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How to help kids and teens lose weight to get a ballet body! – Your Answer

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You Need To Work On Yourself First!

You cannot change anyone else, only yourself!

However as a parent you can inspire your children through your own actions, beliefs and values!

Ahh now we’re even blaming you – don’t stop reading please because – No we are not blaming you.

We are actually giving you a gift…… A present.
We are giving you the permission you need to put yourself first for a change!

We are saying that you do not have to change your child’s diet, you do not have to put them on an exercise regime, you do not have to change them at all!

YOU have to be the change! YOU have to start with YOU, always! What do you eat? How much exercise do you get? Do you get enough sleep? Do you drink enough water? Do you get enough downtime, playtime, and relaxation time for yourself?

You need to work on yourself first!

That’s right we are giving you permission to put yourself first!

Just like on the airplane when they tell you in case of an emergency put your own oxygen mask on before helping others, you need to look after yourself first.

But, but, but….. you know life. I have kids, I have to work, I have to clean the house, wash laundry, make meals there just isn’t any time!

And to that, we will tell you there is always time for what you prioritize in your life.

When your kid is sick and you have to get them to the doctor and sit in the waiting room for 3hrs because you didn’t have an appointment, you had time.

When your car broke down and you had to wait for the mechanic and then take the car to the mechanics the next day and arrange for a number of other things you hadn’t planned on, you had time.

Yes, it meant you couldn’t do other things, but you did these things because they were a priority and that is what you and your health and well-being have to become if you want to have any influence or impact on your children and their health well being.

Our kids are sponges who absorb everything we say and do, more so what we do. Our actions speak louder than words, so if you are telling them they can’t have a soda they need to drink water at lunch yet you order a soda yourself they see this and deep down they are not getting the message that soda is not good for you, only that they should drink it when you are not around.

When we start looking after ourselves we are able to look after others more effectively, and as we experience success we are motivated to make more and more positive changes in our lives and the lives of our family.

There is no diet in the world that you could put your child on to lose weight if you yourself are not prepared to do the hard work with them.

In fact there is no diet (in the sense of the word that we use it today) in the world that you could be on where you could lose weight and keep it off.

Because diets are usually a temporary thing – follow this diet for 4 weeks, 8 weeks etc… you lose a few pounds and then you go back to your old habits and put double the weight back on.

What I am talking about here is you looking after yourself in whatever form this looks like. It might be that it is just cutting back on something during the week or it might mean joining an ongoing support group to change your habits.

It might mean going on a spiritual journey first to clear out all the hurt and cobwebs deep down in that emotional vault of yours or it might mean getting out and pursuing that photography course you always wanted to because in the past you always put your kids first, but now it is time to look after you.

It Won’t Happen Overnight, But If You Start Now You Will Be Closer Than If You Started Next Week!

So where do you start? Why not try one of these suggestions? No strings attached, we aren’t being paid to provide these links – there is no affiliation or sponsorship here. They have all just been really helpful to us at Danceparent101 and hopefully even just one of these sites or resources can help you.

Oprah – Super Soul Sunday Podcast

The Parenting Junkie – Podcast, YouTube and website

Dr Laura Markham – AHA Parenting Website

Suzi Lula – Redifining Self Care

Dr Shefali Tsbary – Consious Parenting

Glennon Doyle

Sounds True 

Byron Katie – The Work

Anything by Brene Brown

Iyalana Vanzant

Gabrielle Bernstein

Gretchen Rubin – The Happiness Project

Maggie Dent – Parenting Guru

Tony Robbins

Denise Duffield-Thomas

You will notice that none of these resources are dieting resources!

That’s because you can’t just say I am going to start eating better and change my family’s eating habits when we aren’t aware and conscious of the mind games we play with ourselves in our heads.

We firstly need the tools to learn to love ourselves in the skin we are in and our children the way they are so we can choose to change other aspects of our lifestyles such as our eating and physical activity from a place of positivity not out of shame or blame.

A lot, of times once we clean out our minds, it has the effect of cleaning out our lives as well and positive change becomes a snowball effect benefiting not only our lives but also the lives of our partners and children.

When all is said and done, your child no matter what weight, height, or body type when in a supportive environment for their passion and talent will succeed.

Not sure how they will suceed as a dancer when they don’t look like a typical dancer?

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