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Costume Bags

Our Top Costume Bag Recommendations

When transporting costumes you need to make sure that you are able to keep everything together, keep them safely covered and ensure your costumes don’t get wrinkled. We have found several solutions that do exactly that for you and make moving costumes between your home, the dance studio, competitions and recital halls as easy as 1, 2, 3!


This Costume bag which you can get on I believe is one of the best on the market. You don’t necessarily have to buy separate costume bags as the costumes are all held securely on their hooks in the bag. There are compartments for all your shoes and accessories which are easy to locate and as you can see from the photo, it can hold quite a few costumes, but if you’re not convinced take a look at the video below!


The Dream Duffel Bag has been made especially for dancers. It comes with wheels and has a telescopic clothing rack. The large-sized duffel can securely transport up to 15 costumes. You can buy the bag in either the small, medium or large size and with or without a set of accessories which includes a stool. It even has an insulated pocket to put your lunch into! You can buy one from Discount Dance Supplies.


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Discount Dance Supplies sells garment bags which are clear and in addition to the 37″ full-length costume compartment have three seperate pockets for your dancer’s shoes and costume accessories. I think it is important that the garment bag be clear like this one so you can easily identify that you are not missing anything. also has a similar bag which you can check out, but at the time of writing it was slightly more expensive. But if you are an Amazon Prime Member you may (ensure you check before purchasing!) be eligible to receive free or faster shipping which might suit you better!



When I was younger I would turn my tutu inside of the bodice and carry it like a tube. Although making it easier to carry and store this ruins the structure of the tutu – trust me! They either end up all floppy or stick up instead of going straight outwards and neither are good looks which is why it is essential that if you have paid good money for a tutu that you look after and store it properly! This can be done with the help of a tutu bag.

Not all tutu bags are alike. The main difference is their size – how many tutus they are made to carry. Discount Dance Supplies has a great range of tutu bags which can carry different numbers of tutus, you can click on each of the following links depending on what you need – but funnily the bag for three tutu’s is the cheapest even compared to at the time of writing – but don’t let this be how you choose the bag. If you need to transport only one tutu, it might slide around in a bag meant for three even with the straps that are meant to hold them down and in place.

Storage Bag for one tutu
Storage Bag for two tutu’s
Storage Bag for three tutu’s