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The Best Dance & Ballet Bags for everyday class use for all Dancers!

The Best Dance & Ballet Bags for everyday class use for all Dancers!

A dance bag is a dancers possibly most used accessory, and yet least loved! Day in and day out, shoes, drink bottles, hair accessories and more are thrown in and out, zips are done up and undone, it is carelessly thrown over a shoulder, or in a locker or the corner of a ballet studio, and yet we expect so much from them.

The best dance bags for everyday class use are made from sturdy and durable materials, have high-quality fasteners and zips, have organizational pouches or sections for drink bottles or dance shoes, and are large enough to hold several pairs of shoes, clothes and other accessories dancers need.

We want our dance bags to be sturdy and made of a tough resistant material that can withstand the daily rough and tumble it goes through. We want them to be easily cleanable and to not absorb smells considering it does carry the shoes we sweat in for hours. We want the zippers and clasps to be well made and durable for the many times they need to be opened and closed. And on top of all of that we want them to look good too!

Today, there are alot of different options available to dancers from using a bag specially made for either dancers or even a gym bag that has a seperate compartment or organisers for shoes to be able to air out and breathe. To simple bags that have one large opening and maybe a bottle holder on the side. They can also be personalised, come in different colors and vary in their costs depending on their features and what they have been made of.


I think that out of the many bags I have seen and used myself over the period of my dance career, this bag looks like it has everything a dancer could really want. It has a zip on one end of the bag and a compartment to slide in some shoes, inside there are several elasticised compartments to help you organise everything inside the duffel styled bag and it has a drink holder and another little pocket on the outside, that could hold items such as hair pins and hair ties, for easy access between a jazz and ballet class to get hair into a quick and easy bun. What I also love is that this bag comes in four different colors including a grey version which is great for our male dancers as well! Click here to go to to see all the photos and more information about this dance bag!


This back pack is perfect for any little aspiring dancer and if you click on the link to you will see that there are several different versions and styles of this bag including a duffel available! This one comes with a material seperator along the back wall allowing you to place in a drink bottle and seperate shoes or other items. It also comes with a necklace and keychain gift!

This cute dance duffle is a great size for kids. It has one large compartment on the inside and a elasticised net on the outside for smaller need to get to quickly items. The shoulder strap is adjustable or you can carry it with the handles. You can check it out here on

This bag is perfect and not too bulky for a child to carry. It has an extra zippered cavity on the side for shoes (not shown in this photo) as well as the side pocket for easy to reach items. There is a big enough cavity inside to carry all the essentials and comes in few different colors. Take a look at this bag on here.

This is a great backpack for the smallest dancers – our toddlers and preschoolers! And the great thing about this simple duffle bag is that it can be personalised with the name of your tiny dancer as is shown in the picture. An extra added bonus is that if you check out the bag on Amazon you will see they have lots of other designs – not dance, but other fun kids designs such as mermaids, aeroplanes and more, that would make the bag a bit more multipurpose!

And just for that extra special touch you can order on a custom bag tag with your dancers name on it! The tags are waterproof and durable and would be a wonderful add on to ensure your dancer’s bag never got lost or confused with anyone elses!


There is alot more to this bag than first meets the eye. At first you can see that it is holding a yoga mat, but for dancers this would be fantastic to hold a foam roller to use before and after class and you can also see that there is a seperate side compartment for shoes. Inside it has a wet and dry storage compartment areas to ensure you water bottle doesn’t leak everywhere, and has four extra individual pockets to separate and organise all your bits and pieces. It comes in a waterproof linen and numerous colors. To look at this bag in more detail head to

This bag is not advertised as a dance bag per say, but it comes in black, rose gold and silver and is lovely and large to fit everything a dancer needs into it. What I especially love and why I am including it into this list, is that it has a seperate compartment at the bottom of the bag where you could put your shoes or alternatively your drink bottle and lunch if you were going to be at classes all day, as it would ensure it was seperated from your dance gear and wouldn’t spill all over everything you needed for class. It also has a sleeve at the back that you can slip over a suitcase draw bar, which would come in handy if you had a make up or costume case for competitions or performances! It is a big bag, so I would recommend it for older students who need to carry alot to and from classes. Click here to take a look at this bag on

The first thing I want to say about this bag is that it doesn’t just come in pink! There are various color options that are both great for males and females! Secondly, the whole inside of this bag is lined with PVC to ensure if the outside gets wet or if your waterbottle leaks in the side pocket the items you pack on the inside won’t get wet. Having a PVC liner does however mean that breathability does become a problem, but there is an extra shoes compartment on the side with a vent. Having a pvc lining also means that it is easy to sanitise and clean even after sweaty ballet and dance clothes have been sitting inside of it! Check it out here on

I love the sleek and contemporary design of this bag! It has a zippered shoe compartment on the side with venting holes and is made of a waterproof fabric. Inside the bag there is a see through bag for wet items, but I think it would also be great for holding and separating lunch and snack items. It comes in several colors so it is great for both males and females and it is a great size! For more details click here to go to


Lets face it, dance bags can get a little smelly, so why not be proactive and use some bamboo charcoal air purifying bags!! You can leave one or two of these inside a dance bag or even inside of dance shoes. They are said to work for about 2 years if you continually recharge them in sunlight for a couple of hours every month. What is great is that they also have moisture wicking properties acting as a dehumidifier as well! To have a look at these click here to go to

Another option are sneaker balls which are small 1 inch wide deodorizers that help to remove foot odors and other odor causing bacteria from shoes and dance bags. These last up to 6 months each depending on their use. To find out more about sneaker balls head to through this link.

Another option is a powder such as this natural foot deodorizer. Shake some into dance shoes and over feet to help stop them from smelling. You can look at all its applications on here.

Spray deodorizers are also a great option as they can be sprayed on both shoes, a dance bag or feet. This product is advertised as being natural and made in the USA, you can check it out on Amazon here.