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Body Suits & Tights

The Best Bodysuits for Dancers

If you are just after a quick link to the best dance bodysuit, click on the photo to go straight to to have a better look at our top pick by Stelle below. Otherwise for more information, choices and our reviews scroll through the article!

So what is a bodysuit or pair of body tights?

A dancer bodysuit looks similar to a leotard but it is worn under a leotard and is generally made in a thinner more breathable material. The style of bodysuit you choose should fit and stay relatively hidden underneath a leotard or costume. These bodysuits can also called a camisole leotard which can be confusing as many manufacturers call their actual outer wear leotards camisole leotards because of the strap style.

Body Tights are a bodysuit and pair of tights all in one.

Bodysuits and Body Tights are not meant to be worn on their own – they are undergarments and are made of a thin sheer material.

Do dancers really need to wear bodysuits or body tights?

Wearing a bodysuit or body tights is a personal choice. When I trained in performing arts 6 days a week, I owned several bodysuits that I wore under my ballet leotard and contemporary/lyrical class unitard. It just made changing in front of others less confronting in the locker room and in general, left me feeling less exposed and a tad warmer.

Some dancers wear their bodysuits for hygienic purposes instead of underwear including panties and a bra, or socks in the case of the full-body tight. Many dancers have to wear costumes previously worn by others and a bodysuit or pair of body tights can be a good undergarment option.

Another reason, is that although very sheer, the bodysuit and body tight does protect a dancers modesty, or at least helps them feel a little less vulnerable if they need to change openly in front of other people which is more common than you might think for example – they are being fitted for or trying on costumes, they have quick changes between dance classes or items in a performance or recital.

Our Top Bodysuit Pick

This STELLE Girls Nude Seamless Undergarment Camisole Leotard from

PROS: The Stelle bodysuit is available in 4 sizes for girls ages of 3 to 16. The straps are adjustable with 8 different loops on the back for them to be hooked into depending on how it needs to be configured to hide under your child’s leotard or costume. The bodysuit also comes with a spare set of clear straps. The leg holes are nice and high to hide under a leotard and the top low enough to hide under most leotards, but high enough to cover the chest area adequately.
CONS: It is only available in one shade called nude.

Runner Up…

This iMucci seamless Camisole leotard in Nude from

PROS: One of the best things about this camisole leotard is the ability to change the strap configuration and to loosen and tighten them. The bodysuit comes with both nude and clear interchangeable straps. The leg holes are nice and high to hide under a leotard and the top low enough to hide under most leotards, but high enough to cover the chest area adequately.
CONS: It is only available in one shade called nude. Although catering for both adults and children they only offer a total of 5 different sizes.

Honorable Mention

Capezio Women’s Camisole Leotard with Clear Transition Straps

PROS: Honestly, the only reason this is not our top pick is because it only comes in women’s sizing and although the XS fits some 10 year olds, people have reviewed that finding the perfect fit can be difficult. This bodysuit, unlike the others, comes in three different shades, black, nude and suntan. It has adjustable clear straps with six loops in the back to change the strap configurations. This bodysuit is very hi-cut and quite low cut which is actually a good thing for a bodysuit as it means it will more likely stay hidden under a leotard or costume.
CONS: This bodysuit only comes with clear straps and many reviewers claim they tend to slip and fall off, but you can buy or attach your own.

Our Top Body Tights Pick

Body Wrappers A91 TotalSTRETCH Convertible Foot Camisole Body Tights on

PROS: These body tights come in a variety of sizes from size 8 girls to adult with a tall option as well. They also come in six different colors black, coffee, light suntan, mocha, theatrical pink and jazzy tan. They have a convertible foot meaning that you can roll them up around your ankle or wear them over your feet and the clear straps can be worn straight or crisscross.
CONS: These body tights only come with clear straps and they do not come in a smaller size for younger children.

Runner Up…

Capezio Nude Strap Body Tight from Dancewear Solutions

PROS: These body tights have a nice semi-opaque finish, they have a convertible foot, with straps that match the color of the body tight. They are available in five shades Ballet Pink, black, light suntan, nude and suntan.
CONS: They only offer the body tight in two adult sizes S/M and L/XL and the straps are not convertible. Capezio does have another body tight that has convertible straps that you can view at Dancewear Solutions here, but they only come in black, caramel and light suntan.