What is a Leaps & Turns Technique class

By Teresa Nelson / Edited by Samantha Bellerose, B.Ed, Dip.Dance (Performing Arts)

Leaps & Turns is typically offered as an additional training opportunity for dancers enrolled in jazz and ballet dance classes.

Because leaps & turns focus on improving technical skills for leaps, jumps and turns it is called a technical class, and enrollment in this class is highly encouraged for the competitive dancer.

 The class typically will include a warmup, flexibility, and conditioning with a more intense focus on body alignment, centering, and extension that will improve overall balance and core strength, and ultimately technique. 

As the class progresses, the teacher will move into practicing various leaps, jumps, and turns while correcting posture and technique with the individual dancer. 

Enrollment in a leaps & turns technique class allows an instructor the opportunity to correct and improve upon skills introduced in a jazz or ballet class as well as early intervention with improper form and alignment that may impede mastering future dance skills. 

Having good technique is an indication of the maturity of a dancer and thereby increases scores when performing a technical skill at a competition.

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Teresa Nelson

Teresa is a busy mom of an 11yr old competitive dancer. I also have two older children, Madison and Zachary who are currently attending college. Madison spent many years as a competitive figure skater and my son enjoyed competitive fencing. Over the last 10 yrs., I have experienced an amazing journey in the world of dance and figure skating, learning so much along the way. I look forward to sharing my insight and firsthand experience so that I can help you navigate this often overwhelming but wonderful journey as the parent of a dancer.