The thing with the way they make dance and ballet tights today I have found in my personal experience with my girls dancing is that whether you buy the more expensive brands or even the well-reviewed cheaper ones they always end up having the same problem – holes, tears, piling and pulls. This can happen the first time they wear them or they might just actually last the whole season if you are lucky. I have found it is kind of pot luck no matter how much I spend on them.

Maybe I’m old, but when I danced years ago my tights lasted for years – and I danced on a wooden floor that was in desperate need of sanding and so you would come home and have to pick the small splinters out of your tights and yet they were still all intact. My ballet tights when I first began had a seam down the back of your leg, and although this trend disappeared they were regulation for ballet exams. Those tights had a strong weave and were a little scratchy and not as comfortable as the ones out today, but they lasted.

So on that note, the following tights I like to buy for my girls come in packs of two or three and cost the same as one pair of the branded tights that in my opinion although generally thicker, are not as invincible as you would like them to be for the extra cash you are spending on them.

So with no further ado, the tights I recommend are:

MANZI Women’s and Girls Convertible Tights in packs of 1 or 3. Convertible tights have a hole on the sole of the foot so you can role them up and dance barefoot which is common for students moving from a ballet lesson to a contemporary or lyrical dance class. These tights come in several colors including Ballet Pink for ballet lessons and Natural for Jazz and Tap lessons as well as black, white and nude which are the colors that most dancers need and they are cost-effective when buying the three-pack. You can buy them here on Amazon.

If you do not like convertible tights, and want full footed tights you can try Dancina Footed Ballet Tights. They come in sizes from a toddler all the way up to women’s sizing and come in five different colors including ballet pink and suntan. You can buy them here on Amazon.

However, you can be limited to the color you need if you have darker skin and this is when you might have to, unfortunately, spend a little more to get the perfect shade of tights for your dancer. Discount Dance Supplies sell the brand Theatricals which have both convertible and footed tights in a wider spectrum of skin tones. You can have a look at the Theatricals range at Discount Dance Supplies here. They also sell brands such as Bloch whom also offer a larger variety of colors that match more skin tones.