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The Best Ballet Shoes To Buy Online for Toddlers & Kids

The Best Ballet Shoes To Buy Online for Toddlers & Kids

As a Mother I understand that if you are going to buy a pair of ballet shoes online, unless you are buying your second pair and know the brand, you will usually be looking to get the cheapest pair, with the best reviews to ensure they aren’t going to fall apart on you during your child’s first lesson.

If you haven’t already, make sure you read our post how to measure, fit and buy ballet shoes for toddlers and kids From this article, you will learn that I have previously purchased my girl’s ballet shoes from our dance studio. I will be needing to buy more shoes soon and these are what I will personally be buying.

Stelle Ballet Shoes

Stelle is a brand of dancewear designed in California USA. Mom to three little girls, Cassie Y, first launched Stelle on in 2015 and has sold millions of her dancewear products to many loyal and happy customers ever since.

Cassie was not happy with the quality of dance wear clothing available for her three girls and after a year of research was able to come up with great designs using the best materials that were affordable and durable.

I love the Stelle brand because it is also their mission to give back to their local community, especially underprivileged children in need of clothing.


Stelle Beginner Shoe

These all leather shoes are great for the young beginner dancer. I really like that they have a full sole and no drawstring to pull and tuck under which can really irritate and annoy younger dancers. These run in sizes parallel to your child’s usual shoe size a toddler 5 to a big kid 3. They are available in ballet pink, pink and black. Click here to buy a pair from Amazon


  • No drawstring, nothing to tie
  • Come in black, great for boys too!
  • 100% leather

Stelle Single Elastic

This shoe is a great all rounder. It has a drawstring if you prefer to be able to tighten your child’s shoe, and has a full suede leather sole which creates the perfect resistance on the floor to strengthen young feet. They come in three colors black, pink and ballet pink and come in sizes from a toddler 5 to a big kid 3. Click here to buy a pair from Amazon.


  • Available in black, great for boys too!
  • Full sole, great for younger dancers
  • 460 reviews, Amazon Choice Product with 4.5 stars

Stelle Canvas Ballet Slippers

These canvas ballet shoes come in four different colors pink, black, white and brown. This particular shoe as it is a split sole comes in sizes from a toddler 5 all the way up to a big kid 9 which fits teenagers as well. I like that they come with the crisscross elastics to provide extra support as canvas shoes are so light weight and flexible. The split soul is made from suede leather and the canvas is high-quality and washable. You can buy a pair here from Amazon.


  • Sizes from toddler 5 up to a ladies 8
  • White and Black available for boys
  • Split sole and double elastic