Dance & Movement Class for Kids – Exploring Transport

This lesson is the first in a series I have created to help parents and teachers explore movement and dance in a fun and creative way at home and in their classrooms.

It creatively explores moving in ways that represent a car, train, and plane and uses music carefully selected to help ignite the imagination and provide a beat and rhythm to dance to.

It was originally developed for my 2-year-old toddler who loves trains and cars, but my older children loved dancing along as well, so I realized the lesson could be used for all kids not just toddlers and preschoolers.

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As a teacher in Australia with a Bachelor of Education (Primary), I am always looking at ways to creatively teach children and regularly used dance and movement in my classroom to enforce learning of concepts and material we were learning about in different areas of the school curriculum.

The following are some links and connections that can be made from this movement lesson to various other areas of learning!

Mathematics and Arithmetic

  • Count cars driving up and down a street or in a parking lot.
  • Create a graph of the different colored cars you see drive past your street, neighborhood or in a parking lot to see which is the most popular color.
  • Look at statistics and graphs on the web and interpret these about the number of cars being made today or statistics on road safety.
  • Learn about how speed is measured and use this knowledge to explore addition, subtraction and multiplication problems.
  • Explore transport timetables and try to work out how to get from one place to another.

English and Literacy

  • Write a recount or retelling about a car ride, train or plane trip you have been on.
  • Research and then write a report or explanation about your favorite form of transport.
  • Write an argumentative or persuasive essay regarding transport for example: Why everyone should own an electric car or Why more people should catch public transport instead of driving.

Social Studies

  • Learn about the history of transport or a particular type of transport.
  • Discover why we need transport.
  • Explore the forms of transport you have available to you in your community, suburb, state, country.
  • Imagine the future transportation system needs of the future.

Science & Technology

  • Design transport of the future.
  • Design and make a form of transport – a gocart, a wagon, or even make a miniature remote control car or train etc…
  • Fix or repair a bike
  • Code and create a game on the computer to do with transport

Geography (Links to mathematics as well)

  • Look at road maps and create directions to places from your school or home to the shops, hospitals or local cinema.
  • Explore train lines on maps – how they are represented, how long they are, the distance between each stop, how many you have locally or in your state.
  • Create your own maps of your local area and include bus stops or train lines and stations.
About the Author

Samantha Bellerose

Samantha is a wife and mother of four kids aged 1-9. She danced and acted from the age of 5 and performed in film clips, on television, and in musical theatre professionally. She also taught dance, but after leaving the profession to backpack through Europe, Canada and the USA with her husband for three years, she then completed an Education Degree and taught within primary schools in Australia. Today she is a business owner with her husband and the creator and writer for Dance Parent 101 where she hopes her previous experience as a dancer, current experience as a dance parent and the research and writing skills she gained completing her education degree will help enlighten parents on their journey with their child through the world of dance.

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