coloring in pages in total. The last three are still free, but are sitting in the member vault where you can download all 6 at once.

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Want to know why we are asking which country you are from? 

Did you know that in the Northern Hemisphere the dance season runs from around August or September to May or June, But in the Southern Hemisphere it starts in February and finishes in December! We are not perfect here at Dance Parent 101, but knowing whereabouts in the world you live can sometimes help us send you for example back to dance information at the right time!