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The Best Panties or Briefs for Dancers

For aesthetic reasons, younger dancers usually don’t wear underwear under their leotards and costumes as their dance tights replace the need for them and get washed after each wear just like a pair of panties. But sometimes whether it’s for modesty, your child is wearing a rented costume or they just don’t feel comfortable without them you need another solution and that is were specially made dance underwear comes in!

Our Top Pantie/Brief Pick:

These Motionwear Gymnastics Underwear Briefs from

  • Pros: I really like these briefs for their hi-cut and low waistband which means they will stay hidden under almost any costume. I also like them for the fact that they are made in both a nude and mocha (as well as black) as this gives the option for dancers with different skin tones. They are made of a sturdy nylon/spandex mix material and were designed by a mother of a gymnast who couldn’t find underwear for her daughter that would stay in place and stay hidden under a gymnastics leotard. They should be sturdy enough to attach a panty liner or pad if needed. (Although we recommend period-proof underwear which you can view here for those purposes.)
  • Cons: Firstly they are not the cheapest option for a pair of children’s or teens panties. Secondly, searching for the right size and color is a little annoying on Amazon, but because Amazon offers free shipping on certain order amounts it can be worth the hassle. TIP: As Motionwear have a separate listing for each size and color rather than a drop-down menu just search Motionwear Gymnastics Underwear Briefs in the Amazon search bar and the full range will appear for you to choose from.

Because of the cons to buying these and because not all sizes seem to be available all the time I have found a few more options for you.

Runners Up

1. These Jazz Cut Briefs from Discount Dance Supplies

  • Pros: These briefs are specially made for dancers with a nice high jazz cut for wearing under leotards and costumes. They are made of a nylon/spandex mix material and have a front inner lining. The studier material should allow a wearer to attach a panty liner or pad if needed. They have a variety of sizes, but if you are after an adult pair you will need to check out this page on their website.
  • Cons: They only come in nude although they do have a lower cut option which you can view here that come in nude, white and black. Although better quality these are more expensive than the Amazon pick.

2. These Hi-cut dance briefs from

  • Pros: These panties are the cheapest of all three reviewed here but they do have a tonne of great reviews saying they are comfortable and stay well hidden under a leotard. They are made of a soft cotton, polyester, spandex blend. They are available in children and adult sizes.
  • Cons: They only come in beige and are not the best option if you are buying them to attach a panty liner or pad to as they are thin and the material doesn’t really hold up well to the adhesive.

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