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Parenting Resources

Parenting Resources

Everyone needs some support and help to parent in today’s world full of screen time, anxiety epidemics and the rushed pace at which we seem to live our lives today. The following are some resources you can purchase or view that we at Dance Parent 101 personally use and recommend.

As the mother of four kids, I don’t have it all worked out and sometimes I need the extra help and support of some experts whose passion it is to empower parents and their families to live their best lives because you don’t get a second chance at it!


If you are like me and don’t have time to read why don’t you try listening to one of these books as an audiobook instead! That’s how I listened to Kate Northrup’s life-changing book Do Less. I got it as one free book for the first month I joined up to audible on amazon. Currently, they are offering two free audiobooks for the first 30 days, but their offers are always changing so make sure you read the small print! You can click on the following link to join Audible free for the first month too!