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Boys Leotards


Unlike girls leotards which come in a plethora of styles and colors of the rainbow, boys leotards that are basically worn in either black or white should be quite straight forward to choose shouldn’t they?

Yes and No!

When buying a leotard for a young boy it is quite simple. Choose black or white, tank style or capped sleeves and your done.

When choosing a leotard for your pre teen or teenager, there are usually a few more things to consider which are:

  • Do you buy a full seat or thong leotard?
  • Do you buy a leotard with an inbuilt dance belt?

And these questions can be a bit harder to answer as wearing a thong or a dance belt for the first time can be awkward in the beginning. Check out our article ‘Do Boys Wear Leotards? And What is A Dance Belt?’ which will help you and your son understand the importance of both and how they are a staple in the male dancers ballet closet.


This Calla short sleeve boys leotard comes in both black and white and in sizes 6-14. They also have a tank style leotard which you can view here at It’s made from 90% Cotton and 10% Spandex which makes the leotard exceptionally comfortable and breathable.


Wear Moi make comfortable leotards from a boys size 8 to a mens large that come in both black and white. When a boy gets to about the age of 9 most dance teachers recommend they begin to wear a thong leotard and a dance belt under their tights for the aesthetics and beautiful lines they help contour and create. For the pros and cons of wearing a leotard with and without an inbuilt dance belt read our article ‘Do Boys Wear Leotards? And What is A Dance Belt?’ The following leotards by Wear Moi are both thong in style and have inbuilt dance belts.

Boys Ivan V Neck Leotard in White: Medium or Large They are made from Cotton Elasthane and so are comfortable and breathable.


Some males prefer to wear a biketard instead of a leotard so here are some recommended options for you to have a look at:

Wear Moi racer boys black back bike tard in Medium or Large. It is made from microfiber which effectively wicks moisture away from the skin.

For a cheaper option, made from 82% nylon and 18% Spandex you can try a biketard from New Dance. They supply a variety of biketards and leotards for young boy dancers and gymnasts and you can check out their range here on