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T & P Wiggles

Toddlers & Preschool Dance: The Wiggles


If you go to the Wiggles Youtube Channel they have lots of their own curated playlists of short videos to watch so I highly recommend you subscribe to their channel.

But most videos in their playlists only go for a few minutes and they don’t have playlists for longer videos or videos with several parts and you are not allowed to make your own playlist because of the privacy protection act so I have selected all the wiggles videos from their channel that go for a little longer and have placed them in order to give you time as a parent to get stuff done!

If you watch from this page each video should stop at the end and then you can come back another time and watch the next one, or go to the next and play it in order! You’re Welcome!

Part One is almost 13 minutes long

Part two is 12 minutes long

Part three is 10 minutes long

Part 4 has not been uploaded as yet and I will put a link here as soon as the Wiggles Channel load it!

This video goes for almost 22 minutes

Classic Wiggles Part One is 14 minutes long

Classic Wiggles Part Two is 13 minutes long

Classic Wiggles Part Three is 12.5 minutes long

Classic Wiggles Part four is 8 minutes long