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The Best Make Up Bags and Cosmetic Cases for Dancers

Gone are the days that dancers only had the options of throwing all their make up into a zippered cosmetic bag hoping that they got a spot in front of the only mirror at the venue they were performing at long enough to do their make up.

I can remember many times being scrunched up like a can of sardines with a group of girls around a bathroom mirror in a venue because it was the only place we could see what we were doing with our make up. I can also remember opening my make up bag to see the foundation had been squashed, leaked, and spread throughout the bag or that they eyeshadows had broken leaving a translucent blue over everything I touched.

I want to show you some of the options that I wished I had, from the more extravagant down to a budget option as well. One thing I do know is that when looking for a makeup bag you should actually be looking for a case with organizational compartments so that what you pack in there doesn’t get ruined and allows you to quickly access and find what you need.

Ok so I am starting with a case that is probably , what I love love love about this make up case is that it has inbuilt lights, an electrical outlet to plug in for example a curling wand, a mirror that is supported, and the case has legs so that you can sit infront of the case like you are at a make up table! It has plenty of space for both your hair items (as long as your hairspray bottle isn’t ginormous) as well as all your make up and it has wheels so you don’t have to carry it, just pull it along like a little suit case! You can find this case on Amazon by clicking here.

This case doesn’t come with a mirror, but it does have a special feature! You can detach the whole top compartment and use it as an indivdual carry case for your hair and makeup. And for those times you need to take absolutely everything with you, you can roll the whole trolley which in it’s bottom compartments has extra storage for things such as a hair straightener or hair dryer, dance hair pieces and more! Check it out on here.

This make-up does not come with the mirror or the ability to to convert into a make-up table, but it is significantly less money, but at the same time can hold more in it’s compartments then the previous case. I love that it is on wheels and that unlike the previous make up case which to roll needs to be placed on it’s side (meaning all the items inside may no longer stay where you actually placed them), this one is pulled and rolled the same way as which you place all your make up and hair items into it. You can check it out on through this link.

For a smaller option that you can easily carry and that holds a significant amount for it’s size, you could try this make-up organiser. It comes with a foldable mirror and even after all the trays are folded back into the case, there is still 7cm of room underneath. It comes in a few different colors as well. To have a look at this budget make-up case on click here.

And lastly for a budget and travel friendly option this make up bag with a detachable mirror and removeable dividers is the perfect option. At the end of the day, many dancers have a staple handful of items which they use all the time and a small bag like this could be perfect for them. It could also be used as a back up case full of the essential items that you take with you to fit in a carry on, to ensure it gets to your destination with you. To check out this budget friendly option click to view on here.