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Dance Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset Resources for Parents and Their Dancers!

As a parent and a junior school teacher, I believe children who learn to develop a growth mindset have the best chance at succeeding.

The following are a few resources that you can purchase to learn about growth mindsets and which can help you implement practices in your home to encourage a growth mindset.

A growth mindset means that you are open to the fact that with hard work and perserverance you can get better at anything. The opposite is a fixed mindset where you believe that the talents and brains you were born with are all fixed and there is a point at which you will no longer continue to learn and grow.


The following three books and the last audiobook are great resources for any parent wanting to learn how to help their child develop a growth mindset in their children.


I really love the Big Life Blog and am a member of their mailing list and receive great weekly worksheets all on growth mindset to do with my kids. They have great journals for kids that help foster a growth mindset through reflection and writing about their own lives. ColumnImage