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Fulfit Portable Ballet Barre | Dance Parent 101 Review

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I was recently contacted by the guys over at Fulfit to do a review and use their four-foot aluminum portable ballet barre. Apart from one issue, which the company has dealt with swiftly, I have been really happy with it and my daughter loves being able to use it to practice for her upcoming RAD ballet exams as we currently do not have access to all the DIY ballet barres we made as they are currently in storage due to our housing situation (we moved state for business – before finding a house!).

One of the best things about the Fulfit portable ballet barre is that it is adjustable – and easy to adjust, as well as strong once the screws have been tightened! We can raise the barres to optimize stretching for both my 11 and 6-year-old dancers as well as lower it for regular barre use! You can lower it all the way down as well if your child is extremely flexible for oversplit stretching as well – although you may want to add some padding to make it comfortable for their legs!

The current ballet barre I was sent, was one of the first ones Fulfit had produced. The rubber feet did not want to stay on as you can see in the above video and they continue to fall off as we move it around the room when storing and using it for practice. Fulfit have been in touch and has fixed the issue with other barres and are resending me a new barre soon, so I am happy to still recommend their product and will hopefully soon redo another unboxing video! I have to say, that even with that small issue, this barre is strong! My three-year-old loves to hang off the barres and when tightly screwed in, they do not move!

What comes in the package?

My Fulfit portable ballet barre came with a carry bag, a stretcher band and a short little instructional booklet with links to a video with set up instructions as well. Oh and it also had links to a free ballet course for beginners. How nice is that!

The first thing I noticed about the barre when I opened it, was that it was shiny and clean and all the pieces looked brand new, free of dents or any types of defects. Using the booklet it was so simple to put together – I had it up in about fifteen minutes, although I would have been quicker but I wasn’t sure about the order of the washers and nuts with the screws. I wrote to Fulfit about this as well and they have such great customer service that when they got back to me they actually thanked me for the feedback and said that they intend to update their booklet to include this information!

If you are reading this today, I haven’t had the barre for very long and so I’ll get my girls to use it for a few weeks, and then let you know how it feels, how stable it is and how well it pulls up for practicing ballet.

Where can I buy a Fulfit Ballet Barre?

Currently, Fulfit sells their ballet barres through the Amazon market place and you can click on the ad here to go straight to to take a look and see if they ship to your location!

What makes FulFit different?

With your purchase, Fulfit gives you a $15 Stretcher band and a beginner ballet course that they price at $37 –absolutely for free, just as a bonus! It’s a very nice attitude, and feels really supportive,  especially for somebody who just wants to start practicing ballet. 

It’s really nice to know that you can start working out at your own pace without having to take an actual class, just turn on your TV and start practicing.

The stretcher band will help you to improve your form, flexibility, and strength. As well, you can use it in combination with the ballet barre. Check out the following video for some workout inspiration!

Besides the free course, carry bag, and leg stretcher, FulFit make sure there barres are well made so customers can practice safely using their barre. The ballet barres are made from aluminum that is rust-free and will last for many years to come. Aluminum does make the barre light, and there are iron ballet barres you can buy which are heavier and rust more easily. But having a super heavy portable ballet barre in your home is a bit beside the point as compared to Fulfit’s aluminum barre they just aren’t as easily movable.

FulFit have also told me that they offers a warranty: 12-month replacement of parts without hassle for the customer! Just let them know what the problem is. Whether you lost a plastic connection part, there is an issue with a barre or you found some parts broken or missing, no worries, just write or email FulFit and they will send you a replacement! FYI: Make sure you check their current warranty offer when purchasing your barre!

Who is FulFit and why do they sell ballet barres?

I asked Fulfit to give me some more information on exactly who they are and what their purpose was and the sent me the following to publish in this post:

FulFit decided to go mainstream with the idea of offering high-quality portable barres for professionals and bringing young families together with dance. They want professional dancers to be able to practice and work out from the comfort of their homes. They also want to encourage young dancers to be able to work out at home with their loved ones.

The FulFit ballet barre has been tested by professionals of all skill levels, all ages and all body types. Before fully launching, FulFit ran a few giveaway campaigns and offered this ballet barre to professionals in order to get some suggestions and feedback to improve their barre. They ran a charity campaign, and offered ballet barres to a dance studio with students who couldn’t afford a $100 ballet barre. 

After receiving positive feedback, they committed to adapting and making quality equipment that comes with a course to make you act, and start reaping the benefits of ballet as soon as possible. 

What are the main benefits I’ve experienced using the FulFit ballet barre?

  • The main benefit I experienced from the ballet barre is that it’s lightweight and portable, easy to move around — just disassemble and take it with you on a vacation;
  • Super easy to put together; I am going to say it would take you about 2 min to assemble once you’ve done it a few times. Even my little ones can now easily do this annd, I enjoy putting it together with my children.
  • The adjustable height feature allows for easy practice for both adults and children. Two adults or 4 children can use the equipment at the same time;
  • It’s a sturdy barre that gives you confidence in your ballet workout. It helps you work on strengthening your leg muscles and flexibility while improving posture. Of course you need to put in the practice; nothing will just magically appear, even if you have the most advanced equipment. 
  • If you’re already into ballet, this barre will help you avoid using the kitchen table or the windowsill at your Zoom calls with your ballet class.
  • It’s set at an affordable price, and with all the bonuses that come with it, it’s definitely a go-to option.

Are there any Disadvantages to using the Fulfit ballet barre?

  • As the barre is light and not secured to a wall, if it is gripped or held too hard when doing for example battement jetes to help throw your leg up higher in the air you will lift the barre of the floor. But this is an issue that occurs with all lighter barres, not just this one.

Final Words…

So far my experience with FulFit and their portable and adjustable barre has been great! They are receptive to all my queries and I love that they give you a few extras other companies with similar barres do not! The barre itself has not disappointed, it is as described on Amazon and came in great condition. If you are after a budget portable barre then this one from Fulfit is a great investment!