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The 5 Best Makeup Bags & Cases for Dance & Ballet

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If your dancer is going to perform in a ballet recital or at dance competitions then they are going to need makeup. But any dance mom knows from their own experience of using cosmetics that they can get pretty disorganized and messy when all thrown together into one bag!

So what do you do instead?

Well, we have a list of the top makeup bags used by dancers and dance parents to organize all their stage and competition makeup and you are going to love them!

1. Bagsmart Hanging Toiletry Bag

This bag is marketed as a toiletry bag, but make no mistake, this hanging beauty is perfect for stashing all your dance makeup and making it super easy to keep things separate and access it all when you need it!

Make sure you buy the large size for your dance needs!

One other great thing about this bag is that it has a sleeve on the back so you can add it to your luggage handle!

2. Caboodles Vintage Cosmetic Organizer

Caboodle Cosmetic Organizers are a trusted and classic choice when it comes to choosing a bag or case to store your dance makeup, especially if your dancer is little and just starting out.

They are made from a sturdy plastic and come in a multitude of fun colors!

The case opens to three separate compartments and comes with a flip-top mirror.

3. Frenessa Makeup Train Case with 4 Trays

This cosmetics organizer fits so much in it that they actually call it a train!

Made from ABS aluminum with reinforced corners, the train case comes in different colors and has 4 tiers or trays that move on extendable cantilevers.

It is portable and also has a lock to deter theft.

4. Stagiant Soft Makeup Bag

What I like about the Stagiant Soft Makeup Bag is that, unlike the trains, you can sling this over your shoulder. It makes it easy to carry especially if you don’t have enough room in your dance or costume bags, rather than having to carry a handle.

The downside is that, unlike the trains that are made from metal, you can’t pile things on top of this as it could squash all of your cosmetic products!

That being said it has a super large space at the bottom, four trays, and extra space for brushes in the flaps. The nylon material the bag is made from is waterproof and the trays are all easy to clean in case of any spills – which always happens when you have quick changes and are in a rush!

5. Kemier Makeup Train Table Case

If you are after something really unique and special then there is no going past the Kremier Makeup Train Table Case!

This cosmetic organizer looks like a rolling suitcase on the outside with roller feet and a handle you can pull up.

But open it up and you have a professional makeup table in front of you with a mirror and lights! It can be set up on its retractable four legs and even plugged into an electricity outlet to provide extra light if needed.

There are four extendable trays and a large inner compartment to store all your makeup needs!