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Period Underwear


The following are a few quick links to the Thinx website with our favorite choices for dancers. If you want to read a bit more about period-proof underwear keep reading on as we have more links and a list of 10 reasons why owning period underwear can make life easier for a dancer!

Tween or Teen Dancer

Our Favourite THINX for the tween or teen is from their (BTWN) range. We like the bikini in new moon which you can view and buy here. The link will open in a new tab so you can read more about our thoughts on the BTWN range further along in our article.

Teen and Adult Dancers

We have three favorites Thinx products for teen and adult dancers: The Thong for when you are on the end of your period, the Sport for medium flow under your leotard for a few hours of class instead of a pad and the Boyshort for the jazz and tap dancers who can wear them on heavy flow days!

Tip for wearing the Boyshort – I personally would wear these under my leotard or with a crop top and would put a second pair of booty shorts or leggings or biketard over the top of them – because you know, they are still just underwear.

Why Dancers Need Period Proof Underwear?

Imagine this – your daughter has been wearing a pad to school for the last two days because she is a dancer and sometimes when us girls are really active our periods like to come basically whenever it wants to! (My cycle could be anywhere between 45-60 days when I was training hard.) But your daughter has been feeling some cramps or backache and knows it will be along soon and doesn’t want to be embarrassed if it comes unexpectedly at school. Wearing a pad at school is fine, but tonight is ballet class and she hates wearing one to ballet because they are so bulky, itchy, plasticky and annoying and she feels so vulnerable in just her leotard and stockings, but she also doesn’t yet feel confident enough to wear a tampon. So she will endure wearing the irritating pad and hopes it doesn’t slide or that the adhesive wings don’t pop out the sides of her panties peeking out of the crotch of her leotard and tights.

But what if there was another option for days like this?

Well, there is!!

Period underwear!

Thinx is underwear for your period. The undies have ultra-absorbent layers of moisture-wicking, odor-controlling, super-absorbent, and leak-resistant patented material.

Now don’t get me wrong there are many reviews about period underwear, where the wearer, especially on their heaviest days, has leaked and I am not about to start saying these are a miracle solution. In fact the makers state that depending on your flow they can be used by themselves or you can use them as a back up with a tampon or a menstrual cup, and all of these ways to use them are why I think they will soon be your dancers next menstrual cycle best friend.

10 reasons life could be easier for a menstruating dancer with a pair of Period Underwear!

  1. Dancers are notorious for having unpredictable periods, and even if you do know when yours is about to arrive it could be during dance class. Wearing a pair of period underwear such as the Thinx BTWN Bikini or a Thinx thong, Sport or Cheeky just means there is one less thing in class that a dancer needs to worry about.
  2. Period underwear is great for those last days of your period when you have light spotting or bleeding and you don’t really need to wear a pad or tampon, but because you are wearing only tights and a leotard you want some extra protection.
  3. Long rehearsals without breaks can be torture for a dancer on their period. But wearing a pair of period underwear to catch any leaks from your tampon or menstrual cup if you are unable to get one from your bag or get to a toilet can be a lifesaver.
  4. Is your child’s dance class only a couple of hours and is your child back home within a few hours? All of the underwear in the Thinx range claim to hold at least one or more tampons worth of liquid, therefore your child could put them on when they for changed for dance class and take them off when they got home even on their heavier flow days instead of a pad.
  5. When performing on stage for a recital or concert, dancers often have a lot of quick changes or have no time to visit the toilet to change a tampon? Period underwear can help keep your mind at ease knowing if you do leak you are covered.
  6. Is it costume fitting time for your pad wearing dancer? No one would know anything different if she was wearing a pair of these!
  7. Quick changes during a recital or dance concert can be tricky. At times they might need to be done side of the stage or even with other student or mother helpers. Period underwear can not only help with your child’s modesty but also help them feel more confident getting undressed in front of others during their period.
  8. Pads in general can feel bulky, itchy, scratchy, can move out of place and if they have wings might be seen under a leotard. Period underwear such as Thinx could solve these dance class problems.
  9. Has your child ever not gone to dance class because they were scared their pad would leak or that people could tell because it was too bulky? Missing dance class can mean missing out on placement in a routine or being behind in learning exam material? Thinx period underwear could help them feel more confident and not miss another class again!
  10. Lastly, you get to feel good that you are doing something for the environment by using a reusable rather than throw away period solution!

The Best Period Proof underwear for Dancers

After a long search, we believe that the Thinx brand has the most versatile range of period underwear for tweens, teens and adult dancers and the following are our top picks from their range. Click on any of the images or the above link to go to their website for a better view of their product range.

For Tweens and Teens

PROS: Thinx has a designated range BTWN for teens and tweens. The undies are made of organic cotton and with their signature period-proof tech. Thinx states that all their underwear for tweens and teens hold up to three teaspoons of liquid and are best for light days or as a backup on heavier flow days. We recommend their bikini style for under leotards and stockings as they are hi-cut around the legs and bum.
CONS: Thinx BTWN range comes in fun colors and prints rather than the bland nude or dusk color we dancers would prefer. This probably isn’t going to be much of an issue for jazz, tap or hip hop classes where you are generally allowed to wear booty/boy shorts or shorts, etc… But for ballet class, we would recommend the color ‘New Moon’ as the grey will be best hidden under ballet tights if your dancer’s leotard moves to reveal their underwear.

Does your tween or teen fit a size 00 US jean or have a hip size of at least 33-34″ or 84-86cm? Well, they will fit into an XXS pair of adult underwear which gives them a wider variety of choice as well as styles.

For Teens and Adults

PROS: Thinx uses a mix of 89% nylon, 11% elastane for the material used for the body of the underwear a material similar to many leotards and costumes. They have a great range of styles and neutral colors perfect for wearing under ballet tights. The underwear is nice and tight to prevent leaks but ultra-comfortable with some styles such as the cheeky designed to erase visible panty lines.
CONS: The hip hugger range for heaviest days does not have a high enough cut around the legs to fit under all types of leotards for ballet class but would work perfectly for other classes where leotards are not necessarily worn.

Thinx Active Range

PROS: Ummm obviously that there is even a range specially made for dancers available!
CONS: Both the leotard and unitard are for light days only, they only come in black currently and I am a bit unsure of how you would go putting tights on first? It is currently in style to wear footless tights over your leotard currently or you could just wear the leotard for nonballet classes with shorts or pants or perhaps this could just be an extra precaution when wearing a pair of Thinx panties under the leotard and tights?

Why Dance Parent 101 recommends Thinx over other brands?

It is true that Dance Parent 101 is an affiliate for Thinx meaning at no extra cost to you we earn a commission that enables us to continue working on our site through your purchase. But we actively sought out to be an affiliate for Thinx because we believe their range caters to dancers and that they have the best range of period underwear that includes a thong and even a leotard and unitard specifically for dancers within their range.

I have been reading a lot about period-proof underwear and have seen what many other great brands out there have to offer – from stating they are vegan-friendly or creating a product that allows you to insert a removable reusable pad to ensuring that their company gives back to women around the world in need of period products. But unfortunately these brands are marketing to the everyday woman who is looking for an alternative to tampons and periods, especially those using a menstrual cup and not many others that I have looked at have teen or tween options nor do many provide a thong option either which I think is extremely important for dancers.

Got more questions such as: How do they work? Do they smell? How do you wash period underwear? All these and more questions are answered on the Thinx website which you can access right here!