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Dance Belts

Dance Belts: Top Brands, with links to Review and Buy

All male dancers wear a dance belt to support and protect their genitals when dancing and because all guys are built differently the different designs and makes will fit and feel slightly different on each dancer.

Therefore we have put together a resource list of the most popular dance belts available with links to so you can review, purchase and try them out for yourself.

If you haven’t already check out our article ‘Do Boys Wear Leotards? And What is a Dance Belt?’ for a whole heap of information about dance belts and how and why to wear them.

Dance Jox

This line of dance belts was made and designed by a male professional dancer for male professional dancers. Tom Kilps danced with the Texas Ballet Theatre and has been working on perfecting his unique design since 2014. He believes his product is the most comfortable and provides the cleanest lines and the best support for male dancers.

Tom currently has three products in his line full seat or thong dance belts or dance shorts.

Dance Jox Dance Belt Thong: Small to 2XL in Beige, Brown or Black
Dance Jox Full Seat Dance Belt: Small to 2XL in Beige or Brown

Tom has also designed Active shorts for male dancers which are worn over a dance belt made of moisture wicking material and have an extra high waist line for the comfort of dancers you can take a look at those here:

Raven Active Shorts: Small to Extra Large
Royal Active Shorts: Small to Extra Large

Dance Jox also has a blog with more information about their range and dance belts in general so if you are after some more helpful information you might find it there!


Wear Moi is a brand that we saw recommended multiple times when researching our article ‘Do Boys Wear Leotards? And What is a Dance Belt?’ especially within dance parenting forums across the web as a great first dance belt for boys. They are padded and give a nice smooth look under tights. The thong comes with three belt widths – Narrow, wide and extra wide. Most styles come in Adult XS to Large as well as boys 8/10 and 10/12

Click on the following links to view and buy on

Wear Moi Full Seat Dance Belt all sizes.
Wear Moi Boys Thong Dance Belt
Wear Moi Narrow Thong Dance Belt
Wear Moi Wide Thong Dance Belt
Wear Moi Extra Wide Dance Belt


Body wrappers have a strong group of supporters who believe this dance belt is the most supportive and comfortable they have worn, but there are some who feel the cup is a little wide and not curved enough in shape.

They come in 6 sizes based on waist width from 24″ to 38″ and come with either a 2″ or 4″ belt width.

Body Wrappers Full Seat Dance Belt
Body Wrappers 2″ Thong Dance Belt
Body Wrappers 4″ Thong Dance Belt


I can tell you from my research that Capezio actually seemed to be the brand to stay away from with many saying the quilted padding and seams in their dance belts can hurt or be irritating.

In saying this though they do produce a boys dance belt that has very little padding, is full seat and comes in black and beige – it does have a seam at the front to give a little extra room in this area compared to normal underwear.

Another consideration for Capezio dance belts is that some styles go up to a 3XL size waist of 40″ and also come in three colors – beige, black and white unlike some of the other brands that just come in beige.

Capezio Boys Youth Full Seat Dance Belt
Capezio Full Seat Dance Belt
Capezio Quilted Thong Panel Dance Belt
Capezio Thong Dance Belt


Perhaps leaving the best until last, the M Stevens dance belts come in basically one thong style for adults in S, M or L. The small fits a size 24″ waist so will fit a teenage boy and the thong is the thinnest availble making it extremely comfortable to wear. The main complaint many reviewers have is buying the wrong size, they are made small so you should buy bigger than you need. Many guys find these to be the most comfortable dance belt they have ever worn and the thing is it only comes in one style – but four colors – white, black, chocolate and nude.

M Stevens Thong Dance Belt