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Dance Foot Warmers

Awesome Solutions to Keep Dancers Feet Warm!

Ensuring your muscles are properly warmed up before dancing is extremely important but sometimes maintaining that warmth can be difficult.

Dancers before a performance warm-up but then spend time waiting backstage until it is their turn to dance during which they tend to cool down. Your dancer might warm-up before an exam or a competition but then have to wait until it is there turn backstage or in a room where keeping their muscles warm is impossible.

This is where warm-up gear is important and especially keeping the feet warm and we have some of the best ideas right here for you.

Bloch Warm Up Booties

Warm-Up Booties by Bloch are probably the most popular pullover boot out there. On kids booties come in four different colors and four different sizes. They have a soft pliable rubber sole and can be worn outside if needed but are best used inside the dance studio. Adult booties are also available from Amazon in more than 8 colors.

Bloch has also recently produced a multi-function warm-up bootie with a durable sole for wearing both in and outdoors. Discount Dance Solutions stock these in adult sizes which start from a women’s XS or 13.5 which would fit many 7yr olds.

So Danca Inside/Outside Warm-Up Boots

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These warm-up boots which you can get from Discount Dance Supplies are perfect for walking to and from the car to class as the soles on these shoes have a thick sole made out of thermoplastic rubber. This does mean they are not pliable and therefore actually warming up in them is more difficult then if you were wearing the Bloch warm-up booties, but they will keep your feet warm and your dance shoes clean. They do only come in women sizes but the reviews say that the XS which is from a women’s 3, fit a 9-year-old child with a size 1 foot perfectly!

Heated Slippers

These slippers have a removable innersole that you put in the microwave for 30 seconds and are said to say toastie and warm for up to 30mins. These would be great to wear in the car to dance class or to soothe sore feet after dance class. You can check them out at

Here is another option!

Heated Innersoles

If you don’t want to limit which shoes your dancer is wearing then perhaps buying a pair of USB rechargeable and removable innersoles is the option you are after. They can be cut to size and can be inserted into the sole of any shoe to maintain warmth.